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Chapter 10.
(Part B)



10.1 Vomiting

See „Digestion", the „distended stomach-cure".

10.2 Simple bowel cleansing

A slow bowel-movement can usually be stimulated via very simple measures. Some of the innumerable possibilities are: drinking a glass of lukewarm water in the morning on an empty stomach or a glass of (organic) sauerkraut-juice or steeped prunes or swallowing a spoonful of unbroken line-seed/psyllium seed/rhubarb etc. mixtures - an innumerable variety is offered in health food stores - with a bit of water together with jogging after you get up. The use of laxatives is not in this list. Laxatives, whether of the vegetable or chemical kind, over-activate the bowels, as a result of which these ultimately start functioning even less, because of fatigue, weakness or cramps. The long-term taking of laxatives makes us also lose too many minerals. Only take laxatives in case of emergency, as part of a cure, or now and then if there is no other option. One example is a simple food-poisoning with diarrhoea. Rather than going to the doctor and asking for a stopping medicine, you should immediately take magnesium sulfate - one of the few laxatives that doesn’t irritate the bowel - or an enema, to help the bodies’ effort to as soon as possible get rid of the rubbish.

10.3 Mild bowel cleansing cure

Regular cleansing can quite easily be fitted into our daily life. A good example is the monthly cleansing, as part of which you use a laxative 2-3 evenings a month, usually during one weekend. Due to the intensive flushing action and the sparing of the intestinal mucous membrane, preference is given to magnesium sulphate. Add one level dessertspoon of it to a glass of lukewarm water and drink this half an hour before retiring. The next morning you will then have thin stools or diarrhoea and that is the way it is supposed to be. Should the magnesium sulphate not be effective or only partly, you may also use Glauber salt - sodium sulphate - not to be used in case of high bloodpressure. Both of the above are so-called cooling laxatives. Should you feel cold inside or should either salt be ineffective, then switch to a warming laxative such as castor oil. (For more Recipes R/ see „Digestion")

Women should do the mild cleansing, preferably a few days prior to menstruation. The monthly cleansing thus becomes two-fold. Practice has shown, that many pre-menstrual complaints lessen or disappear altogether as a result. The so-called PMS: pre-menstrual syndrome, yet another example of how illness is put into categories, rather than looking into its cause, thus proves to be a.o. a (self)pollution problem. Women in the menopause also have a lot to gain by continuing a monthly cleansing. A great number of chronic disorders like migraine, rheumatism, osteoporosis or high bloodpressure develop, precisely as a result of the discontinuing of menstruation. Finally, men, too, may start on a „monthly cleansing cycle". Besides the physical effects, the aim is to become more conscious, to expand the mind and get in touch with the cyclic aspect of - one's own - nature. Note: No laxatives during pregnancy. For calcium-supplementing in case of osteoporosis, see „Assimilation".

10.4 Intensive bowel cleansing-cure

Also referred to as the „royal way to getting cured" or „operation without a knife". Did you know that the average human being can undergo fasting and cleansing for as long as 4-6 weeks ? Fasting is one of the best-kept and most popular therapies of humankind. Not much is needed to carry it out, neither is it expensive. And yet it is incredible, how much can be improved or cured by fasting and bodily purification. It confirms the validity of our hypothesis: health is first of all linked to the flow system. The curing of all kinds of diseases comes about by bringing this flow system into balance, without doing anything specific about „the illness" itself. You do it, because you want to optimize your health, to prevent disease, as a spring detox cure and as a cure of disease. Almost all „civilization"-related chronic disorders are indicated. In case of doubt, consult your physician. An intensive bowel cleansing-cure is within everyone's reach. There are various systems. Well-known ones are the lemon juice-cure, the fasting on juice, the Ayurvedic cure and fasting/cleansing according to Buchinger, Schroth and Mayr. During my 28-year experience with countless patients, I have developed my own cure.

Flow system therapy: balancing input, processing and output

It consists of the following: A good mental preparation and planning of the cure is essential. You should really feel the „urge" inside to do the cure. Mere advice from others is not enough. You have to take a leave from work. Doing the cure outside the home, is best. You have to leave your home in order, so as to avoid worrying about it later, and the first time has to be done under guidance. A home cleansing involves the following: Taking time off from work for the duration of the cure, including the days prior to and following the cure, avoiding all mental, emotional, relational and social burdens, like study, television, telephone or visitors, while support from one's family-members is essential - but no over-anxiety - and planning of the cure according to a regular daily routine. For example: getting up early in the morning at a set time (6:00 am), using the daily! magnesium sulphate, exercises, yoga or jogging, „breakfast", morning programme like massage, painting etc., „lunch", siesta with a liver-pack, extensive afternoon walk, evening tea, short evening programme and retiring early (9:00 pm).


The polluted bowels are an experiential fact. Even during the third/fourth week of a fast and daily irrigation of the bowels, old residues may be eliminated.

Begin the cure by taking magnesium sulphate: 1˝ -2 levels dessertspoonful (22-30 g) added to a glass (250-300 cc) of lukewarm water, to which may be added some lemon juice, half an hour before going to bed. You then start on the building-off days during which you, e.g. over a period of 3-5 days, decrease your food-intake. The first day, for instance, half of what you usually eat, the second day switching to the „Vitality food diet": in the morning living on fruit, at lunch eating vegetables and some rice and in the evening a snack, like some vegetables, crackers, a bit of cereals. You should chew each bite so intensively, that it slides down your throat in fluid form. During the first real day of the cure, you switch to a small glass of fruit juice in the morning, at lunchtime sieved low salt vegetable soup and in the evening herbal tea. Between meals drink lots of water (2-3 liters a day) and now and then a cup of herbal tea. You may use any kind of herbal tea, especially nettle, dandelion and birch leaf-tea, since these have a purifying effect. Avoid senna and/or frangula, since these are laxatives. This fasting diet you continue during your entire cure. Due to the low metabolism, you are more prone to cold. Therefore, get enough exercise and wear warm clothing. Take a liver pack as a siesta, everyday after your „lunch". See chapter „Detoxification".

Very refreshing is the early-morning - preferably at 6 a.m. - washing down with (organic) vinegar. This can only be done with the aid of another person. Requirements: a bowl of cold water, to which is added a dash of vinegar, a wash-cloth and a dry flannel sheet. The flannel sheet is first placed under your body (while you are lying in bed), so that it can later be folded around you. You are then washed with the cold vinegar-water: starting with the hands, then the arms and shoulders; followed by the lower back and then upwards, including the abdomen. All should be done very quickly, so as to avoid cooling off. Immediately following this, you should be tightly wrapped into the flannel sheet, which may set off childhood memories .....Duration: 1/2 to 1 hour enjoying the relaxation and warming up. Frequency: every morning. After getting up, you brush your entire body with a not too soft brush, always from the periphery to the center. This opens your skin and toxins will more easily be able to leave your body. Do some gentle breathing exercises, with your windows open. Windows should be open anyway during the night. If too cold, you take some extra blankets and a waterbottle. During the day wear warm socks, walk or/and have your feet massaged.

A water enema should be taken. Every afternoon have a water-enema in your lavatory, the latter which should be at room-temperature. Put one liter of water measuring body-temperature into the device, usually a pitcher or plastic bag to which a tube or a tap is attached, available at your chemist or pharmacy. First run some water through the tube, so that the air is expelled and then attach it to a hook at shoulder-height. Place a thick towel on the floor and put on warm socks to avoid cooling off. Then squat down on the floor or in the „elbow-knee" position - lower body bared - and insert the mouth-piece about 2-3 cm into the anus, no further! since it easily makes contact with the bowels and as a result prevents the water from running. So as to make insertion easier, you may add some vaseline to the mouth-piece. Usually an enema is given in stages: first 200-300 cc in order the get the last part of the stool out, after which you may continue with 500 or 1000 cc. Some people prefer to even take a third one, this time around 2 litres. While the water is running in, hold your breath for a few moments at the deepest point of exhalation, this sets off „negative pressure" in the abdomen as the water is „sucked in", so that the upper parts of the colon can also be reached. Once the water is in you may, if you wish, softly massage your abdomen with rotating, clockwise movements. Then hold each breath for a few moments at its highest point of inhalation. This promotes the peristaltic effect, as a result of which the feces will more easily and completely be eliminated. Always breath through the nose. Note: an enema for a four years old child is 125 cc, for a 8 years old 250 cc and for a 12 years old 500 cc. You may buy them as small-size rubber balloon enema’s. Children usually like enema’s. It is mostly the parents who are tense. Give an enema - especially the first - if the child itself indicates not to be interested in food4. Once the first is a success, giving an enema to your child will never ever be a problem.

Each day have a very mild intestinal and colon massage. Start by massaging the intestine with rotating stroking movements - the more subtle, the deeper the effect - clockwise across the abdomen, for a maximum of one hundred times, followed by a similarly gentle pressure point-massage on the colon, on the right side of the abdomen on the line between pelvic ridge and navel, at 1/3 distance from the bony ridge. At that particular spot - you feel you are in a „valley" - press somewhat deeper into the skin using three fingers until you hit a soft - bulging - resistance. This is usually the colon. While you keep feeling the contact with this surface, you make soft tiny rotational movements on an area the size of a very small coin. This treatment should never give any after-pain and should not exceed 2-4 minutes. Added to this, pressure point massage on the inner side of the pelvic bone, lower-right part, and on the pubis may be done. These bones are covered by a membrane, the periosteum, which, because of its innumerable nerve-endings is very sensitive. By also gently massaging this with the tips of the finger at random points - as long as it is the inner part of the bone - a reflex-effect is set in motion throughout the pelvic area and the lower abdominal organs. Bowels, bladder, genital organs, blood-circulation and lymph-glands are regulated by it.

In case of „positive" „detoxification-reactions", a sign that toxins are indeed being released from the connective tissue - such as nausea, headache or heart-palpitations - which in itself are quite innocent, you should drink an extra amount of water and/or have a ditto enema. In the first three days your bloodpressure may come „a little behind" to the changes in bodily position, hence, be careful with getting up too quickly. Don’t suddenly get up from a bench, you may feel (very) dizzy. Sniffing a little nose-stimulating etheric oil - eucalyptus - or ammonia will help. All these symptoms usually disappear soon after the appropriate measures. In addition you may, should this be necessary, support the flow system by using one of the many methods mentioned in this book, such as e.g. promoting urination with Solidago, promoting perspiration with lime blossom tea, using sneezing powder to ease the head, echinacea in case of fever and so on.

Each day drink freshly squeezed lemon juice, „ripened", see „Detoxification". In case of a great deal of detoxification reactions, you may increase the intake of fruit juice, a few glasses spread out over the morning and afternoon, make sure you „chew" it. To experience hunger is exceptional. Should this nevertheless be the case, then either the bowels are severely polluted - in that case increase the number of daily enemas - or you are suffering from anxiety, usually involving external causes: loved-ones, your home or your job. Coping with inner problems never causes anxiety or hunger. On the contrary, fasting is one of the best ways to become aware of them. These processes are usually much more smooth and gentle, compared to daily life. The cleansing-cure is also an excellent anti-stress cure. After a fast, many of your emotional problems may therefore have been eased. Clarity of mind is another phenomenon, which spontaneously occurs during a fast. You may therefore not sleep during one or more nights. No problem. These nights are among the best you have ever experienced. There will be no thinking, worrying and the sort, just a state of clarity, while in the morning you get up refreshed! Additional relaxation exercises, yoga, meditation or our „heaven & earth exercises" are strongly recommended. Give in to mood-changes. When tired: have a nap. Feeling energetic? Go outdoors for a (brisk) walk. Go for a walk every day, regardless of weather conditions.

In case magnesium sulphate has little effect, then switch to Glauber's salt or castor oil after one or two days. Use these laxatives daily into the last building-up day, after this three times a week, twice for the period of one week, once for the period of a week and then stop. For additional detoxification, have a lukewarm bath every other day, preferably with pine-needle or juniperus extract or bath oil added to the water. Someone may brush your body gently!, always from the periphery towards the heart. Brush your teeth, tongue and gums several times a day with an organic toothpaste. The toxic films have to be removed regularly. Gurgling with diluted lemon juice or daily oil-chewing, see „Detoxification", will help too.

The first cure should last at least 5-7 days. You may later on increase this to e.g. 10-14 or even 21 days. As far as cleansing and fasting is concerned, every season has its own advantages. One of the main ones is, of course, the spring cleansing-cure. Due to the heavy food we eat in winter, as well as the lack of sunlight, fresh air, perspiring and exercise, we are almost always „slagged" when spring arrives. This is the cause of springtime fatigue. The use of fresh, purifying herbs is recommended such as dandelion, root and leaf, nettle, young shoots, and e.g. birch leaf. The build-up of the cure is simple. Set aside at least another two to three days rest, as part of the build-up. Breaking the cure, eat (half) an apple in the afternoon and chew it as best you can. In the evening have some Swedish or rice crackers. The next morning have a little fruit, a (very) small lunch consisting of rice/vegetables and in the evening some (low sodium) soup, a few Swedish crackers or some pasta. The third day you may then carefully switch to the Vitality Food-diet. Avoid nuts and cheese during the first weeks. Altogether leave out additional salt, not only because high-grade nutrition contains sufficient minerals in itself, but also because of the danger of oedema’s in the first week after the cure.

For women the following applies. During a cleansing-cure you are extra fertile. This is enhanced by also stopping the Pill. So take care. The cure is therefore surprisingly effective in cases of infertility!, especially in cases of overweight. The menstrual pattern, too, may undergo changes, varying from an early menstruation during the cure to a period of not menstruating at all, during the months following the cure. The body is clean, so it has nothing to discharge (...). During the cure, an intra-uterine shield may be driven out from the uterus, due to a strengthening of the uterine muscles because of the cleansing. A cleansing cure prior and during pregnancy is the best preparation for the bearing of optimally healthy children. Doing it together with the father to be, may be an excellent idea. However, a fast during the first four months of the pregnancy is absolutely contra-indicated. The best time to do it, is in the last two months. Only a mild cure is recommended. Usually „fasting" on small amounts of the soft cheese curd-linseed oil porridge, will give the best results. Magnesium sulfate can be taken, unless it is working smoothly. If no result within two days, than stop the laxatives altogether. The delivery will run more smoothly as a result of your „fasting". In case of post-term birth, stop eating, only drink three tablespoons of water a day, take pulsatilla D6, 3 dd 10 drops and your baby will have its delivery shortly after. Cosmetic damage (striae) after birth will be brought down to a minimum or be non-existent. The cure should be accompanied by the taking of supplements such as calcium, vitamins, minerals and trace-elements. Note: A bowel cleansing cure during pregnancy should only be undertaken under the guidance of a physician. Not recommended during lactation, because of impairment of breast-feeding.

General contraindications - reasons why you should NOT follow a cleansing cure are a.o.: a history of tuberculosis, thyroid problems, anorexia, severe weight-loss, malnutrition, cancer and psychological imbalances. If in doubt, as to
suitability/objections/illness or the set-up,
please consult your physician

The physiology of fasting is fascinating. Because the supply of food has resumed, the body has no other choice, than to start consuming its own accumulated substance. These substances are burned the same way, as the body would do with nutrients. At least in the beginning, an equal amount of calories will be produced. In breaking down its excess, the body is following a strict logic. First water, sodium and other minerals are excreted, together with the consumption of the glycogen storage in the liver. That takes less than one day. Then the body starts one of its main healing activities: the breaking down of accumulated protein-like substances. The levels of serum albumin, globulin etc., will be normalized. All kinds of bacterial toxins are neutralized. Excess of collagen from the capillary wall is broken down, just as acid „slags" from the soft connective tissue. The entire lymph-system will be cleansed. Accumulated waste in the liver is detoxified and transported to the kidneys. Some of the breakdown products serve the energy (glucose) production, via the so-called gluconeogenesis. In short, a fantastic clean-up sweeps through your body. In the mean time, the body also „attacks" too high levels of free fatty acids, tryglycerids and cholesterol, bringing all the so-called „risk factors" back to normal. Detox and strengthening of the immune-system appear to be two sides of the same coin, because all kinds of immune-factors improve as well, like the serum interferon level, the amount of anti-bodies and the performance of T-lymphocytes. The bloodpressure becomes normalized. In this stage the „easy" accumulations will have been greatly removed. In case of special accumulated rubbish, however, the clean-up has to go on. Think of lumps in the breasts, uterine fibroids and prostate enlargements. In fasts of three to five weeks - depending on size and composition of the disorder - these collagen lumps may have disappeared altogether. Hence, the joke „that fasting is not for vegetarians". At last - and this will be only from the fifth day onwards - fats from fat-tissue will be broken down. There are thus three moments in the process of loosing weight. First, there is the loosing of water and sodium, responsible for around two kilo’s. The second factor is the accumulated collagen. This might give to a maximum of five kilo’s weight loss. The fat-tissue comes last. In order to loose enough fat, you should therefore fast at least two to three weeks. Fat tissue contains lots of fat-soluble environmental toxins. They also will be freed through fasting. The quick detox and elimination of these substances is a must. Therefore you should never fast, without proper care of the flow system, e.g. optimal bowel cleansing, liver detox (hot waterbottle) and flushing. In practice, however, I have never observed any emergency due to this cause5.

During many years I used to organize the so-called „fasting-meditation groups", in which the fasting was combined with Zen, body-awareness, massage and walks in nature. Fasting is excellent in supporting a mental and emotional clean-up as well. It greatly contributes to becoming aware. It is also suitable for certain manifestations, like in my yearly „fasting-meditation peace walks", where fasting supported an heightened awareness with regard to peace in the world. With a hundred participants and walking 30 km a day, daily bowel cleansing, massage, meditations and talks, these were unforgettable experiences6. After a few days our people became so light, bright, cheerful and energetic, that citizens seeing us walking, wondered about what was going on. The participants were almost unanimous about their inner and outer changes. They reported clarity of mind, the disappearance of anxiety and other worrisome thinking and emotions, a sharpening of the senses like seeing, smelling, hearing, feeling and tasting, a direct contact with reality without interference of mind-projections and a deep and intense feeling of connectedness and compassion with everything around them. Many lasting friendships were the result of those four years (1981-1984). Their outer changes were a flattened belly, brightness and radiation, better eyesight, a smooth and pure skin, tonification of tissue (of the face for instance), the disappearance of various symptoms, better blood-circulation and many more. The fasting experience thus can be extended from the physical, energetic, psychological to the spiritual level. My own longest fasting was three and a half weeks. At the end of that period my awareness had expanded to such an extent, that my small self had completely disappeared into transparency. I was no more there, yet I was more present than ever before. It was a state of timeless limitlessness, like „an angel". Because I was in a training situation with others, I „had to" break my fasting though. If, however, you would trust your Being, that Which Is, completely, then you might be able to continue your fasting. „Theoretically" it would be possible to remain part of the Great Consciousness in such a way, that you live on spiritual energy infinitely, truly a Being of Light7.


I was asked to assist in the case of a friend, who suffered from brain cancer. Several years earlier he got a brain operation, which unfortunately did not have a long lasting result. When I came to him he was already terminally ill. He couldn’t get up anymore, was confused and suffered from sleeplessness and frequent epileptic seizures. As a last resort he wanted to try fasting and asked me the best way to do it. Both he and the family agreed upon doing the „Breuss-kur", which is a six weeks long fast on vegetable juice - red beet, carrots, celery, potato and radish - only. We started with giving him enema’s, after which he experienced a first relief. In the middle of the second week he felt so good, that he could get up, while soon after his epileptic seizures stopped altogether. His mood became more stable and cheerful, to such an extent, that it was he who brought the laughter back into the family. His stories and jokes were so enchanting, that everybody around him almost forgot the serious condition he was in. In the third week he wished to make short walks in the garden, which he enjoyed tremendously. During the night he had a good sleep. There seemed to be hope again. The last two weeks of the cure were simply stable with no important incidents. It was almost normal family life. The only thing that had dropped was his weight. He felt very fit though. Since six weeks was the maximum duration for the cure, we decided to step by step built up a normal (organic) diet again. And then the sad thing happened. Already after the first day of eating his condition deteriorated. Within a week he was on the bed again and his situation was clearly hopeless. The difference with the first period however was, that this time his mind was very clear and bright. He seemed to be in a timeless and limitless state all the time. A state in which he radiated love and light to his surroundings. Everybody was deeply impressed, full of awe and finally gratefulness. And that is how he passed away: very conscious, lightly and utterly surrendered: an enlightened death. And everybody agreed, this was greatly due to the fasting he had been doing. Ever since I have been promoting fasting not only as a last resort in serious conditions, but also as a help on somebody's deathbed.

10.5 Dying to the Old

Many years ago I got acquainted to the work of the Buddhist abbot Pra Jamroon Panjan of Tamkrabok monastery near Bangkok in Thailand. For many years he and his monks are successfully managing a drug rehabilitation center for (heroine) addicts. As methadon-distribution in Thailand is scoring not even a 1% success, his approach is said to cure around 60%. When I saw him at work for the first time my eyes and my heart were opened. I also did „detox" programs for years. However, his work was much more compassionate, brave and also more professional. It is the reason why I am very grateful for his inspiration and example. What is the secret of his approach? In the first place his treatment takes 10 days. The addicts can only participate once. Hence, it is their only and last chance. In the intake the motivation of the candidate is tested. If insufficient, then someone is refused participation. You have to sign for liability. This might have far-reaching consequences, given the (sporadic!) deaths during the cure. All participants then vow to the Buddha to refrain from drugs the rest of one’s life. Finally the old clothes are replaced by new ones.

The therapy distinguishes itself by a loving but (very) strict approach. The clients have to follow a stringent daily schedule, in which they are constantly encouraged and supported though. This is very much necessary, because the first five days of the cure are a hell. All participants everyday receive a bitter drink, which causes fierce and repeated vomiting. They additionally receive laxatives and a special diet, while regularly visiting the sauna. In short time a breakthrough in the physical addiction is achieved. The withdrawal symptoms are horrible. Not surprisingly most clients are close to complete exhaustion. It occurs that some are passing out. The idea behind it is, that having been once in this hell will be enough to never having a relapse anymore. After five days there is the turning point: the body is free from drugs. „Dying" has turned into „being reborn". However, the psychological addiction appears to be actually still present. Many supportive talks are needed. But that is not enough. A beginning should be made with social rehabilitation, to facilitate the return into society. Thus skills and crafts are taught. A former junkie is invited - also for especially invited groups of students of the region - to act out his former miserable story of drug-addiction. The very convincing role-play is hoped to have a deep preventive effect. Subsequently the family of the now ex-addicts are invited to the monastery, to talk to their son or husband. The ex-junkie has to convince them of the fact, that his addiction really belongs to the past. Next day there is a celebration. A pop-band is playing dance music. The return home also belongs to the program: a monk accompanies the client. Note: Not only with regard to drug-addiction, but also with regard to our (collective) self-addiction8 (which is worse), the example of Pra Jamroon and the monastery Tamkrabok could serve as an example. Not only the principle: „dying to the old" is extremely inspiring, but also various other elements of his cure could be useful to us.


R/ Rad. Ebuli
Fol. Betulae
Fruct. Juniperi aa 25,0

M.F. spec. S. 1 small teaspoon added to a cup of water. One cup mornings and evenings. A tea aimed at increasing the elimination of uric-acids. Recommended for those who 1) have a tendency to retain many acids 2) in case of switching from (a large) intake of meat, coffee and tea to the healthy life-style. Particularly suitable during the bowel cleansing cure. To be begun one week prior to the cure and continued up to a week following it.


10.7 Breath (not brain) washing and the breath-pump. See the section on „Combustion".

10.8 Priesznitz breast-wrap (see fig. 4)

This classic application in natural medicine is very suitable for the regular detoxification of the lungs. Because of insufficient elimination via the other organs - such as in the case of constipation, insufficient flushing via the kidneys, lack of perspiring and/or insufficient menstruation - the waste products are a.o. eliminated via the lungs. These then become „emergency valves". Most forms of bronchitis may be seen in this light. Due to irritation - through the waste products - of the lung-membranes, these latter produce phlegm which then finds its way out in the form of sputum. We need not let it get as far as bronchitis or chronic phlegm coughing, though. The best cure once again lies in prevention. Insight into the dynamics of the flow system, self-observation and being in contact with the body, are guarantees for optimal self-treatment.

The technique of the wrap is a simple one. Take a piece of cotton or cloth, dip it into cold water, wring out any of excess water, until it is damp and lay it on your chest (single layer). Cover it with a piece of plastic, which in turn is covered with a woolen cloth, which you fit around you with some safety-pins, so that it is airtight. Lie down and cover yourself with an extra blanket. After about 20 minutes the wrap starts to warm up. The idea is, that it really gets hot. In order to be effective, the wrap should stay in place for a couple of hours. The evening, before retiring, is therefore the appropriate time for the application of the wrap. You can then leave it on for the entire night. When it starts cooling off, remove it. You should, by the way, only apply the Priesznitz-wrap when you feel well warmed-up, never when you feel chilly. As a result of the wrap, you may cough up - a lot of - sputum and that is precisely the idea. As a rule - when in good health - the Priesznitz wrap is only applied when you feel „that your lungs are clogged up". There are no harmful side-effects. You may also use it when you wish.

10.9 Steaming

Steaming may be done separate from or in addition to the Priesznitz-wrap. It cleanses the mucous membranes and helps the sputum to be more easily eliminated. The old-fashioned way is still the best. Take a pot of hot water - be careful not to burn your face - and add to it a handful of chamomile-flowers and sage, if you so choose. Bend your head over the pot and fit a towel over your head. Spend some time in- and exhaling deeply through the nose, until the water has cooled off, usually 20 minutes You may use a phlegm-promoting tea prior to this treatment.


R/ Rad. Primulae
Herb. Thymi
Herb. Plantagin.lanc aa ad 100,0

D.S. 1 teaspoon added to 1 cup; to be brewed for 20 minutes. 1 Cup, three times a day, to which added half a teaspoon of honey. Sputum/phlegm promoting tea.


R/ Chamomillae (German variety is the best)
Wild Thyme
Wild Marjoram aa 50,0

M.f. spec S. 1 spoonful added to 1/2 liter of boiling water in a pot. Cover your head with a towel and inhale.


R/ Ol. Thymi
Ol. Rosmarin
Ol. Eucalypt. aa 2,0
Ol. Camphorat ad 50,0

D.S. Rub onto chest, throat, neck. Then cover with a layer of dry, grey wadding around which is wrapped a well-fitting flannel cloth.


10.13 Drinking-cure

The cure itself is simple. It is based on three principles: a large amount of drinking (flushing), supported by urine-promoting remedies and the optimizing of the kidney-circulation (elimination of residues). Preference is given to water (see „Transportation") and these should amount to 3 liters or more a day over a period of 3-5 days. It should be supplemented by herbal teas, especially Solidago and Fol. Orthosiphonis (see Recipes, R/). Added to this, the promoting of the kidney-circulation by means of hot water-bottles or packs like line-seed porridge, placed on the kidney area beneath the shoulder-blades on the lower left and right side of the back, and (rising) hot foot-baths. Cold feet may - via reflexes - lessen the kidney-circulation. A local guasha-treatment may be very useful. During the drinking-cure, meals are to be very sober: fruit in the morning, vegetables with carbohydrates for lunch, a small supper consisting of a low sodium soup, Swedish crackers or cereals. To be done once every three months, once every six months or once a year, depending on the need.


R/ Honghua You (Chinese herbal oil)

S. To be rubbed onto the kidney area - on both sides of the back, beneath the shoulder-blades. Cover with a flannel/woolen cloth.


R/ Ol. Juniperi
Tinct. Arnicae aa 50,0

S. To be rubbed onto the kidney area. See above.


R/ Fol. Orthosiph.Stram. 200,0

S. 2 spoonfuls added to 1 liter of water; brew for 30 minutes. 3 Glasses a day during the drinking cure. Originally from Indonesia: koemis koetjing. Consult your supplier about the right quality.


R/ Solidago-tincture (golden rod)

S. Also strongly urine-promoting. On the market under various brand-names.

During the drinking-cure: 20-30 drops 3 times a day added to a large quantity of water.


R/ Rad. Taraxaci cum Herb.
Herb. Urticae
Flor. Sambuci
Cort. Frangulae
Fruct. Foeniculi aa 20,0

M.f.spec. S. Mornings/evenings 1 teaspoon added to 1 cup of water. To be taken over a period of 4 weeks, as a cure. Bloodpurifying- and metabolism-tea with dandelion, nettle, elderberry-blossom and fennel.


R/ Wu Ling San

(Five-Ling Herbs; Polyporus Umbellata, Attractylodes Macrocephala, Alisma plantago-auatica var. orientale, Guangui)

S. Urine-promoting. Consult the label for the correct dosage.

Note: Many vegetable (a.o. celery, parsley) are urine-promoting. Juniper-berry (Fruct. Juniperi) is not recommended during pregnancy.


10.20 Dry-brushing of the skin

Each morning, for instance while oil-chewing, brush the dry skin, preferably near an open window. Using a bath-brush, make rotating movements across the skin with medium pressure, starting with the feet, moving up to the legs, pelvis, lower back and torso; then from the hands, arms towards the shoulders. For optimal perspiring and elimination of acid waste.

10.21 Alternating hot and cold shower.

To be done regularly. The technique is simple. The warm water use should always be comparatively longer than the cold: long hot and short cold. Finnish off with cold water. Make certain to, also with this simple application, „always move towards the heart", thus from feet/legs/arms to torso. In this way you will avoid having any problems with your blood-pressure such as dizziness.

10.22 Active perspiring

It is of major importance to stimulate perspiring. The switch-over to basic health - nutrition, large fluid intake, purification etc. - is a prerequisite here. The perspiring itself can be done through physical exertion/fitness or sports. You start by drinking hot lime tree-blossom or elder blossom tea or a combination of both. Add to this some honey and brew it relatively strong (sweating tea), to be drunk before starting exercise. While exercising, dress on the warm side. Perspiring comes relatively easy as a result. Avoid cooling off. Afterwards rinse yourself with a washcloth and some cool water.

10.23 Passive perspiring (in bed)

So as to have an optimal effect, brush your skin dry and have an alternating hot and cold shower. You then have one to two cups of sweating tea (see below). Immediately following this, go to bed and apply a sweat-pack - one or two extra blankets - and wrap your head in a flannel cloth. Duration: 1 to 2 hours, to be stopped as soon as the pack cools off. After getting up, rinse your skin with cool water (washcloth) and dry yourself well. Put on clean underwear.

10.24 Sauna

The sauna, too, is a passive form of perspiring, together with quite similar techniques such as the Indian sweat lodge. Regular visits to the sauna keep you fit and your flow system in optimal condition. It relieves the kidneys and provides a cosmetic treatment of the skin in the sense of purification. In many countries, the sauna has become so common-place, that I need not go into it in great detail. When visiting the sauna for the first time, someone is always willing to explain the procedure. There are a few problems I would like to discuss below, which may arise during your visit to the sauna.

It may be, that you hardly perspire or else not at all. In that case you are advised to look at the various aspects of your flow system. It is often relatively easy to bring about some positive changes. In any case, you may start by drinking more fluids and leaving out - or cutting back on - coffee and tea. You may also have some sweating tea just prior to your visit to the sauna. Some people complain about a headache, nausea or heart-palpitations while in the sauna. This is mostly due to indigestion or „slagging" of the connective tissue! The heat in the sauna sets accumulated waste products in motion and these then enter the bloodstream, spread throughout the body and sometimes cause irritation to organs and functions. In such cases you are advised to have a water-enema prior to visiting the sauna. Superfluous toxins are thus, at least partly, eliminated from the body and rendered harmless. Note: If taking a sauna during a fast, avoid swimming in hot water or taking a hot jacuzzi. Your bloodpressure may become so low, that you will suffer from the consequences. Also the switching to cold water should not be too drastic.


R/ Flor. Sambuc.
Flor. Tiliae aa part.

M.f.spec. S. Sweating-tea of elderberry- and lime blossom. 3 Small teaspoons added to 3 cups of water. Add some honey and drink it while hot. Unless otherwise indicated: as a sweating cure. For the technique see above.


R/ Chinese green onion - fermented black beans broth

Use equal amount (10 gr. of each) of spring onion (the white part only) and fermented unsalted black beans, make a soup and drink it warm for sweating.

10.27 "Leach" bath

A hot bath with brushing, soaking the skin and thereby cleansing it. Not recommended for (atrophic) thin skins. See „A simple hot bath" in the section on „Combustion"

10.28 Salt shirt

Into 3 liters of cool water dissolve approximately 150 grams of sea-salt. Dip the shirt into the solution and - only when you are warm throughout - quickly put it on. Tightly wrap two blankets around it. Duration: 3/4 to 1 hour. Afterwards rinse off the skin with cold water and rub very well. The salt shirt extracts toxins from the body. Apply in case of a.o. blemished skin, pimples. It relieves the metabolism, diminishes strongly smelling perspiration, improves psoriasis and other kinds of skin disorders. Also used in case of measles, during the final phase with the rash: the „exanthema". In the past people used to say: „if only it (the exanthema) comes out, then there will be no complications", a very wise saying indeed.

10.29 (Green) clay

Clay is one of the best absorbing substances we know. Hence, its applications for local detox are manifold. Dissolve some clay in luke-warm water and stir it well until a cream-like substance is formed. Its usage ranges from insect-bites - mosquito’s, bee’s, lice etc. - (infected) wounds, ulcers, boils, distortions, swellings and beauty-masks. You may use the clay directly or wrapped in a gauze, hot, warm or cold. If an inflammation is acute use a cold pack, while in case of chronic ones use the hot application. Very often the patient will tell you what he/she likes most. Clay is usually produced from deeper layers in the earth, hence it is sterile. You don’t have to be afraid of worsening a boil for instance. Just continue the applications, until the pus has become fully absorbed, leaving a clean wound behind. In some countries you can buy readymade „clay in the tube", which is ideal for travelling, trekking, work in less hygienic situations etc. Highly recommended!

For treating your partner, a friend or client with a clay-pack, mix green clay - argyle - with cool or lukewarm water, until it becomes a muddy mixture. Place a flannel sheet, covered by a blanket under the person you are about to treat, and rub on the mixture from top to toe (of the body). The sheet and blanket are then tightly wrapped around the body and the clay-pack remains there for 20-30 minutes. The criterion is the drying of the clay. After - slowly! - rising, the clay is washed off under the shower. The clay-pack is very effective, not only in detoxifying and stimulating elimination, but also as a means of improving the blood-circulation and stabilizing the autonomic nervous system and ....... it is a pleasant experience.

10.30 The cantharide (capsicum) plaster

First you clean the skin thoroughly. Then put 10% camphor oil on the dry skin. Choose the size of the plaster according to site, disorder etc. Usually 5x5 or 10x10 cm2. In case of sciatica 5x20 and behind the ear 2x2 cm2. Everything should be well fixed in such a way, that it cannot move. Carefully remove plaster after 8-10 hours. A (big) blister with lymph-fluid inside appears. Try to keep underlying blister intact for one to two days. Protect the blister with plugs of cotton around it and a bandage. After one to two days sterile opening of the blister. Cover with hamamelis, chamomile or calendula (marigold) ointment. Its effects: painrelief, removal of local accumulation of waste, toxins, acids and pus, restoring motion. Painrelief is almost immediate, while other effects often come later. Indications: The cantharide-plaster is one of the most powerful applications for local detoxification. It may include cramps, inflammations, pain, neuralgia (e.g. trigeminus, neck, eyes, rheumatic facialis-pareses), glaucoma, rheumatic iritis, scleritis, tinnitis, otosclerosis, ear-catarrh, acute and chronic otitis media, tonsillitis, laryngitis and osteoporosis. Contra-indications: kidney-disorders. Patients should drink considerably during and after treatment in order to prevent kidney-irritation. Note: Sometimes the plaster will leave pigmentation in the application-site.

10.31 Pustula-provocation

By rubbing strong irritating oil - „pustulantia" - in the skin, a artificial rash with pustules and pus can be provoked. Before the skin has to be intensively „peeled" with a pumice stone, whereafter the oil is applied. A traditional recipe is:

R/ Ol.Croton 2,0
Acid.salicyl 0,1-0,2
Ol.Olivar.s.Ol.Arachid. ad 10,0-20,0
S. For external use only!

Rub the skin equally and quite strongly with the stone, whereafter a piece of cotton drenched in the oil is put on the skin, covered and fixed with bandage and plaster. Depending on the sensitivity and the desired effect, this pack remains on the skin for 5-10 hours. Mostly a pleasant heat, then burning, then the formation of pustules occurs. After removal, cover with calendula-ointment and again a bandage. The artificial inflammation will be over in a few days, after which it may then be repeated. The application is usually in the reflex-zone of the disorder. Very popular is a „general" treatment of the back, from the neck to the tailbone. Sometimes a metal round with multiple needles is used, in order to make superficial holes in the skin before the application of the oil (Baunscheidt-method). However, this appears to be rarely necessary. The interesting thing is, that the same technique is known in Chinese traditional medicine. Indications are: pain, cholecystitis, otitis, arthritis, (intercostal) neuralgia, sciatica, lymphnodes at the corner of the mandibula and boils. Do not apply in case of kidney-disorders. Drink a lot during and after the treatment.

10.32 Cupping

This technique - simultaneously developed in China and in Europe - in which a glass or plastic cup with sucker is put on certain places on the body, is used for causing local hyperemia and „hematoma", through sucking the „blood out of the capillaries". Its effect is therefore very comparable to guasha. It promotes local detoxification, resorption of waste, stimulation of the immune-system, relief of pain and reflex-effect to corresponding organs and functions. It is very effective for relief of peri-arthral swellings. Cups of various sizes are usually available. The edge of the cup may be rubbed with vaseline, in order to limit the damage to the skin. The advantage of the sucker is, that the vacuum in the cup can be varied. A bloody variety exist, in which the skin is first cut with a blade, before the cup is put on. The effect is both detox and a local bloodletting. Usually done by professionals only.

10.33 Fun-house

Three common household appliances may be very useful for domestic healing use. Especially, when you don’t have anything else at hand, these could be a perfect godsend. First there is your hairdryer. Provided it doesn’t blow toxic asbestos in your face, it can serve as an all-round source for local heat therapy. A second useful device is your iron. In all cases you may have a cold, shivering along the back, pain or stiffness, there won’t be a better relief, than ironing your body (with a thick towel in between). Last but not least, in case you need local pain-relief, soothing your back or treating related complaints, nothing could be more beneficial than working with a vacuum. Of course the mouth of the vacuum should be covered with vaseline and the sucking not too strong. You just work a couple of times from the tailbone up along both sides of the spine (not the spine itself). The effect is like the combination of cupping and connective tissue-massage. My wife and I have tried all three and became very enthusiastic. We even made jokes about starting a „fun-house" medical practice this way...You may try it.


10.34 Crying

Give in to crying, it eases your sorrow and emotions. Men in particular often have problems with it. Do not be ashamed, though. If you have a difficult time doing it, retreat to a quiet place. If things are very bad, do not hesitate to „burst out in tears". Tears also function as an emergency valve. Scientists have found tear water to contain (high) concentrations of toxins. Once the concentration exceeds certain limits, the mucous membranes of the eye - conjunctivae - becomes irritated and develop a chronic irritation or infection, (conjunctivitis). Suppression is to be avoided here; one should rather activate and stimulate the „major" ways of detoxification and elimination, such as via the bowels, liver, kidneys, skin and the menstruation. The emergency valves will then soon become superfluous. You may support the healing process externally and lessen the irritation, by for instance using a camomile-compress or drops.


R/ An onion

S. General application. Regularly cutting an onion so as to stimulate tears.


R/ Aqu. Chamomillae
Aqu. Foeniculi aa 150,0

S. Eye-water for eye-washes/compresses. 2-3 times a day in case of irritation and infection.


R/ Euphrasia officinalis

S. Eye-drops. 3 times a day 3-5 drops in water in an eye-glass. Wash the eyes. In case of infections.

10.38 Natural toothpaste

For the optimal upkeep of the mucous membrane of the mouth. Ordinary toothpaste contains chemicals - and often sugar! - which disturbs the mouth-flora or destroys it. A biological toothpaste free of fluoride is therefore recommended.


R/ Sneezing powder

S. Once a week - for a two-week period - sniff a small pinch of sneezing-powder and sneeze as much as you can. Aim is the cleansing of the head-area, such as nose, tear-ducts, salivary glands, paranasal sinuses and main sinus cavity. Some pepper will also do.

10.40 Nose-rinses

The mucous membrane of the nose is an important emergency valve (colds). At times, large quantities of toxins are accumulated there. It is therefore advisable to regularly cleanse the nose. This is best done by using physiological salt (0,9 % salt-solution). Simply inhale into the nostril and spit it out through the mouth. To be used each morning after rising.

10.41 Nosereflex-therapy (see fig. 6)

This is an extension of the nose rinse, but its effect is far more extensive and profound. The technique is not very complicated. Sit down in a chair and relax, supporting your head by a pillow. Take a cotton swab in your one hand - making certain that the cotton is securely fastened! - and a handkerchief in the other. Add one! drop of a mild etheric oil - dilute if too strong, it shouldn’t burn your nose - to the cotton and insert the swab into the nostril. You then carefully massage the mucous membrane of your nose with the swab, by making gentle rotating movements. By carefully probing, you will discover the various ways you can go. Never insert too deeply. A simple bleeding may occur. It is not a problem. Just move your head backwards for a while, while putting a cotton in the nose-opening. The drugstore has cotton with a bloodstopping chemical in it. You may even let it bleed for a while though, since this is a beneficial mini-bloodletting.

The probing may activate the sneezing-relfex. In that case it is important, that at the onset of sneezing, you quickly remove the swab from your nose and use a handkerchief. The sneezing not only cleanses the mucous membranes of the nose, but also those of the throat, paranasal sinuses and sinus cavity. Old infections are thereby released. There is an additional effect, too. The reflex-effect improves the blood-circulation in the brain - hence the clear, cool sensation in the head - and stimulates the pituitary, our most important hormonal gland. Nose-reflextherapy is rather unique, since few other methods can influence the pituitary. Nosereflex-therapy is therefore often used for all kinds of hormonal disturbances, especially those related to menstruation, such as amenorrhoe, irregularities, „pre-menstrual syndrome" and others. Note: Nose-reflextherapy is usually done as part of a cure - 2-3 times a week for 2-3 weeks - or now and then on its own. Not recommended in the case of (very) sensitive mucous membranes, chronic colds/hay fever or spontaneous bleedings. Note: An additional advice. By blowing your nose too hard - surplus pressure in the nose - the nasal discharge may run into the paranasal sinuses and clog up the small ducts with as a result an infection. It is advisable to blow your nose without pressure or else 'sniff it up'.

10.42 Ear-coning

Originally practised by various Indigenous Peoples, among them North-American Indians, ear-coning is slowly becoming popular among Western people as well. The cones are usually made of spiraled cotton made into a cone by bee-wax. The „patient" is laying confortably on a bed or massage table with the ear in a suitable position. A towel is covering the head. First the ear is cleansed by the „therapist" using some oil. Then the cone is lit at its upper broader end, while her or his finger closes the other end. After a short while smoke comes out of this opposite end. The cone is then carefully put into the ear-opening in such a way, that the latter is sealed off. The effect of the cone is attributed to both the smoke and the vacuum, caused by the flames on the other end of the cone. After being burned for eight or so centimeters the cone is taken out, the burned part is cut off with a pair of scissors and extinguished in a cup of water. With the accompanying stick the cone is then cleansed from its content. Wax is coming out mixed with ear-smear. The darker the substance the more ear-smear has been coming out. A second and a third round are following. You may prefer to do the other ear immediately after or at another time. In the last case the difference between the treated and the non-treated ear may be better felt. Ear-coning is said to help to cleanse the ear, the sinuses and the lymph system of the head.

10.43 Throat-wrap

The throat-wrap is an excellent remedy for throat-infections. A throat-infection means detoxification and elimination via the lymph-glands and as such is biologically useful. The throat-wrap may aid in the process. There are two options. The cold wrap, to be used for acute throat-infections accompanied by fever, and the warm wrap, to be used during convalescence when the fever has gone down. In case of doubt as to which wrap to use, it is left up to the patient to indicate this. The technique is simple. For the cold wrap, one simply applies a damp, cold cloth around the throat area and removes it as soon as it has warmed up (warmth-extracting effect). It is then replaced by new ones until the swelling, heat and pain have subsided. Note: Keep rinsing out the cloth under the tap, never in the same water, since toxins are absorbed into it. The warm wrap, also used in the case of hoarseness, mucus formation and swelling of the lymph-glands, has the opposite effect. It transmits warmth, with as a result an improved blood-circulation of the throat-area and an increase in the detoxification and elimination activity. The technique is the same as that of the Priesznitz-wrap. See the section on Lungs.

10.44 Vaginal discharge

Also referred to as a „cold down under". A simple white flow - glazed slime - is an emergency valve, aimed at relieving the metabolism. As is the case with a cold, a simple vaginal discharge is a useful phenomenon. It is indicative for our entire state of health and shows, where the flow system is at. To only treat it locally, is (once) again an error in thinking. Such cases clearly show the shortcomings of analytical reasoning - placing everything in separate categories - and the failure of the (resulting) specialist-oriented approach. Hence a regular joke during my lectures: „a specialist is one who knows less about his own specialism". When the emergency valve become chronic, because of too many waste products, insufficient all-round detoxification and elimination, the environment can become so diseased locally - „morass formation" - that it becomes the breeding-ground for bacteria, viruses, yeasts and single-celled organisms. The best-known is candida. Some are transmitted sexually, think of herpes for instance. The breeding-ground takes up a central position here. General rule: no breeding-ground, no infection. There are two things we can do. Either combat the bacteria, e.g. fungi etc. with anti-biotics, chemo-therapeutics or altering and removing the breeding-ground. It may be compared to a malaria plague. Here, too, one can either spread poison or drain the swamp. In the first case, success is temporary. The malaria-mosquitoes may be dead, but the swamp is still there. Sooner or later new mosquitoes will arrive and multiply, with as a result a flare-up of malaria. The other option is to drain the swamp. This latter logic is followed by flow system therapy.

Regulating the flow system is the most important step towards cleansing the „internal environment", in such a way that the emergency valve is rendered superfluous. Once the emergency valve is relieved, it can once again take up its original function, such as local cleansing, moistening, providing warmth and protection. The morass-dwellers can then no longer survive, since there no longer is a breeding-ground. Only at times, it is advisable to support the self-cleansing action of the mucous membranes with e.g. local application of whey and/or chamomile. Women may use a rubber balloon for vaginal irrigations. In rare cases - of persistent infection, like trichomonas - chemo-therapeutics are called for, while keeping in mind that in those cases, the partner too, should be treated.


R/ Flor. Chamomillae
Fol. Salviae aa 50,0

S. 2-3 Spoonfuls added to 1 liter of water and brewed. For a vaginal rinse (in case of vaginal discharge) so as to aid all-round detoxification. Fights infections. Optionally add a small dash of whey. The rinse may be done by using an enema. Note: An enema - available at chemists, health stores and pharmacies - has a special mouth-piece for vaginal rinses.



All measurements promoting menstruation are called emmenagoga. Apart from those mentioned below, there are a lot of them. Lovage, the well-known kitchen herb is e.g. one. Furthermore: senna, crocus, myrrh, juniperus (sabina), thuja, horseradish, onion, garlic, valerian, angelica, arnica and parsley. Ask your local health food store or chemist. Other therapies may include bloodletting, heat applications like hot footbaths with mustard, hot baths for the underpart, hot mud-packs, guasha, pustulantia at the inside of the thighs, periosteum massage of the pubic bone, stimulating vaginal remedies like myrrh and olibanum, bowel-cleansing and often, surprisingly enough: nose-reflextherapy (stimulation of the pituitary).

10.46 Combating cold feet.

Suffering from cold feet is a problem neglected by many. And yet many different kinds of disturbances are directly linked to it, as there are menstrual problems, PMS, bladder- and kidney infections, an irritable colon and insufficiency of the pancreas. It is therefore important to pay attention to your feet. The hot foot-baths have already been mentioned. These may also be „rising" in temperature hot baths, starting off with warm water and gradually adding hotter water, to which may optionally be added (1/2 dessert-spoon) of mustardflour or gingerpowder. 10-15 minutes is sufficient. Always end with a cold rinse (or submerging) and then put on warm socks.

Another possibility is the continuous wearing of warm woolen socks, regularly exercising, self-massage and the use of a hot waterbottle in bed. Do not use an electric blanket, because of the static electricity, which leads to night-time stress and restlessness. In addition, the massaging of the soles of the feet by rolling them across a corrugated bottle, which simultaneously serves as a reflex treatment and the walking on bare feet on grass, stones or rocks. The wearing of healthy sandals - with its latest variety, a metal earth-connection to avoid static electricity - is also recommended.

10.47 Enema’s or magnesium sulfate intake, taken a few days prior to the menstruation due date, enhances menstruation and reduces PMS complaints.

10.48 Pressure point-massage

Similar to the one discussed in „pelvic treatment". See intensive fasting and bowel cleansing cure. Balances menstruation.


R/ Herb. Gratiolae
Fol. Rutae
Fol. Sennae
Fruct. Foeniculi aa 25,0

M.f. spec. S. 1 Spoonful added to 1/2 liter of boiling water; brew for 20 minutes. To be taken in the morning on an empty stomach, one hour after rising. Monthly, 4 - 5 days, prior to the menstruation due date. Promotes menstruation. Note: May have an abortive effect.


R/ Ol. Hyperici (St. John’s Wort-oil)

S. Pure oil 2-3 times daily internally, 1 small teaspoon. 4 - 5 days monthly, prior to the menstruation due date. Promotes menstruation, relieves the „pre-menstrual syndrome" and depression. Note: May cause light-allergy to the skin in cases of extensive sun-bathing only - something to be avoided anyway.


R/ Rosemary etheric Oil

(to be taken internally).

S. 3 Drops daily for 3 days prior to menstruation. Promotes menstruation.


R/ Yi Mu Cao Gao

(Extract of Leonurus Sibiricus)

S. Promotes menstruation. For dosage see the label.

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