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Personal Health Plan

Step 2:
Extension of Self Care

Step 3:
Street Health Teams

Step 4:
Training of Basic Health Consultants

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Career Perspectives

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New Health Care

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Handbook Holistic Health "Flow System Therapy"

Project Normalization of Blood Pressure

Boosting your immune
system e.g. prevention of cold, flu, virus infections
and SARS

Stress, Burn-out &

RSI & pain treatment through Chinese Guasha

Excursion: Guasha Therapy Training

Electromagnetic sensitivity

OVC Health Check-Up
Self-help approach to treating hundreds
of chronic disorders....

1. If you prefer personal guidance in optimizing your health*, then the OVC Health Check-Up is for you. Through improving your lifestyle in a very unique way your basic metabolic functions ("Flow System") are optimized, in such a way that (indirectly!!!) all kinds of chronic disorders partly or fully disappear. It includes hundreds of disorders, ranging from hypertension to diabetes, from arthrosis to psoriasis, from PMS to migraine, from overweight to even Alzheimer. The OVC Check-Up** consists of three personal health check-ups + advice for which you will fill in three extensive health questionnaires, one at the start, one after three months and one after six months from the moment of subscription. After having received and filled in your questionnaire (part of it will be put on the net, just to give you an idea) you will send it to us by mail. This is for privacy reasons (more safe and discrete). We are then evaluating your current health situation, based on flow system principles. This evaluation will result in a health diagnosis, followed by a series of recommendations. These recommendations are always a special individual combination of therapies, depending on your current situation. Every therapy has a code, corresponding to a particular Self Help technique, mentioned in the Flow System therapy book (please watch the book). This combination of codes will be sent to you by e-mail. During three months you are going to put this advice (always doing all the therapies mentioned, no one left out) into practice. After this period of time, your health situation will have been changed (for the better...), as will be your symptoms. If totally satisfactory, you may leave the program. If not, you may like to continue. In that case, you download, fill in and mail the questionnaire once again (on the basis of new data). Again we will make an evaluation for you, followed by a health diagnosis and corresponding recommendations. This time you are going to put them into practice for another three months. Usually, the result will be satisfactory in a sense, that your personal health optimum will have established itself. Only in exceptional cases another (and last) evaluation will be necessary. In such a case you may send us your last questionnaire.

* Again we are not treating any disease, we are only optimizing your basic metabolic functions! Moreover, it will be clear, that everybody has his/her own health optimum, depending on genetic factors, constitution, pre-existing (chronic) disorders, disabilities and age etc.  If for some reasons or another we feel, that we cannot handle your case responsibly, we are reserving the rights to not taking care of your submission. Besides, it should be emphasized, that the free "Personal Health Plan" (Step 1) will have comparable effects. It is the result of our aim to make our expertise available to everyone, without exception. Nobody should therefore feel "forced" to join the OVC Health Check-up.


**OVC means "Optimal Vitality Care", another trade mark of our work.

2. Especially in the first three months you MAY (not necessarily) go through so-called flare-up symptoms. These are signs, that your detox e.g. immune system has reacted positively. This is due to the fact, that in the process toxins from the tissues enter the circulation, while finding their way to the excretion organs. Simultaneously your immune system is going to receive a boost, hence old chronic spots (which were never completely healed) may announce themselves once again. Don't worry, in these circumstances these symptoms are rarely harmful, on the contrary. They are offered a second chance for yet to become fully cured! Criterion for a favorable course of events is, that such symptoms will soon disappear (usually within two weeks at a maximum) during the course. If they persist or even are becoming worse, an underlying persistent blockade, "focus", virus infection or psychological factors may play a role. In that case terminate the process and consult your physician. Examples of simple flare-up symptoms are f.i. dizziness, nausea, vomiting, fever, spontaneous diarrhea, changed sleep pattern, sweating during the night, heart palpitations, coughing, coated tongue, rubbish in the eyes and/or a changing menstrual pattern. Real "emergency valves" may occur: a common cold, vaginal discharge, urticaria, boils, eczema and others. Which symptoms will appear, depends on your current situation plus individual biography. The common denominator is the tendency toward detoxification and elimination (See "Flow System Therapy"). The advice in all these case is the same: energetic support of further detox and excretion. Normally these symptoms will soon disappear. In case they persist consult your physician. PS. Check the list of the 10 possiblities in Step 1.     

3. The standard procedure is this.* First cleansing of the bowel through magnesium sulfate and/or several water-enema's for the time the symptoms are occurring or drinking of a herbal laxative tea or green clay solution (PS. NOT to be done in case of abdominal complaints). Eat less - spare the metabolism - at a time of detox you shouldn't emphasize the input. F.i. just take fruits (as much as you like) or a light meal for lunch (rice-vegetables), while having a very small supper. Drink a lot (more than 2 liters a day), just low sodium (mineral)water (not chlorinated!), fruit juices and herbal teas. Absolutely NO coffee, tea, green tea and rooibos tea. Sweating is almost compulsory. In case of no fever sweat actively, in case of fever passively. (See "Flow System Therapy", chapter 10, 10.20-10.25). Furthermore study everything usable from the chapters "Detoxification" and "Elimination". Read them well before you may start applying them. Additional examples are the throat wrap, oil chewing in case of throat complaints, the Priesznitz wrap in case of coughing or a light bronchitis etc. In case of doubt, again consult your physician.

* Compare these recommendations with chapter "Help Flu". Our approach will become increasingly indispensable for "Antibiotic resistance could bring "End to Modern Medicine as we know it" (Dr. Margaret Chan, director-general of the World Health Organization)

4. OVC Health Check-Up is doing what your health insurance cannot do: to really contributing to the improvement of your health, guiding you toward an optimal vitality. Participating may give you a sustainable health for the rest of your life! Its aim is to teach you how to improve individual nutrition ("vitality food"), improvement of your digestion (with optimizing the resorption), stimulation of the blood circulation (including fitness), boosting the combustion (improvement of the O2-utilization of the cells), nourishment of the cells (supplying them with vital substances), optimizing detoxification (f.i. tackling free radicals) and elimination (of accumulated waste and toxins) and finally supporting your immune system, everything in such a way, that you may apply it time and again yourself. All measures together go beyond each individual recommendation. It is creating a surplus value. Both for the individual, as well as for the public health care system as a whole*. On the other hand, we cannot insure you for high risks like acute or serious chronic disease, admission to the hospital, expensive examinations, accidents, revalidation etc. For these risks you have to be insured, obviously. As a participant of our VITALWORLD your risk with regard to ordinary diseases will certainly be much reduced. You therefore may consider to insure yourself with a high personal risk. Furthermore it will be clear, that the costs of entrepreneurs with regard to the personal! (not hazards related to the work e.g. workplace) health risks of the employees through participation in our package may become drastically reduced (apart from the satisfaction to really contribute something valuable to the wellbeing of the people). The former are given in consideration to enter into a collective OVC deal with us.

* I hope you will understand, that even an elaborate system like ours cannot always guarantee success. Human beings cannot be put in whatever system whatsoever, after all. Despite our recommendations, our project is still and exclusively a self-help program! What we DO guarantee is, that we will do our utmost to assist you in achieving optimal health. Participating will be entirely your own responsibility though. We cannot accept any liability connected to any form of dissatisfaction on your part.

5. Although your health is your (and our) true capital, we will charge for our guidance only a fraction of an average health insurance premium. It will come to an amount of Euro 200,- for the first health check-up (3 check-ups makes 500,- )*, including administration costs. By paying only this money you may lay the foundation to optimal health for the rest of your life. Because you simultaneously learn, understand, put things into practice while getting feedback and guidance! We are not exaggerating by saying that this is a unique breakthrough in optimizing health. NOTE: Moreover, your money is a donation to our not-for-profit charity work "Healing the Planet"......For family members a reduction of 20% per member is given. To properly assess your savings, you may realize, that after one to two years you have learned how to take your health in your own hands, hence our guidance will become redundant. For the rest of your life you may then enjoy an optimal health, while paying a minimum health insurance premium (to your regular health insurance company). Besides, we are giving discount for everybody who is going to bring a new participant (no family members). Ask for a special form.


1) Pay by direct transfer to our bank account. After having received your contribution on bank account IBAN NL16ABNA0562330127, BIC: ABNANL 2A, of H. P.J.M. Stiekema, Bunnik, The Netherlands, mentioning "Health Check-Up" we will send you your recommendations.

2) Through international postal check**. Always clearly fill in your name, address, code, town/city (county), country and tel/e-mail. To be addressed to: H. P.J.M. Stiekema, Koningslaan 7, 3981 HD Bunnik, The Netherlands, mentioning "Health Check-Up".

3) As a cheaper alternative we recommend to transfer your money through Western Union. This company's network is widespread throughout the world. You only have to go to your nearestby Western Union office (often post office) and they will take care of your transfer. Send it to H.P.J.M. Stiekema,  Koningslaan 7, 3981 HD Bunnik, The Netherlands.

Download the questionnaire here. Complete it and return to us. We will then send our recommendations to you after having received your payment.

* We recommend you to pay for one Health Check-Up at the time, because nobody can know in advance how many Check-Ups you are going to need.


Book Review

of Han M. Stiekema, MD

(The medicine for the 21st century)
ISBN 90-70525-32-2. 216 p., 6 diagrams, 10 illustr., 
PIP Press,1999, Amsterdam, NL

Health and "civilization-related" (chronic) disease have a common denominator called "flow system",
It can be defined as the dynamic equilibrium between input, processing and output of nutrients, oxygen, water, waste products and toxins respectively,
Input, processing and output can be divided in seven stages: agriculture/nutrition, digestion, blood circulation, combustion, assimilation, detoxification and elimination,
Through causes from within and without most people suffer from imbalance of these basic functions, with "secondary disorders" as a consequence,
Rather than treating "specific diseases", examination, diagnosis and treatment of these basic metabolic functions will lead to optimal wellness,
The flow system: surprising new insights, a wealth of effective practices.


Medical system theory as its scientific foundation,
Science, medicine, psychology, spirituality, the environment and society are intimately connected,
MESS: Multi Etiological Sumtotal Syndrome as the revolutionary etiological model for civilization/technology related disorders,
Effective preventive and therapeutic solutions to the large-scale threats of so-called "new risks": the sumtotal of allergy, ME, OPS, RSI, EMF, fibromyalgia, immune-deficiencies and countless others,
The New Health Care based on three concentric circles ("echelons") of Self Care, Holistic and Technological Medicine,
Fundamental solutions to the key problems of health care: enormous cost reductions, a health rather than disease oriented system, new options for health insurance's, attractive conditions for health care workers and reduction of absence through illness,
Effective solutions to the health problems of the "Third World".


Taking your health in your own hands,
The availability of a simple, effective, cheap and comprehensible health care system with 200 self help techniques,
The prospect of optimizing health, with "automatic" improvement of chronic disease (e.g. cancer) for which the existing health care has no adequate solutions,
Optimal wellbeing for all people
Support for organic agriculture and nature conservation projects worldwide,
To considerably reduce the costs of health insurance premiums,
Large scale health education in the community, the schools, of new style Basic Health Consultants, professional training's and universities,
The aim: a healthy mind in a healthy body in a healthy society


Han M.Stiekema, M.D. "FLOW SYSTEM THERAPY", ISBN 90-70525-32-2. 1999 PIP Press, Amsterdam, 216 pag., 6 diagrams, 10 illustrations, 200 self-help techniques. We will send you a book after having received your international postal check with € (Euro) 35 (for the EUand outside  incl. postage) or direct transfer to bank account ABN/AMRO BIC: ABNANL2A, IBAN: NL16ABNA0562330127 (for Holland just of H. P.J.M. Stiekema, Koningslaan 7, NL-3981 HD, Bunnik, The Netherlands with mentioning of FST, the number of books (to be paid accordingly), your name, address, zipcode, town/city/state,  country and e-mail. You can also pay through Western Union*. Depending on the country you live in, the mailing of the book may take one to six weeks. (We will give discounts on larger numbers). "Flow System Therapy" is only available via mail-order, not via the bookstore.

* Accurately mentioning name, initials and address!


Every year VITALWORLD will grant a number of free copies of the Flow System Therapy Workbook to women members of local health organizations in Third World countries, who distinguish themselves in selfless action in favour of their communities. Send us your application soon! Please fill in the following:


(PS Request can be refused without further explanation.)



Last update: 08/10/12



Flow system
therapy: balancing
input, processing
and output




The main risk factor is
a deregulated flow system.
The so-called "risk factors"
- too high cholesterol etc.
- are only secondary




Nausea is not a
symptom of migraine,
but migraine is
a symptom of
nausea (indigestion)




Through working
with the flow system
my patients and I
become friends




Quite a few people
become so skilled
in managing their
own health, that
they start helping others




Flow system therapy
has turned my life
upside down. Without
it - I am sure - I
wouldn't have continued
my medical career




Sixty percent of
all "civilization-related"
disorders can be
improved e.g.
cured by nutrition,
  inner body cleansing
and fitness (...) or
was it more?




Premature aging
is to suffocate in
your own waste

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