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Boosting your immune-system e.g. prevention of cold, flu, virus infections and SARS

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Boosting your immune-system e.g. prevention
of cold, flu, virus infections or "bird flu"
(since april 2009 "swine flu")

according to medical system theory
("flow system therapy")


1. Almost every year Europe is struck by FLU.1) Some years ago it was so bad, that in Britain for instance there weren't enough beds to admit and to take care of all the sick. Regularly all kinds of professionals then appear on TV, every time telling us the same story. They try to convince us, how vicious the virus that has taken us by surprise, is. "Because these viruses are tormenting us again and again, still a lot of research has to be done, in order to next time protect the population by timely vaccination". In reality the viruses appear to be always ahead of us, with the result that, like now - despite all research of the passing years - once again a true "massacre" has been brought about. How can this happen time and again? Summarizing: it doesn't depend on the virus alone. How is it possible, that with the same degree of infection, in situations in which people live close to each other, in the family, in the tram or at the workplace, one is getting ill while others don't? Right, because some individuals have a great deal of resistance. In other words, flu doesn't exclusively come from outside, but just as much from within. In case of weak stamina, you have a greater chance of being vulnerable to the virus. This is exemplified by the large number of chronically ill people and the aged, who always are among the first victims. Conclusion: one part is depending on yourself. Just call it condition. Again: the better your condition, the less chance to be caught by flu.  

1) Article written in 2000, completed by the latest data. Now (2005) the bird flu threat e.g. swine flu (2009) have been added to it. This doesn't detract from this story. On the contrary, it has become much more relevant. Our contribution to this problem includes preventive measures in case of cold/flu and "related" virus disorders. See under 4. and 5, additionally  see "Biological therapy of children's diseases and acute infectious disorders at children's age" (currently in Dutch only).

A healthy life style is preventing 70% of all disorders

2. The point is, that the condition of people, by a complex of causes, is increasingly deteriorating nowadays. Think of unhealthy nutrition, over-consumption of animal protein, shortage of vitamins and minerals, wrong eating habits like overeating, drinking too little, insufficient bodily excretions, too many stimulants (coffee, tea, alcohol, drugs), not enough fitness, self-poisoning from one's own bowel, fungi, parasites, pre-existing disorders, undernourishment, poisoning from outside (for instance by toxins from the environment, amalgam etc.), too low (high) humidity in the house (C.H., aircon), EMF (radiation from computers, cellulars, TV, neon tubes etc. all added up, think of consequences like RSI and CFS), too much or unnecessary usage of medicinal drugs, stress through time and work pressure, sleeplessness and/or problematic personal relationships. All together can be such an attempt on someone's resistance, that the slightest thing - for example a simple flu-virus (the SARS-virus is related to the cold viruses!) - may have grotesque consequences1). The alarming aspect of such an epidemic is not so much the threat from without - the viciousness of the virus - but our own lousy condition. This can be distinguished in a breeding ground - accumulation of waste products and toxins in our (soft-connective) tissues on the one hand - and a weak resistance on the other. Especially the accumulation of intermediary protein breakdown products in the tissues is leading toward so-called "clogging" or "marsh formation", which is an ideal breeding place for micro-organisms. Bacteria and viruses grow only there where they find a favorable breeding ground!2) Pasteur already said: "the micro-organism is nothing, the (internal) environment is everything". Therefore, in the first place, flu is a warning about the condition of our vitality3). Looking at the large numbers of ill people, this doesn't prove to be very favorable. In this case vaccination, medication and suppression of fever is "not enough", yes, in most cases even harmful 4) (the high risk group of course excluded). Normally, fever proves to be the expression of a vital immune system, after all.

1) See also MESS, the Multi Etiological Sumtotal Syndrome (currently in Dutch only).

2) Normally, the breeding ground "is attracting" micro-organisms, the combined action of these two provoking the inflammation, which in turn is aiming at cleansing the internal environment of its waste products and toxins (nose catarrh, sweating, sputum, urine flow, diarrhea etc.), besides stimulation of the immune system, indeed a fantastic provision of Mother Nature.

3) The older you are, the more this accumulation of waste has been taking place, together with exposure to harmful factors, hence the development of a weak immune system. It is the explanation of the fact, that SARS is much milder in children than in adults.

4) Unexpected "support" comes from   regular medicine (AMC/RIVM: Dutch paper De Telegraaf 30 July 2005). There patients die (500 in the US, Canada and the UK, four in Holland) through the "aggressive kind" ("clostridium difficile") of an (in principle) benign intestinal bacteria. In case of a weak immune-system plus a treatment with antibiotics, the bacterial toxins which accumulate because of the massive death of bacteria (caused by the antibiotics) cannot be broken down e.g. neutralized. The content of the intestine will become so toxic, that the mucosa may become heavily damaged with the possible death of the patient. The point is, that the same logic can be applied to every situation in which antibiotics are used, especially if the treatment is repeated. In this case a massive load of toxins will be accumulating - this time in the tissues - through which the "milieu interne" is being poisened, while weakening the immune system (besides the risk of bacterial mutation...). Isn't it time for a thorough reflexion on the matter?

The human body is a meaningful organism "aiming at" survival 

3. It is characteristic for our culture, that threats always appear to come "from without" (bacteria, viruses). Rarely one is looking at factors "from within", at one's own life style, the effects of environmental factors1), our handling of infectious diseases, like the massive application of antibiotics, fever suppressing drugs and toxins, the condition of our own immune system, yes, the sumtotal of our "civilization" as a cause of disease. The above mentioned (antibiotics etc.) are undermining our resistance (they are interrupting the immune reaction, because of which the latter cannot train itself and is thus further weakened), they spoil the internal bodily environment, favoring mutation and resistance of bacteria e.g. viruses. This fatal triangle of disease is constantly pushing us further to the wall. Looking at it this way - in fact spurred by ignorance, economic interests and arrogance - we have diseases like SARS and bird flu/swine flu (partly) let ourselves in for now. Back to the practice: as the regular medicine is wasting precious time (and lives) in "searching for the virus", before being able to treat the disease2), we on the other hand can start immediately with cleaning up the breeding ground e.g. strengthening our immune system. Crisis management alone (as we see happening at this moment) is at the very most half the work. The breeding ground will be unaltered, so that the danger of a flare up always remains...3). The solution is to cooperate with one's own immune system, to support it, in such a way, that not only the duration of the flu will be shortened, but that of the recovery phase as well. Rather than afterwards still feeling weak, tired and miserable - not the effect of the flu, but of its suppression (continuation of eating during the flu, fever suppressing drugs) - through our approach very soon one will be as fit as a fiddle. Which is within reach of most of us. Sensible people are thus learning from their flu. They are concerned with bringing about substantial improvement through a change of lifestyle, in order to prevent e.g. shorten the next challenge, thus becoming winners. Many (natural) self-help methods are at their disposal. Eventually it is all about long term prevention. Looking at the current situation, there seems to be urgent need for national rehabilitation programs.

1) In China one of the effects of the SARS infection appears to be hardening of the (soft-connective) tissues of the lungs. It is likely that this is NOT an effect of the disease itself, but rather would be ascribed to the condition of the lungs BEFORE the disease erupted. Everybody who has been in a major Chinese city before (the same is true for all mega-cities, think of Mexico City f.i)., knows about their (severe) air pollution. For the people who are living there, it means constant irritation of the bronchiole (smallest lung tubes), disappearing of epithelial hairs (with diminishing of self cleansing ability of the lungs), degeneration of the elastic fibers and beginning fibrosis. (Not to mention chronic disorders of the vascular system). Add something like SARS to it, and the organism will be irreparable damaged. 

Why the flu pandemic was hitting Europe precisely in 1918? Right, because after 4 years of war time (WW I) with deprivation, starvation and exhaustion people's immune defense was severely weakened. Moreover, hundreds of thousands of men had sufferend frequent gas attacks at the front, with damaged lungs as a consequence. Thus the reason why a pandemic could emerge wasn't so much the "virulence" of the virus, but the collective immune deficiency. I don't know of any official health report that looked at it this way. 

2) An additional factor is the fact, that viruses have a tendency of rapid mutation, e.g. changing their characteristics (the excessive spraying of desinfectants only promoting this, besides its damaging effects on the immune-system...through which the vulnerability for an infection only increases). So, if the WHO fears a "second wave" (as in 2009),  it is not because of the malignancy of the virus, but because the first wave was "treated" with excessive desinfectant sprays and anti-viral drugs. Both increase the tendency of virus mutations! A possible "second wave", therefore, is self-induced. It is also the reason for the fact, that vaccinations will not or very insufficiently help. That I am not alone in this is proved by the view of dr. L.Bonneux (working in the Federal Thinktank for Health Care, an advisory organ to the Belgium government), who in the Dutch newspaper "Trouw" (title: "The apparent security of flu cures" July 22, 2005) in which he states, that flu vaccinations are nothing less than sheer waste of money.  The virus not only is continuously escaping from scientific research, but also evades adequate treatment. The possibilities of developing an effective vaccine are minimal after all. Not to speak of possible harmful side-effects of the vaccine, like obstructing the detoxification reaction of the body, thus laying the foundation of future chronic disorders. Everything is thus pleading for an approach, that is treating the REAL causes! See once again  "Biological therapy of children's diseases and acute infectious disorders at children's age"

3) AFTER this sentence was written the first relapses of bird flu complications (2005) showed up, a very dangerous phenomenon indeed! Recently followed by swine flu.

Measures from within and without have to go together

4. The recommendations for the prevention of the common cold/flu and related (viral) disorders are as follows. The foundation is wholesome mainly vegetarian food. An indispensable supplement is the daily Chlorella (pure powder or tablets from Korea or Japan). Then, before or from the very onset1) - flu feeling, tickle in one's throat, full nose, pressure in the head, having the shakes, fever, sweating and/or repulsion of food - one immediately stops eating. This in order to unburden metabolism, making energy available for the immune response. This is confirmed by a spontaneous loss of appetite - as is often the case - a very natural, meaningful and useful bodily reaction indeed! You are moving on to drinking only: (mineral) water, herbal tea's and fruit juices (grapefruit, apple, orange etc.). The quantity should be at least 2 liters a day, even if you don't feel thirsty. After a few days, when the tissues have regained their sponge activity, thirst will return naturally. At the same time (thus still at the very beginning) you will take a magnesium sulfate (MgSO4) solution orally. The dosage is a level tablespoonful in one third of a liter of lukewarm water. After a few hours you will get diarrhea and that was the intention (bowel cleansing)2). After that you will be shifting to taking a water-enema, at least one to two times a day 1-2 liters per time3) during the days you feel sick. The third measure consists of sweating. This is being done by drinking of 1-2 cups of hot lime blossom tea (sweating tea) with some honey. As long as you don't feel weak yet, you may sweat actively, by subsequently doing some exercise with an extra pullover on (f.i. 10 times "running" the staircase up and down). If you do feel sick already, lay down on the bed with some extra blankets and a towel around your head. You may (hopefully) start sweating. After that you wash the sweat away with a cool moist towel, with immediately taking on your clothes or going back to bed. This you do once or twice a day. As the fourth main measure we chose Chinese guasha-treatment4). It is one of the most effective immune system boosting methods indeed. Look around in your own region, if you can find a guasha therapist. In China large groups of people are treating themselves (and each other) with guasha. 

1) For the success of the treatment it is essential, that you start with it as soon as possible! Doing the program before any symptom is revealing itself is of course recommended. Usually five days will be sufficient, considerably diminishing the chance of getting an infection. In case of (extreme) emaciation, weakness, TBC in the past, other infectious diseases or any clinical symptoms, do consult your physician always. There is also a very important psychological factor at stake here. Waiting (for a proper vaccine) or/and clinical emergency admission are creating anguish, fear and despair. On the other hand beginning a preventive treatment right from the start will give the people (self) confidence, hope and optimism.

2) Those forms of flu e.g. virus infections in which spontaneous diarrhea occurs usually show milder course and quicker recovery. It is corresponding with "our" logic, that in case of flu (etc.), the body "is aiming at" getting rid of accumulated waste products. See "Flow System Therapy", chapter 10.a. "Elimination" PS. In case of abdominal pain e.g. suspicion of something serious in the belly do not take magnesium sulfate or enema's.  See once again "Biological therapy of children's disease and acute infectious diseases at children's age"   (currently in Dutch only).

3) See the technique of taking a water-enema 

4) See

We need a health-oriented health care

5. Above mentioned, provided being applied in an early stage and in a consistent way, in most cases may prevent the flu e.g. virus infection from going ahead. Additional steps (considering the danger of bird flu/swine flu everything possible should be done)1) may include taking an Echinacea and a Chamomile drug (some traditional Chinese herbs may be added2). For instance, Echinaplant (doesn't contain alcohol), to start with 50 drops to be continued by 4-5 times a day 30 drops in water, ditto Kamillosan. In case the tickling or the pain doesn't subside in short notice, one may take an additional (warmth-supplying) throat wrap. You put a kitchen towel into cold water, wring it so that a moist towel remains. Drape it around the throat. On it a piece of plastic is laid, everything covered with a woolen cloth, the latter sealing the wrap off hermetically. The wrap is getting warm and that was the intention. Remove from the first moment of cooling off or/and drying up. The same procedure has to be followed in case of mild coughing. The wrap is then covering the entire chest ("Priesznitz wrap")3). The sputum will be brought up much more easily, and in greater quantities. This has to be repeated regularly. As has been said before, in most cases the infection will not be going ahead. This is due to the fact, that well in advance everything is done in order to cleanse the body (with taking away of the breeding ground), while supporting the immune system4). In case of persistent infection this regimen simply has to be continued5). The fever supports the immune system in doing its work. It should not be suppressed. Only in cases of extreme degree or danger (too high, too long, risk factors, diabetes, asthma, old age etc.) immediate action should be taken though. Again, if in any way suspicion of bird flu or/and complications arise - dry cough, shortage of breath, fever, muscle aches - control by a qualified physician is an absolute prerequisite. Eventually, when appetite is coming back, you may start with eating fruits exclusively, followed by mixed salads and vegetables, for instance during 2-4 days. Is the appetite increasing, cereals (rice), potatoes, seaweed, nuts and seeds are added, while subsequently returning to wholesome nutrition6). 

1) Even if the "bird flu/swine flu virus" proves to be nastier than previously thought, most probable the effect of the administering of antibiotics e.g. hormones to animals like chicken and pigs - some even speak of a genetic engineered strain - our approach - as part of the overall package of measures - will prove to be of indispensable value.


3) Do not put a wrap on if the patient feels the cold. In such a case the body doesn't have enough energy to react to the wrap. See Flow System Therapy, chapter 10 (10.8)

4) See Flow System Therapy chapter  7 (7.11 en 7.12) for the logic of this approach.

5) In all cases of suspected bird flu/swine flu infection you have to immediately consult your physician. Our suggestions include measures for prevention only.

6) It is preferable to permanently avoid poultry and pork. See also our nutritional recommendations and additional support measures: Personal Health Plan

Take your health in your own hands

6. Since the latest research is only confirming the suspicion mentioned earlier, that people over 60 and smokers (form of air pollution, see above) have a much higher risk of dying from bird flu (50%), our recommendations have to become adjusted to this tough new reality. It means, that starting a prevention treatment in case of minor symptoms - as suggested above - might even not be early and therefore not adequate enough. The new policy has to be upgrading everybody's' vitality, in such a way, that if any infection strikes, a considerable resistance has already been built up. HENCE, OUR MESSAGE AT THIS MOMENT FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO REDUCE RISK IN THE FUTURE IS TO MAKE A SHIFT TO A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE NOW. The Personal Health Plan ( step 1) is most suitable for this. It was designed for healthy people a couple of years ago and consists of 10 steps toward optimal vitality. Assuming you are healthy, you may do these 10 steps without any problem. In order to gain the full benefit, do them all! Would at a certain moment still symptoms occur, then you immediately should start implementing the recommendations as mentioned under 4. and 5. This program would very much fit in prevention schemes of health organizations e.g. authorities world wide as well.1) Again, considering the seriousness of the situation, we are willing to cooperate with any of those institutions. However, like everybody else we were not prepared for this. Therefore, we are very much open to criticism, suggestions and support of any kind.2) One possibility would be to establish a team that is going to cope with further development of our program. Thus, we are hereby inviting colleagues, scientists and other health workers - preferably with (holistic) medical experience - to contact us.3) Looking at the current scale of the problem on the one hand and our 33 years of expertise on the other, our full commitment was inevitable. That's why the many-sided syndrome of immune-deficiency, which is the true cause of cold, flu, virus infections and bird flu/swine flu has our special attention. It consists of promoting VITALWORLD to the benefit of all. We kindly request for donations or/and contributions to make our work - which is unique in the world - possible4).

1) See the WHO fact sheet on "Traditional Medicine"

2) Isn't time to also put into perspective our absolute belief in "current science?" By its extreme one-sidedness and despite all research, the high educated scientists and the enormous investments, the former - now that it is crucial - appears not to be able to help us. Instead of labeling "the rest of the world" as "backward" or "unscientific" it is really time, that other systems of medicine are judged on their merits e.g. become recognized.


4) Transfer to bank account ABN/AMRO ABNANL 2A, nr. of Mrs M.Yu, Amsterdam, The Netherlands with mentioning of "donation VITALWORLD".

7. Diseases like SARS, AIDS, bird flu/swine flu and many others appear to be symptoms of a weak immune system1). Even if one day the disease is declared to be "contained", the underlying breeding ground remains unaltered. Thus "another" disease may soon pop up at any time.2) Unfortunately, since the immune-system damaging factors will be on the increase for the time being, we should not limit ourselves to just "warning the population" for threats from outside. The greatest threat lies within after all. Once this is understood health organizations e.g. governments world wide cannot close their eyes anymore for this simple but decisive truth. On the other hand, emphasizing one side of the coin, while concealing the other from the public, will then be a severe offense against the medical vow, which is to promote health, to cure disease and to save people the best way we can. These organizations are hereby called to extend their responsibilities. Even - and this might be a crucial point - if this would mean taking information seriously, which would critize the (medical) establishment for not considering system-inherent pathological factors. As said above, an one-sided approach - leaving the inherent health potential of people out of consideration - will increasingly prove to be unable to tackle the problems yet to come. The common denominator of those problems is immune-deficiency, caused by a sumtotal of mutual reinforcing etiological factors.3) An overview is urgently needed here. Hence, all currently existing systems of medicine should start to closely - on an institutional basis - working together. In the long run - for which the foundations have to be laid right now - we have to work in the interest of the new generations. That means, that health education has to become the focus of interest. Since we have developed a scientific foundation for optimizing health, available to all - the flow system - health education programmes could be implemented in short notice. The inherent logic of the flow system is so evident, and the self-help techniques based on it so simple, effective and cheap, that all levels of education - from primary schools to communities and universities - could easily put it in their curriculi.

1) Logically thus, that weakened   (elderly) people, people with a severe chronic disorder like asthma, diabetes, post-heart attack, who don't have an optimal immune-response anymore have to be vaccinated. There cannot be any misunderstanding about this.

2) Whether it is called "SARS/bird flu/swine flu" or another name (recently in circulation are: "rickettsial spotted fever", "bird flu/swine flu" and mutated streptococcus infection....) it actually doesn't matter. The underlying cause is our immune weakness, after all 2). Any kind of virus, resistent bacteria (because of the unbridled application of antibiotics), fungi etc. can thus cause a new epidemic. Even David Heymann, SARS-coordinator of the WHO recently stated, that he expects more diseases like SARS to occur. "A worldwide infection cannot be excluded" (which thus proved true in 2005). Wouldn't it time, that the WHO starts looking at the real causes e.g. accepts its overall responsibility, e.g. include health promoting measures, rather than waiting for the next outbreak? 

3) Obviously, the virulence e.g. the power of the virus/bacteria also plays a role. Needless to say, that this virulence often originates by our own actions, namely by the large-scale application of antibiotics to humans and animals, with resistent strains and mutations as the result. 


Bird flu 'has pandemic potential'  20.02.05

By Michelle Roberts
BBC News Health reporter, in Washington DC

The bird flu virus could mutate to pass from human to human and trigger a pandemic, latest evidence suggests, according to scientists. Outbreaks so far have been through the flu spreading from animals to humans. But Nancy Cox, of the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, says a number of subtypes have proven their ability to jump the species barrier. The H5N1 strain, which has killed 42 people in Asia since 1997, was one of many possible candidates, she said.

Mutant strains

Strains had emerged in the last year that were more lethal to animals than the 1997 strain, she said. The recent spurt of human infections increases the likelihood that a mutant strain would arise that could spread between humans, she added.

We could have a relatively severe pandemic as occurred in 1918 or perhaps even worse
Dr Nancy Cox

"It's impossible to predict what the consequences would be. We might have a relatively mild pandemic like we did in 1968," Dr Cox told the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). "Alternatively, we could have a relatively severe pandemic as occurred in 1918 or perhaps even worse." The virus could mutate by shuffling genetic material with the human flu virus, Dr Cox added. This would make it better at specifically targeting human airways for attack.

There are 15 different strains of the virus.

Killer rate

During the last century there have been three serious flu outbreaks. The first in 1918, dubbed the Spanish flu, killed up to 50 million across the world. Asian flu hit in 1957, followed by Hong Kong flu in 1968, which claimed one million victims each. Although H5N1 has only killed 42 people so far in comparison, its death to infection rate is 76%. "It is very frightening to see such a high case fatality rate," said Dr Cox, but she said it might be that less serious or ambiguous cases had not been picked up, which would mean the real rate could be lower than this. A study published in this week's New England Journal of Medicine supports this notion. The Vietnamese authors report a case of a four-year-old boy who had diarrhoea and seizures rather than respiratory symptoms before going into a coma and dying from the H5N1 virus.

Dr Cox said it was important to keep a handle on what the virus was doing and for countries to prepare for a pandemic by stockpiling antiviral drugs.


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