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Prevention of Breast Cancer
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Finally an all-inclusive approach!

Despite intensive scientific research breast cancer is still on the increase. Because established organizations - among which women! self-help groups - maintain that "causes are unknown" and "prevention is not possible", women still have to suffer tremendously. Hundreds of thousands of women are diagnosed with the disease every year. Unless women seek new paths, this unnecessary disease will soon be devastating. This really is intolerable. It is the reason, why we eventually decided to step in. Apart from compassion, our background more or less "pre-destined" us to do so. As you probably know, we cherish a "feminine world view", to start with The Eternal Feminine as the foundation of spirituality and religion. Moreover, we have worked with women and women's (health) problems for many decades*. So, if regular medicine cannot help, then refuge has to be sought in holistic medicine. Fortunately, during the last decades this kind of medicine has developed itself as a very effective completion. Moreover, more and more emphasis is laid on lifestyle, including nutrition and fitness.

* F.i. for many years we did very effective "menopause awareness and therapy groups" for women's organizations.

Critical voices are warning that harmful environmental factors, e.g. pollution, amalgam and electromagnetic radiation may play a major role, as well. Some even blame the entire culture for it. They talk about the female breast "as the waste-bin of civilization". Anyway, it will be clear, that common curative approach - waiting until the disease breaks out, and then try to treat it with surgery and chemo - hopelessly falls short in tackling the causes. What we need is an approach, that focusses on prevention, while including all factors involved. We are very happy to be able to tell you, that after 33 years of experience, we have indeed found an optimal way to prevent breast cancer, based on medical system theory and practice. It is effective, comprehensible, natural and without any side-effects, and within every woman's reach. Because of its enormous importance, we have decided to entirely dedicate ourselves to the prevention of breast cancer worldwide. We serve all levels of society: from grassroots communities, women's organizations, to medical centers and universities. So, if you are interested to having us in your town or city, please contact us. Together we can discuss, how to serve your community best. Are you ready for it?

Day Course

Program 1 Physical
Consisting of 3 parts

1. Basic principles of Flow System Therapy
Our discovery: health largely depends on the dynamic balance between basic metabolic functions: imput. processing and output of nutrition, water, toxins, oxygen. Subdivided in 7 stages: nutrition, digestion, blood circulation, combustion, assimililation, detoxification and elimination. We teach you how to optimize these functions, a conditio sine qua non for preventing breast cancer.

2. The Pathology of Breast Cancer
In this section the mechanisms through which breast cancer evolves will be discussed. Contrary to regular medicine the main causes and the way they interact are pretty well known. It is through experimental (holistic) medicine (German: Erfahrungsheilkunde) that much data have been collected. Understanding the background is essential for effective action. F.i. we did a very successful program for the "WHO Healthy Cities" in Curitiba, Brazil.

3. Our extensive Prevention Program
We are offering a multi-step program, especially focussed on breast cancer prevention. These steps - if applied correctly - guarantee an optimal health through improving the immune system, detoxification, de-acidification, stimulation of the blood circulation, lymph-drainage, supplementation and regeneration. If needed, you may additionally benefit from more than 200 natural self-help methods, published for free here in this website.  

Day Course

Program 2 Emotional and spiritual
Consisting of 4 parts

1. Body-awareness and catharsis therapy
Two basic problems, playing a major role in weakening your immune-system are our alienation from our body and the suppression of aggression. In the first case the supportive energy flow from the body is blocked, while suppressing aggression is taking energy away, sometimes to such extent, that it ends up in exhaustion, depression and burn-out. We teach you to restore the "energy supply" through feeling awareness exercises and catharsis therapy.

2. Emotional self-integration
Most people have identified with a few aspects of personality only, while excluding others. F.i. you may have dominant "sub-personalities" like the caring mother, the ambitious career women, or the role of victim, excluding the wild woman, the lover or the lazy type in you. In the course of time this often leads to a fixation of functions, eventually even causing damage to cells. Through Emotional self-integration we teach you how to "liberate" suppressed parts of your personality, restoring a optimal and dynamic balance between all your sub-personalities.

3. Our spiritual approach: Mother Healing
It is becoming increasingly clear, that the Ultimate Reality is a Cosmic Womb, also called the Great Mother. In Her Vacuum the "Law of the Universe" is born: a cosmic equilibrium between death, the web of life, and rebirth. Through this balance the Mother destroys everything that is old, sick, degenerating and dying, while continuously giving birth to new life. Hence, Her name "Cauldron of Regeneration". This Her power is present in our innermost core. Mother Healing consists of tuning in into Her power of renewal, supported by additional methods. 

4. The environment
Everybody knows it: breast cancer is (partly) connected to our polluted environment. That's why we emphasize both intensive detoxification, and having added a modest overview of harmful factors/substances in and around your home, hoping that you will be able to removing them. PS. Dr. Han Marie Stiekema recently expressed his commitment to the environment through his "Green Man" project. So, don't be surprised when he appears in a green suit!

One of the organizations, that fully acknowledges the environmental factor is "Women's Health Information". It's key article is "There is No Cure for Cancer", written by Alle C. Hall.

Finally. If you yourself don't have the opportunity or the time to organize courses in your home town, you may inform (local) groups, organisations or/and centers about our activities. They might be willing to commit themselves! The more women know about our program, the better! In case you would organize a program, we offer you free participation for yourself. Our policy is the following. Until now, we have financed all our (independent) non-for-profit activities ourselves. In order to be able to bring the Breast Cancer Program "to all corners of the earth", we have to ask fees, though, the height depending on your personal situation. First of all, we are enormously grateful to all those, who can afford giving us donations. Furthermore, the fees for the courses are depending on your income. We differentiate between people with income, those who are on social welfare, and the poor e.g. the homeless. 

Parallel courses are given on other topics as well. Think of prostate cancer, hypertension,
heart attack, migraine, arthrose prevention, and many more.


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