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Vital World

"Every year people have to do more to maintain the same level of wellbeing"

Beaute Vitale

Spa Innovation,Training & Development

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Based on Dr. Han M. Stiekema 28 years' experience of European "Ganzheits" medicine
Presentations with lecture and workshops
Screening your existing programs
Providing staff trainings
Desigining new spa programs
Beauté vitale

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Apart from pampering, a relaxed and esthetically peaceful (natural) environment, sophisticated spa customers increasingly ask for effectiveness. They wish to spend their precious time in such a way, that they can cope with the stress of everyday life once again. You thus will be interested in our expertise, which has been accumulated in 28 years of practice with health, rejuvenation and beauty. It has led to a totally new concept, in which its holistic approach, its comprehensiveness, its effectiveness, its client oriented strategy and its almost limitless potential for innovation and growth is going to give you all the tools needed for a succesful business. We offer you the following options:

Introduction with lecture/workshop

Health, rejuvenation and beauty appear to be depending on basic metabolic functions, e.g. the dynamic equilibrium between input, processing and output of nutrients, water, waste products and toxins respectively, called „the flow system". On this basis around 200 different natural - body, mind and spirit - methods have been developed with almost limitless combination possibilities. Your staff will be delighted to know about these fascinating new perspectives.

Screening your existing programs

Together we may look at your existing program and share our experiences. Your needs will be promptly met by our expertise in quality improvement, development, integration, refinement, effectiveness and innovation. Our approach is straightforward, comprehensive and confidential, skillfully adjusted to your specific situation and demands. Oral recommendations on the spot together with a in depth screening report will contribute to the kind of upgrading of your program you were looking for.

Training your staff

We provide your spa or center a surplus value by training your staff in Beauté Vitale flow system therapy. It contains the highest level of spa expertise possible, because it connects beauty to its inner causes. More in particular we are teaching you the beauty profile, the regeneration therapy and the Beauté Vitale Intensive program, as has been described earlier. This training is giving your spa/center a unmatched leap forward, providing you a long lasting investment for growth and competiveness, while your staff is gaining the qualification „Beauté Vitale Specialists". Your visiting specialist/teacher will be Han Marie Stiekema, M.D., German natural and spa medicine, Beauté Vitale trainer, psychotherapist and spiritual teacher since 1972.

Designing new spa programs

Ultimately, the grand option is to have your spa program completely (re)designed by us. Our unique integrated (holistic) approach, based on a powerful underlying logic, its unique model of health, rejuvenation and beauty, its originality, its inherent potential for ongoing creative innovation and its proven effectiveness all guarantee a most succesful new start of your business. It is going to give you not only a leading position in the market, but a firm foundation for the years to come as well.

Please, feel free to contact us:

Han Marie Stiekema, M.D. & drs MeiMei Yu

Beaute Vitale: prestigious through originality

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