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Beaute Vitale

The miracle concept of
beauty doc Han Marie Stiekema, M.D.

Beauty Profile
Rejuvenation & Beauty Consult
Beauté Vitale Intensive

1. Beauty Profile

Based on 28 years’ experience of a leading holistic practice, we have been creating a veritable breakthrough in beauty, health and rejuvenation. It consists of several integrated parts. First of all Beauté Vitale Beauty Profile gives you an unmatched insight in the interrelationship of all aspects of beauty. This in depth approach is unique in the world. The surprise is, that beauty appears to be depending on the dynamic relationship of input, processing and output of nutrients, water, waste products and toxins in your body, called „the flow system". Health and beauty thus prove to be intimately connected. For the first time you will understand the effects of an optimal diet, drinking of sufficient fluids, the digestive function, the blood circulation, metabolism, detoxification and elimination on your vitality and beauty. With the results of this profile you will be able to optimize your beauty to an extent you only could dream of. Taking your beauty in your own hands will not only improve your physical condition, health and longvity, but will add considerably to your self confidence, naturalness, inner satisfaction and radiance.

beauty is celebrating the eternal beauty within

* Beauty Profile

Beauté Vitale Beauty Profile includes 1) an extensive questionnaire to be filled in and 2) the integral examination of your hair, face, bodily posture, skin, tissues, breasts, abdomen, arms and legs. It will be followed by giving you a complete insight in the interrelationships of all aspects of beauty and vitality.

to be the body rather than having one

2. Rejuvenation & Beauty Consult

We offer two ways of treatment. The first is a detailed and in depth advice containing a special combination of selfhelp techniques, based on the outcome of your Beauty Profile. Geared to promoting health and beauty, longvity and rejuvenation, this integrated approach to wellbeing combines 200 different flow system methods and techniques. This Rejuvenation and Beauty Consult will improve all inner and outer aspects of beauty, giving you longlasting quality of life. Whatever disturbs you: a not yet perfect skin, local pigmentations, body odor, oily or dry hair, your body shape, a sagged belly, your overweight, the ageing of your skin or even are found through treating the inner condition of beauty. Apart from personal advice, a coded list with your recommendations in detail is included, together with the handbook Han M.Stiekema, M.D. „Flow System Therapy" (210 p., 11 ill.). This your coded advice - usually ten or more different recommendations - corresponds with the methods described in the handbook. The various techniques are thus very easy to put into practice. They include the most effective, enjoyable and comprehensible „inner beauty treatment" you ever had, in which your self confidance and your enjoyment of life will grow accordingly. The Beauty Profile and the Rejuvenation and Beauty Consult may become combined in one visit.

the fountain of youth: to once and again return to the Source

* Rejuvenation & Beauty Consult

Detailed advice on optimal beauty and vitality, naturalness, wholeness of body and mind, all skin and tissue conditions, abdominal detox and regeneration, fitness, body shape, slimming, longvity, nutrition and lifestyle...

to be in harmony with Heaven and earth

3. Beauté Vitale Intensive

Our surprise package from Europe. Beauté Vitale at its best, exceeding every expectation. If you really want to go to the foundations of beauty and the fountain of youth, then this will be for you: naturalness, inner balance, beauty from within, longvity, enhancement of life and optimal vitality. We offer an integral approach based on complete regeneration and rejuvenation in which your skin will recover „by itself". The program - at least five to ten days in a spa, resort or hotel - a.o. includes a fruit diet, inner body, tissue and bowel cleansing, abdominal massage, the correction of bodily posture, mamma (breast) drainage, promotion of blood circulation, a drinking cure, promotion of your metabolism, various ways of detoxification with chinese body scraping with finally elimination of toxic waste from your body. Our workshop „beauty and digestion" is an eye-opener. The result will be a complete inner and outer rebirth, like you have never experienced before. Naturalness is the key word. Special emphasis is laid on relaxation, stress release, the harmony of body and mind through feeling awareness (meditation, „mouvements"), psycho-esthetics and emotional self-integration. It is the feedback between spirit, body and mind which is going to give you its surplus value. There will be a possibility of personal consultations. Depending on the location (hotel, resort, spa) various beauty applications (hydro, baths, packs, massage, peelings, facials, wraps, manicure etc.) may become added to it.

a healthy mind in a healthy body in a healthy environment

* Beauté Vitale Intensive

Stress release, inner body cleansing, rejuvenation, optimal vitality, its restorative power, balancing body and mind, naturalness, optimal beauty from within and without .....

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„The lecture about flow system, inner body cleansing and beauty held at the Cidesco congress in Amsterdam 1991 by Han Marie Stiekema, M.D. was a blend of extraordinary expertise, presentation and entertainment skills".

Agnes Frenkel, beauty journalist

„On the basis of 20 years of medical experience Han M.Stiekema, M.D. has developed the so-called „flow system therapy". It is a unique approach to achieve optimal health and vitality"

Beter Magazine

„Mr.Han Marie Stiekema, M.D. has succesfully lectured, discussed and conducted the course in „Optimal Vitality through Flow System Therapy" for the Healthy Citizins Co-ordination Group at the Municipality of Curitiba, Brazil".

O.N.Alves, President of the Urban Planning and Research Institute (IPPUC) of Curitiba.

„Thanks to dr. Han Marie Stiekema’s flow system training, my health and beauty courses, which I am giving since 1994, are a great success".

Cordula Prent, beautician (ANBOS)

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a major investment for many years to come

the ultimate experience

As a response to a growing demand among customers, we are also offering sophisticated health, beauty, rejuvenation, longvity, stress release and meditation programs to your company, organization, hotel, spa, resort or cruises.

     Our Address: POB 10355, 1001 EJ Amsterdam, NL.
: +31-20-66.24.037


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