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Personal Health Plan

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Extension of Self Care

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Street Health Teams

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Training of Basic Health Consultants

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Career Perspectives

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New Health Care

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Handbook Holistic Health "Flow System Therapy"

Project Normalization of Blood Pressure

Boosting your immune-system e.g. prevention of cold, flu, virus infections and SARS

Stress, Burn-out & Regeneration

RSI & pain treatment through Chinese Guasha

Excursion: Guasha Therapy Training

Electromagnetic sensitivity



Mission Statement

The objectives of VITALWORLD are in complete accordance with the WHO Definition of Health: "Health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity". It considers itself as part of the global "Health for All" movement, providing new strategies in the context of global "civilization, technology and economy related new risks" which pose new threats in achieving these objectives. However, we are not treating diseases. VITALWORLD underlines the educational character of her programs. It is inviting everybody to become involved in a learning process about Self Care. VITALWORLD considers as its responsibility:

To initiate, promote and support optimal health for everyone;

To make VITALWORLD Self Care educational project available to everybody worldwide;

To develop a health rather than a disease (symptom) oriented medicine, focusing on prevention, lifestyle, early diagnosis and treatment. A health and lifestyle oriented health care needs a health oriented medical-scientific foundation;

To establish an integral, ecological approach to health and disease, in which the interrelationship between phenomena is emphasized, rather than analysing, separating parts from the whole;

To explore the new scientific approach of "the flow system" (f.i. THE solution to "the metabolic syndrome") as the common denominator of health and disease, based on medical system theory;

To face the challenge of the threats of the 21st century, e.g. the civilization, technology, society and economy related disorders, as there are the "new risks", the ever increasing chronic diseases, environmental pollution, deficiencies, electro-stress, malnutrition, immune deficiencies and iatrogenic illnesses;

To be a crucial factor in an ageing society. Only Self Care and holistic health can achieve optimal well-being and regeneration;

To implement VITALWORLD educational programs on all levels: from primary health care, family and community health - medics and para-medics - clinical medicine to universities and the national health services;

To assist in developing a community infra-structure with self-reliance, training of local basic health consultants, a new public health care;

To lay emphasis on women as the ones who prove to be most responsible for their health and that of their families e.g. communities;

To assist in related activities, organizations and institutions, e.g. organic agriculture, women programs, strengthening of local cultural identity, environmental awareness and nature conservation;

To introduce A New Health Care based on the three echelons of Self Care, holistic and technological medicine respectively;

To offer "Third World" countries an affordable, effective health care in which traditional and Western medicine are complementary;

The miracle is: all the know-how is already available. Let's thus create a truly effective global health care to the benefit of everyone;

We do this through offering the free Personal Health Plan; the Seven Steps toward health, the unique Flow System Therapy; the scientific foundation of medical system theory and the development of A New Health Care;

We offer the VITALWORLD Program to everyone worldwide, from the poor to the rich, a natural health care without any side-effects, cheap, comprehensive, simple, effective and in accordance with people's own inherent wisdom and experience;

The financing of our project will be largely based on the ancient Chinese system, whereby the doctor was paid as long as his people stayed healthy.

In practice: after having done our program and your health proves to having been (considerably) improved, then you are invited to give us a donation. This money will be used to extend our activities of eradicate all preventable disease out of this world.

An initiative of
Han Marie Stiekema, M.D.

7. Han Marie Stiekema is a Dutch medical doctor (calling himself "heelmeester" or "health doctor"), graduated from Groningen University in 1972, after which he specialized in German Biological Medicine. During his 30 years of medical career Han Marie Stiekema was able to uphold his ideal of a Free Health Care for everyone. His compassion was always with those who - despite their good intentions and effort - were not able to have access to basic health facilities. Now, after such a long time - thanks to the developments in the internet - he is able to spread his message around the world*. He is convinced of the fact, that his "flow system therapy" will decisively help countless people of all ages, cultures, income groups and in all circumstances, regardless their symptoms, disorders or diseases. It offers everybody the opportunity to switch from a disease-oriented to a health-oriented World Health Care. It is a breakthrough many have been hoping for, so don't hesitate and join us!

* Han Marie Stiekema, M.D. is founder and supervisor of VITALWORLD.


Last update: 08/10/12

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