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For Dutch Orders:

Han M. Stiekema, arts „FLOW SYSTEM THERAPY", ISBN 90-70525-23-2. 1998 PIP Press, Amsterdam, 216 pag., 6 tabellen, 10 afbeeldingen, 183 zelfhulpmethoden. In het Engels. Het boek wordt U toegestuurd na ontvangst van . 30,00 of een veelvoud op ABN/AMRO nr. tnv H.Stiekema te Amsterdam met vermelding van de code FST, het aantal gewenste exemplaren, Uw naam, adres, code en woonplaats.

For International Orders:

Han M.Stiekema, M.D. "FLOW SYSTEM THERAPY", ISBN 90-70525-32-2. 1999 PIP Press, Amsterdam, 216 pag., 6 diagrams, 10 illustrations, 200 self-help techniques. We will send you a book after having received your international postal check with (Euro) 30.00 (for Holland, incl. postage), 35,00 (for all other countries, incl. postage) or direct transfer to bank account ABN/AMRO BIC: ABNANL 2A, IBAN NL 16ABNA0562330127 (for Holland just of H. P.J.M. Stiekema, in Bunnik, The Netherlands with mentioning of FST, the number of books (to be paid accordingly), your name, address, zipcode, town/city/state,  country and e-mail. You can also pay through international postal check or Western Union*. Depending on the country you live in, the mailing of the book may take one to six weeks. (We will give discounts on larger numbers). "Flow System Therapy" is only available via mail-order, not via the bookstore.

* Accurately mentioning name, initials and address!

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