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Step 1:
Personal Health Plan

Step 2:
Extension of Self Care

Step 3:
Street Health Teams

Step 4:
Training of Basic Health Consultants

Step 5:
Career Perspectives

Step 6:
New Health Care

Step 7:


Handbook Holistic Health "Flow System Therapy"

Project Normalization of Blood Pressure

Boosting your immune-system e.g. prevention of cold, flu, virus infections and SARS

Strees, Burn-out & Regeneration

RSI & pain treatment through Chinese Guasha

Excursion: Guasha Therapy Training

Electromagnetic sensitivity


Health care is a "niche in the market"

1. Self Care is usually not acknowledged as an important part of the common health care. In our approach, however, it constitutes the fundamentals of it. Most chronic disease is related to prevention, the basic metabolic functions and a healthy lifestyle, all of which belong to the individual responsibility of every citizen. No doctor will personally assist you in cooking your food, doing the fitness or relaxation exercises for you or prevent you from taking harmful substances. No doctor will tell you the principles of health either. Self Care therefore is a blind spot. For us, however, it is the missing link in health care worldwide. Hence our Basic Health Consultants are the most important people, without whom nothing goes. It is only logic, that what has been established on a most basic level - the street and the neighborhood - sooner or later has to be extended to other "higher" levels. The career perspectives are that of a Commune, a District, a Regional and a County Health Consultant. For every promotion special criteria are executed.

2. The organization of community Self Care will be thus structured according to the street, the neighborhood and the district. The development in layers is important, because of the feedback between them. Every new step therefore should only be taken, after the previous foundations appear to be solid enough. This strategy aims at becoming part of regional development, with far-reaching self-reliance, de-centralization and democratization at its base. The self-reliance of the individual is to be taken as the starting point. What the individual can - chooses to - do, he should do. What is beyond his possibilities, is done by the family. What the family cannot carry out, will be done by the street. The street delegates certain duties to the neighborhood, which in turn is falling back on the district, the commune and the region.

3. Subsequently, a close and solid co-operation with the Holistic Medicine and the Technological Medicine will be established. Educational programs will be initiated, both on primary school, high school and university levels. Extensive propaganda with all available means, e.g. internet, computer programs, DVD's, video's, papers, magazines and TV will be developed. International organizations will be asked to support the initiatives. Needless to say, that implementation of the New Health Care will bring about astronomical reductions in costs, to such an extent, that no health minister will ever again suffer from sleepless nights anymore.

4. On request our training program - for which we will come in person - is also offered to health care workers, physicians, traditional therapists, nutritionists, physiotherapists, medical students, physicians, midwives or e.g. nurses, NGOs, environmental organizations, organic farmers, women groups, social workers and governmental agencies in cities, villages, towns, slums, suburbs, remote countryside areas and indigenous communities around the world. The training could thus become extended to professional and academic levels. Depending on the circumstances full fees e.g. contributions are expected to be paid with regard to travel, catering and stay.



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The bodymind aims at
self-preservation. A
great deal of symptoms
like diarrhoea, sweating,
fever, a common cold,
bronchitis,  a simple
vaginal discharge, eczema,
  hypertension and many
others are therefore
functional and meaningful
expressions of a
strategic self-management




There was a time in which
we handed over our
body to (medical) science.
Now it is high time
to reclaim it


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