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First Lady of the United States of America

A Proposal for A New Health Care

April 24, 2009

Dear Mrs M. Obama,

Recession, inflation, a possible pandemic.....These are only a part of the huge problems your husband The President of the United States of America is confronted with. Among the former health is of major concern to people. The crucial question: in the coming years is will there be enough money to implement Health Care reform, like your husband is intending to do? Or, with other words: doesn't the unique world situation force politicians around the world to fundamentally rethink their policies? Actually, the times have never be so favorable to reorganize the system. For too long the emphasis of the current Health Care systems have been lying on a approach that waits until disease is chronic, subsequently treating it with symptomatic, chemical and technological means, only. Doesn't the crisis comes from Health Care itself, where preventive and activating self-healing processes are largely neglected? Dr. Stiekema knows from experience, that millions of people in Western democracies are aware of this worsening situation. Many of them are prepared to actively commit themselves to a more fundamental Health Care reform.

Isn't it crazy, that, while 70% of our health is depending on lifestyle and self-help, people in the US are mostly talking about Health Care as a (corporate) commodity? In reality, no doctor is going to cook, doing your daily exercises or - as you know from your own experience - growing healthy vegetables for you......More serious, however, is, that there are hardly any health sciences, actively supporting lifestyle en self-help. It is exactly the niche Han Marie Stiekema has been filling in. He did it through his "Flow System Therapy", a breakthrough in medical science and practice. Part of it is a proposal for structural Health Care reform. It consists of three echelons or concentric circles: Self-help, Holistic Medicine and Technological Medicine. They constitute an interrelated dynamic relationship.

People's first responsibility is that of personal care. As long as you are able to contribute to your own health, one should do so. Self-help thus being the first echelon. It could be achieved through a large scale educational effort. Han Marie Stiekema's Flow System Therapy is especially designed for it. Apart from a very transparent approach to the theory of optimal health it contains 200 different natural, immune stimulating Self-help techniques that everybody can put into practice. So long, so good. What happens in case of a problem that cannot be solved at this level, when Self-help proves to be insufficient? Well, what is more logical that one first relies on professionals and therapies that aim at stimulating one's own inherent self-healing power e.g. your own immune system? In the US and elswhere there are countless "alternative" therapies, that provide this kind of holistic medical assistence. The problem is, that they are not part of the official system (like Medicare etc.). So they never can develop their inherent potential fully. The solution is to link them in a logical way to the first echelon. Stiekema calls the second echelon that of Holistic Medicine.

Health Care as a dynamic interrelationship between three concentric circles. That is the secret of Dr.Stiekema's approach. Obviously, there are always problems left, that cannot be solved, neither by Self-help nor by Holistic Medicine. Think of chronic disease in terminal stages, problems of the elderly, (environmental) accidents, rehabilitation, obstetrics, virulent epidemics etc. These cases will be entrusted to the third echelon: that of Technological Medicine. Because of the enormous benefits e.g. results of the first two echelons, the third will considerable shrink in seize and capacity. Robert Muller, a former high UN official estimates that - with the introduction of Self-help and Holistic Medicine as the new foundation of Health Care - only 10% (!) of all medical problems need technological help. Which means an astronomical cost reduction. Until very recently the voice of the pharmaceutical industry could not be overlooked. However, in times like ours this obviously cannot be the dominant voice, anymore. The insurance companies, on the other hand, will certainly be happy to find a way in coping with this new situation.

The result is a Health Care, that puts people's own responsibility in the center (which people increasingly doing themselves already, nowadays), emphasizing therapies that are cheap, stimulating people's own (positive) experiences (thus improving their motivation), aiming at strengthening their inherent self-healing power. These therapies are reliable, very effective and with little or no side-effects. It has its predecessor in German Traditional Medicine. As you probably know, not too long ago, Germany, Switzerland and Austria had the best health-promoting systems in the world. Considering the permanent crisis in the US, together with the rapid deterioration of personal health care situation, "Old Europe" has really something to offer here. Freeing the way for a true Health Renaissance in America.

Han Marie Stiekema's mission - based on 37 years of expertise - includes more than just Health Care. Actually, it is a part of a wider effort called "Healing the Planet in 7 Steps, to begin with yourself". It is particularly urgent nowadays, considering the overall situation mankind is in. It is not his purpose to "sell" this whole package to the US.....(allow me a little joke). Actually, the latter is more suitable for implementing it on a small scale in Europe. But with regard to Health Care, yes. His proposal resonates very well with the situation in your country. As said above, very soon there will be no money left to invest in expensive Health Care. His plan is extremely suitable to fill in this gap. So, he would be more than honored, if he could play a role in advising your husband and you e.g. the responsible officials about Health Care reform in the US.

We would be happy to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,  

MeiMei Yu, MA
On behalf of Han Marie Stiekema, spiritual teacher, psychotherapist and medical doctor (since 1972),
currently having his spiritual retreat

PS. The Flow System not only contributes to people's actual health, but also to the quality of life, longvity and life span. It could make a huge difference, since the U.S. lags behind 41 nations in life span. Still a lot to do!
STEPHEN OHLEMACHER, Associated Press Writer Sat Aug 11, 2007, 2:53 PM ET

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About Han M. Stiekema, M.D.

Han Marie Stiekema, born  1942 in Groningen, NL. Physician 1972 University of Groningen. Specialization in German Holistic Medicine (Ganzheitsmedizin). Pioneer in Holland. Internationally renowned clinical center (1972-1978). Additional emphasis on nutrition (Bircher-Benner), fasting therapy, inner body cleansing (Austria), regeneration, health, lifestyle and prevention. Participant consumers organization biological nutrition. Had an organic garden of his own. Co-founder herbal company. Later psychotherapy and spirituality, as well.  Zen teacher. Founded the Living Zen School (1981). Numerous articles, radio and TV performances. Organizer of annual "fasting-meditation peace walks" (1981-1984). Co-editor health magazine. Worldwide lecturing a.o. Europe, USA, Caribbean, Dubai, China. Stayed one year in Japan (teaching Japanese Zen-meditation), one year in HongKong (1990). Founded Centre for Spirituality and Ecology there. Married Mei Yu, a talented academic (1992 The Hague,  MA regional development/ epidemiology).   Director of School for Natural Medicine (1992-1996). Initiated and   developed, together with his wife, a  Spa Centre in 5 star hotel on Madeira, Portugal. Worked, again with his wife, half a year in hospital for the poor in Curitiba, Brazil (1998), including a hypertension project, in collaboration with WHO Healthy Cities Project. Founder of "Earth Care", a holistic educational eco-project. Director of Eco-Health Holidays. Author of (spiritual) poetry ("Omni-verses") and other (educational) books. Openened Center for Spirituality, Health, Education and Ecology (1998). Wrote handbook holistic health - Flow System Therapy - a breakthrough in medical theory and practice (1999).  Published some 12 books and numerous articles on various topics for free in the internet (The Great Learning) (2000). Initiator "PilgrimCare", a free pain treatment project for pilgrims on the Santiago de Compostela pilgrim route (Spain, 2004). As senior teacher lecturing in Santa Monica and Hollywood (USA). Interreligious Peace project, based on "The Eternal Feminine". Study trip Celtic Culture (2006, Ireland). Has found his life-mission with the Healing the Planet eco-spiritual-social-cultural project.  


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