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Step 1:
Personal Health Plan

Step 2:
Extension of Self Care

Step 3:
Street Health Teams

Step 4:
Training of Basic Health Consultants

Step 5:
Career Perspectives

Step 6:
New Health Care

Step 7:


Handbook Holistic Health "Flow System Therapy"

Project Normalization of Blood Pressure

Boosting your immune-system e.g. prevention of cold, flu, virus infections and SARS

Stress, Burn-out & Regeneration

RSI & pain treatment through Chinese Guasha

Excursion: Guasha Therapy Training

Electromagnetic sensitivity


Health is something you share together

1. Once you appreciate health - the positive approach - it becomes infectious. Taking care of individual health is not enough, it matters the community as well. A new slogan has therefore to be introduced: "a healthy mind in a healthy body in a healthy community". Self Care appears to be a corner stone. Hence, my proposal to everybody is to do the Personal Health Plan as a first step. Some will then be then interested to extend their knowledge with the help of the Flow System Workbook: Extension of Self Care (Step 2). This could be followed by co-operation with anybody, who did the same thing, preferably those in the same neighborhood. Ways of mutual help may originate. Sooner or later, a study group will be initiated, to start studying the flow system in a more consistent and organized way.

2. Our approach focusses on contacting individuals and groups, which are motivated to commit themselves in local e.g. grassroot activities. Many of these people are already involved in some kind of health activity. You may recognize this. Alternative e.g. complementary medicine has become extremely popular nowadays. In every neighborhood there are people who have done certain courses or/and sharing their expertise with others. Think of reflexology, shiatsu, nutritional advice, cooking courses, herbal remedies, aromatherapy etc. etc. The problem is, that when it comes to "real things" most clients/patients have to fall back on regular medicine. They will be confronted by harmful side-effects, like doctors who are unwilling to cooperate with the alternative therapy, the side-effects of drugs and those extra medical costs not covered by the insurance company. Suddenly one becomes painfully aware of the fact, that the structure of health care doesn't match the real needs.

3. We therefore have to extend our individual achievements into the structure of our current health care system. With millions of consultations every year alternative medicine has shown its maturity. It is time, that it not only will be "recognized", but that it will take up its legitimate place. A place which it had from the beginning of history until only around 150 years ago. The vehicles to this most fundamental transformation are the people, who - through experience - have gained a strong motivation. The people themselves have to take health back in their own hands. VITALWORLD thus starts in the local communities: individuals, families, groups, streets, neighborhoods, communes and further up. We will reach you the helping hand to set up the basic structures. It aims at establishing a VITALSTREET, a VITALNEIGHBORHOOD, a VITALVILLAGE, a VITALCITY up to a VITALNATION and a VITALWORLD. We are still in a decision process to where we will settle down e.g. establish our headquarters. Imagine this would be the CARIBBEAN then a first aim would be:.

DOMINICA" and "a VITALSURINAME" etc.etc. Together with other initiatives in
the region the goal would be "a VITALCARIBBEAN". Later it may become
extended to other continents as well.

4. In practice the next step is setting up special „Street Health Teams". These are informal groups of people, who dedicate themselves to the study of Self Care. These could be regular home meetings in which study, exchange of information and experience, encouragement, the trying out of new approaches, mutual help and commitment in practical situations are exercised. The Flow System Therapy handbook could be used as a reference. The Team thus functions as a unit promoting Self and Mutual Care - e.g. the Personal Health Plan - to the other inhabitants of the street. Flyers, personal visits and public meetings could serve as powerful tools to spread the message. A Self Care Center may be set up. If everybody in the street underscores the importance of Self Care the street may call itself: "VitalStreet". Sooner or later the Street Health Team may need a health professional as a team leader. The group may then put forward one of its members as a candidate for "Basic Health Consultant" (Step 4).


5. We are offering an introductory program for which we would come to your town/city. It consists of 1. Introduction to Flow System Therapy/Personal Health Plan (Talk with Q&A) 2. Group Consultation with Q&A about all relevant medical problems/issues. 3) Introduction to Chinese Guasha therapy with demonstration 4) Individual check-ups and treatments 5) Talk about Emotional self-integration with Q&A 6) Spiritual Talk with Q&A and 7) Sharing, including practicalities of setting up Self Care in your neighborhood. This is only a proposal though. In practice you may chose those parts which interests you most!      

10x10 Promotion
6. Our VITALWORLD is for and of the people. It is the missing link in common health care, since the latter is dominated by professionals only. However, as we have seen, 60-70% of health lies in our own hands - Self Care - something nobody can or will do for you. In order to be successful the joint activity of everybody will be decisive. For this purpose the 10x10 promotion has proven to be a simple but effective tool. You simply pass the address of our website: to ten friends, neighbors, colleagues, with the request that they in turn will pass it to another ten people, who in turn pass it to....who in turn pass it to.....  

Open letter

7. You may also help by circulating a letter (with or without your own comments). Here is an example


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