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Chapter 10.
(Part A)

Criteria of a healthy elimination

An optimal „elimination status": daily bowel movement, characteristics of the stool, regular fasting and bowel cleansing, drinking 2-3 liters water a day (urine production), deep breathing, regular sweating (exercise, sauna), well functioning mucous membranes and menstruation, plus emergency valves.

What can go wrong

Less than one bowel movement a day. Characteristics of the stool. Drinking less than two liters water a day. Impairment or absence of sweating, shallow breathing, disorders of menstruation, menopause. Chronic emergency valves, shift in the direction of chronic disease.

Elimination is the final part of our flow system, the ultimate link between our metabolic process and the environment. Every healing process spontaneously tends towards optimal elimination, hence the special emphasis of all biological systems of medicine on elimination. The major eliminating organs are the bowels, kidneys, lungs, skin, mucous membranes and the menstruation. If these ways of elimination function optimally, our body is cleansed as regularly as clockwork. When they do not function adequately or not at all, the insufficient cleansing may be the „plug which sets the wash-basin overflowing". We then suffer from „reverse pollution".

Practice shows, that if one or more of the above-mentioned ways of elimination - bowel movement, urine, sweating, breathing, menstruation - do not suffice, others tend to become overburdened. Waste products are simply trying to find their way out through different canals. If their concentration becomes to high, they may cause local irritation and even inflammation (reaction phase). Constipation with subsequent self-poisoning, for instance, can thus cause night-sweat, boils and pyelitis. Insufficient menstruation - such as through the use of the pill - may lead to colds, pimples and eczema. Depending on a number of contributory factors, everything is basically interconnected. The underlying logic, however, is always the same. In order to survive, the body must regularly get rid of its toxins and waste-products. In order to do so, it will resort to whatever means necessary: compensatory elimination via other ways, the opening of emergency-valves, the provoking of combustion through fever and inflammations or the dumping of waste in tissues and skin. If this does not succeed, the end of the road is chronic disturbance and illness. The „same reverse-poisoning" is then causing high blood-pressure, ischemia, PMS, migraine, asthma, psoriasis or cervical cancer.

That which the kidneys and bladder cannot eliminate, is eliminated via the bowels. What the latter in turn cannot
eliminate, passes via the lungs. When all these
combined, eliminate insufficient toxins, the skin
takes over. What the skin can no longer
eliminate ultimately leads to death.

Chinese medical concept, dating back 5000 years

(according to Dr. E. Rauch).


Medicine often appears to be very simple. It is when almost all eliminations are blocked. The patient then suffers from serious „reverse-poisoning". Hence, an „elimination-status" to be one of the most important things. The therapy equally is easy in such cases. Without doing anything else, you simply start promoting all the impaired elimination functions. The accounts of such patients show striking similarities. Stools ? „On the hard side, once every other day". Thirsty? „Not really". Drinking ? „Four cups of coffee, two cups of tea and a glass of milk a day, in the evenings soft drinks or a glass of beer". Skin? „Dry, I don't really perspire easily". Menstruation? „About a third; after all, I'm taking the Pill". Colds? „No, not often". Fever? „Can't remember when I had one. And besides, my job has provided flu-vaccinations over the past years".

A veritable drama underlies this everyday story. None of the eliminative ways functions here as it should. When, as often happens, this has been going on for years, the diagnosis „severe reverse-poisoning" can be given. There are often various other indications and symptoms which confirm the above. If in such a case the eliminative ways - bowel movement, urine production, breathing, sweating and menstruation - are set in motion - and that alone - a considerable improvement of one's state of health may be expected. In treating chronic disease, priority is always given to regulating the eliminations. As long as the gates to the outside do not open wide and reverse-poisoning is continuing, the recovery-process will not be set in motion. The main aspect of recovery is, after all, the detoxification and elimination of accumulated toxic and waste products. Only then can other factors be considered. Let me give an example. When you get a cold - emergency valve - flu, bronchitis, measles, simple tonsillitis, otitis media or another common acute infectious disease - since they are attempts of the body to clean itself up - start the following sequence. First reduce food intake or stop it altogether, for the body has to spend its energies on output, not input. Drink lots of fluids: water, herbal teas and fruit juices. This helps the toxins to leave the body more quickly. Then take a laxative, magnesium sulphate will usually do, to remove poisons from the bowel, accelerating the overall clean up. Additionally, drink a herbal sweating-tea and do some exercises - in case fever did not yet occur - or go to bed with an additional blanket in case of fever. If you do this in this sequence, most of the cases will be cured, before they have the chance to become worse. No „need" for aspirin or antibiotics whatsoever.

Quite a few people become so skilled in managing their own health, that they start helping others. First they do it just spontaneously, e.g. helping relatives and friends with minor complaints. Others are so enthusiastic, that they choose
natural health as part of their career. They all have been
telling me, that the flow system was crucial for their
further education

There are three „rules" regarding the regulating of the ways of elimination. Rule number one is: always start by examining the main excretory ways: bowels, kidneys, lungs, skin, mucous membranes and menstruation. These functions are not too difficult to examine. Everybody can do that. You simply ask: How often is there a bowel-movement? Normally it is once or twice a day. Is the stool well formed or hard or mushy? It should be well-formed with „normal" smell and color. Sour smell points towards fermentation of carbohydrates, too rotten smell is an indication of rotting of proteins. Meat eaters have a dark, vegetarians a light brown stool. What about urinating? Did you drink at least 2-3 liters of - healthy - liquid with a corresponding flow of urine? Can you easily sweat? Is your menstruation optimal and regular? If the patient doesn’t meet optimal standards, corresponding conclusions maybe drawn. Severe and prolonged „reverse-poisoning" then could be a major factor of the existing disorder or illness. The necessity for inner body cleansing is obligatory in such cases.

Rule number two is: take up on the first signal of the body. Do not wait until the process is under way, but be alert as to the first symptoms. For example: In case of migraine, the first signal may be nausea. Support this signal immediately by e.g. inducing vomiting. Not only will in most cases be there no migraine, but you will have also done something about the causes: stomach-distention, self-poisoning from one’s own bowels. Or you wake up in the middle of the night bathing in sweat. Do not wait until the next day with taking action. After all, at that particular moment all „doors" are open. What you should then do is take an enema, some sweating-tea and subsequently return to bed with a sweating-pack.

Nausea is not a symptom of migraine, but migraine "is a
symptom of nausea" (indigestion)

Thirdly: co-operate with the body, rather than going against it. If it wants to get rid of something, it usually is a positive sign, since healing processes spontaneously tend to move in the direction of elimination. Say, you have eaten something wrong and end up with abdominal pains and diarrhoea. The bowels are saying: a wrong substance has entered the body and has to be eliminated, so as to avoid causing further damage. The body, after all, is a useful organism, aimed at self-preservation which will „do its utmost" to protect itself as much as possible against damage of any kind. In the case of simple diarrhoea - dysentery and diarrhoea in children are another matter - it is erroneous to try to stop the „flow", a severe medical error indeed. The only way then, is to as soon as possible use a laxative or an enema.


Dr. F.X. Mayr, an Austrian, was one of the most original physicians of the twentieth century. He asked himself: „what are the criteria of a healthy abdomen?" Since nobody could answer this question, he started experimenting himself. He then considered every „civilization"-related chronic disease as being originated from bowel disorders, according to the old German saying that „the bowel harbours death". His strategy was to treat all diseases equally according to three principles. First the bowel should be given a rest, it should be cleansed and thirdly trained, given the fact that almost everybody is overeating with tired, dirty and weakened bowels as a result. Hence his „Kurplan" for everybody: fasting, daily intensive bowel cleansing and abdominal massage, mostly as a cure of several weeks. It worked like a miracle. By only improving bowel function this way, all kinds of disorders and illnesses improved or even entirely disappeared. During his lifetime - he himself became more than 90 years old - he already was famous. Many patients found their way to Karlsbad, now Tsechia, where he had his practice.

According to Dr. F. X. Mayr, chronic indigestion causes - with fermentation of carbohydrates and rotting of proteins as its main components - „enteropathy". Overburdening, fatigue and weakening not only leads to a delay in bowel-movement, but also makes the feces accumulate in the weakest, hypotonic and most distended parts. Because of insufficient peristaltics, the bowels are no longer fully cleansed and residues settle in all nooks and crannies. Moreover, when we drink insufficiently, as is the case with most of us, the residues may dry up and get stuck in the mucous membranes. The bowels may also be clogged up to such an extent, that only a new supply will set the mush of feces in motion. This, however, is not a healthy active bowel-movement, but rather a passive „pushed on" one. They may be very regular, even to the point of taking place right after meals. In such cases people say „that they can set their clock to their bowel-movement". The impediment will express itself in several other ways, though: via „normal" pushed on stools, constipation with hard stools or else mushy to diarrhoea-like stools. The latter is often seen in cases with dried-up crusts in the mucous membrane wall, while at the center, the mushy feces is eliminated from the body at a fast pace.

Enteropathy knows five logic sequences or stages: First the onset of digestive disturbances; secondly rotting of proteins and fermentation of carbohydrates with complaints such as constipation, mushy stools or both, flatulence, burping and e.g. heart burn (elimination phase); thirdly secondary symptoms as a result of the self-poisoning, such as „morning symptoms" like coated tongue, bad taste in the mouth, „dirt" in the eyes, early sputum, thirst, swollen fingers, stiff joints (dumping phase) or morning depression. In a later stage, it first may become nausea, food-intolerance, hypoglycemia, candida and parasites, with all kinds of allergies (reaction phase) as a consequence, with finally headache, migraine, circulatory problems, osteoporosis and many others (dumping phase). In the fourth stage, diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract will occur such as infections, diverticulosis, Crohn's disease, disorder of liver, gall and pancreas, ulcers of stomach and intestine (impregnation phase). Last but not least, as a consequence of decades of self-poisoning in combination with other causes: various chronic diseases (degeneration phase) ranging from asthma to cancer (neoplasm phase).


A nervous 34-year old man complains about pain in the lower abdomen. Examination quickly showed an irritable colon, a phenomenon usually not too difficult to diagnose. His family doctor had on several occasions treated him with spasmolytic medication, to no avail, however. On account of his psychological history he had, as a last resort, been referred to a psychotherapist. After seven months the patient had stopped treatment, since it did not help to solve his problem.

Further examination of the abdomen showed something else, however. The ascending colon - on the right side of the lower abdomen - proved to have distended and weakened. In regular medicine, this is an uncommon finding, like many others. The cause: overeating with retention of feces in the blind bag of the colon for far too long time. Note: It is on this side of the colon, that the bowels must work their contents upwards against gravity. Overburdening and fatigue only add to the difficulty of this process. Hence, this part of the weakened bowels - together with its contents - often rests on the bottom of the pelvis.

As a result, this „weak bag" becomes too heavy and therefore starts pulling on its suspensions in the right and left upper part of the waiste (right under the ribs), since the colon is attached on either side to „pulleys". The rest of the colon then becomes overstretched with as a result: the sloping part, on the left side of the lower abdomen, starts cramping up - also because of additional factors like sugar and sweets, smoking, coffee and stress (see fig. 8). Although the cause is the weak heavy right part of the colon, patient and doctor erroneously assume the left side to be the trouble, as the left side - the irritable colon - is where the pain is. The real cause though, is the hypotonic symptomless! right side! It is a good example of how, as in many other cases, the symptom is almost never the cause. In such a case, an anti-cramp treatment has an adverse effect, since the weakened right side becoming even weaker (hypotonic), heavier and starts pulling even more, which only adds to more cramp on the left side. A vicious circle indeed! The solution is simple: returning to the weakened right part its original tonus. In the case of above-mentioned patient, this was accomplished by sparing the bowels through a light diet, bowel-cleansing and periosteum-reflex massage of the right pelvis-ridge. Once the tonus on the right side was restored, the tension on the left side was automatically lifted. It relaxed. Thus, without working on the cramped part at all, since this was the effect not the cause, this itself became normalised in the course of the treatment.

The above will make it clear, that the appendix is not an as useless an organ as many of us would think. Located at the lower part of the blind bag, it is a recipient of all the toxins, which may have accumulated, once the colon has become a heavy distended bag, with the „seeping down" of dirt through the wall of the colon. Hence, this density of lymph nodes - filter function - at the bottom. Hence, the frequent occurrence of appendicitis. A relationship also commonly observed, is the dilated right colon, the chronic irritation of the appendix area, together with ovarial cysts and/or salpingitis, the inflammation of the ovarian tube. Everything on the right side! Why? Because the toxins from the colon are seeping down, passing the appendix barrier, irritating the female genital organs, which, in the case of colon distention, are just under it. Distended colon and ovary are sometimes almost touching each other! It is also clear, that considerable weakening leads to a widening of the „closing muscle" between the intestines and colon. The contents of the colon, with highly toxic substances, can then easily run back over to the intestines. The bowels then acutely react to the harmful substances. The chronic irritation, infection and allergy which may come as a result, is called „Crohn's disease". Once knowing this, effective treatment in most cases appear to be rather simple. Adjustment of nutrition, bowel cleansing, pro-biotic treatment and above all, periosteum and massage of the right colon are doing miracles. Many operations could be prevented this way. Thus, without knowing the actual causes, as outlined above, the name given to the disease as in so many other cases, is meaningless or even misleading. What is the meaning of „migraine", „asthma", „salpingitis", „Menière’s disease", „Crohn’s disease", „glaucoma" or even a „common cold" after all, if it not simultaneously includes a genuine understanding and subsequently a real therapeutic solution? What really matters, is insight into the dynamics of a disease. Most cases of „right-sided distention of the colon" with subsequent reflux, irritation, inflammation, allergy and auto-immune reaction („Crohn’s disease") - as I have already stated - are fairly easy to treat and cure.


(According to Dr. E. Rauch)

The 'spinach- or red beet-test' may provide insight into your bowel-activity. The bowel-passage normally takes 18-24 hours. In the case of digestive disorders, it may be either too fast or too slow, at times as long as 200 hours. A simple test can clarify this. On the first day, eat normally, except for all vegetables or vegetable juices. The second day, eat a normal breakfast and at noon-time a large portion of spinach or red beets as a side-dish. In the evening use milk-products only. If the bowel-activity is normal, the stools - as soon as the next day - will be either black-green or clear red, bordered by a yellowish colour. In many instances though, this takes place earlier, in cases with mushy or thin stools, or - much - later. In both these cases, you are suffering from - chronic - digestive disorders. Additionally the „Obermeyer-test" is indicative for the overgrowth of putrefactive (rotting) bacteria in the bowel and thus for intestinal self-poisoning. In those cases indican is formed and re-absorbed into the bloodstream, to such an extent, that urine levels are elevated. A simple lab-test can do this work for you.

The main risk-factor is a deregulated flow system: intake, processing, outflow. The so-called „risk-factors" - too high a cholesterol-level, fats, sugar etc. in the blood - are
only secondary factors


Many theories about the causes of the „chronic fatigue syndrome" are circulating nowadays. Mostly stress, viruses and environmental toxins are stressed. In my experience, these are indeed major causes; with one addition, however. Many patients also have a deplorable „elimination-status". Chronic reverse-poisoning also plays an important role, with accumulation of all kinds of waste. This may then become a breeding-ground for viruses. Note: no breeding ground, no viruses. By regulating the flow system - in particular promoting elimination - most people recover in a relatively short period of time.

Despite our ways of elimination often being in a deplorable condition, they are not a main topic of conversation, though. Talking about one's ways of elimination is regarded as „uncivilised". Moreover, we are not that concerned about „what comes out". Our culture is far more interested in „what goes in". In regular medicine, too, the importance of sufficient elimination - as an equal factor in the balance of input-processing-output - is hardly known, let alone appreciated. And yet, it warrants attention. In spite of the expansion of technological medicine, the tradition of bodily cleansing is flowering more than ever before. Since our environmental crisis, environmental and health awareness has subsequently grown, reason why „elimination" now becomes more and more accepted as a part of our modern ways.


One of the ways to monitor your progress in basic health, is to keep track of the so-called „risk-factors" in the laboratory. During the two months of your Personal Health Plan1, you should have this done twice: before starting the programme and precisely two months after finishing it. The improvement made is visible through the various indicators.

It may happen, though, that the cholesterol-level after two months of healthy living, has gone up instead of down. This is in itself not a bad sign, on the contrary. Because of the self-cleansing of the bloodvessels, quite a lot of cholesterol, which had accumulated in the bloodvessel wall and was attached to it, is now released into the bloodstream, so as to be subsequently combusted and detoxified. In such a case, the cholesterol-level is temporarily raised. Please continue your program in spite of this, and have your cholesterol-level again checked two or three months later. It will have certainly been normalized.


A 69-year old woman came to my practice, suffering from crural ulcer. For as long as three months, her family doctor had tried every possible means to „close up" her leg, however, to no avail. Why wouldn’t it heal ? To come to the point: because one is not acquainted with a crural ulcer. It usually occurs in elderly people with a thin (atrophic) skin and a damming of the blood circulation in the legs. Should such a person bump into a sharp edge, then a wound develops. Instead of healing fast, the wound starts festering - ulcerating - and will no longer heal. Such was the case with this woman. What was really going on? In the first place, she was overweight and had a „distended abdomen". The bowels had lowered to such an extent, that they were exerting pressure on the back-flowing venous blood circulation. The result: damming up - see the above on distended bowels - in the legs and the underneath part of the pelvis. Moreover, she was suffering from almost all the problems related to a deregulated flow system. The reverse-poisoning in particular stood out: chronic constipation with a bowel-movement every 5 days, very little fluid-intake with only coffee, tea and soup; a 30 years’ very dry skin with the inability to sweat, and for an equal number of years the absence of a fever. In such a case, the body „desperately" explores all means to get rid of the excess toxins. The leg-wound therefore immediately takes on a useful function and becomes an emergency valve! Wanting to heal the wound with outer means, thus becomes an error in reasoning. I immediately prescribed a healthy life-style with emphasis on the promotion of all major ways of elimination. After five weeks, the emergency valve was rendered superfluous and the „crural ulcer" healed by itself.


In the lungs, the exchange of gas takes place. Oxygen - and toxins - are taken from the air and carbon dioxide is eliminated. Due to the direct contact with the outside world, the lungs are very sensitive to irritation, think of the dramatic increase in coughing, bronchitis and asthma in major cities all over the world. The lungs are just as sensitive, though, to toxins from within. All too often do they become the emergency valves for these substances. Acute and chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma and finally emphysema testify to this. It is therefore important, that we see to the upkeep of our lungs. It is done by preventing the lungs to become emergency valves. Improving the other major ways of detoxification and elimination is usually quite sufficient. If not, additional elimination therapy for the lungs, like steaming, coughing syrups, chest packs and phytotherapy is needed.


The kidneys are the main eliminative organs for the waste products of protein-metabolism. Since, as we have seen, these waste products may cause grave damage inside our body - through accumulation - it is therefore of paramount importance, to adequately take care of our kidney function. Kidney function is a complicated one. It includes excretion of harmful substances and the balancing of bodily fluids and substances („homoiostasis"). The eliminative function consists of getting rid of urea, uric acid and creatinin, all three acid end-products of the protein-metabolism, purin-metabolism and muscle-metabolism respectively. In order to prevent these acids to form compounds with sodium - and therefore suffer unnecessary sodium losses - the kidneys produce ammonia, which instead couples itself to the acids, forming ammonia-salts. Additionally, the kidneys eliminate toxins neutralized by the liver, however it may have increasing difficulty to do so. The homoiostasis includes the water balance, the sodium-potassium balance, the acid-alkaline balance and the excretion of salts through osmotic pressure.

Nature lends us a helping hand here, since there are but a small number of factors which ask our attention. Avoiding protein-overconsumption and over-acidification through coffee and tea, an adequate combustion, detoxification and sufficient fluid-intake, are the necessary measures to be taken. The latter should amount to at least 2-3 liters daily for adults, consisting of water, low sodium mineral water and herbal teas. The teas should not contain senna or frangula. These are laxatives irritating your bowel. Fruit and vegetables juices, only fresh or wholesome, natural quality may be taken, provided they don not cause fermentation and gas. Avoid for this reason carbonated drinks. For additional flushing, a drinking-cure is sometimes necessary. It consists of a five day intake of more than 3 liters of fluids - water: chloride-free, low sodium, decarbonated - including 3-4 four big cups of diuretic tea. Orthosiphonis and solidago are the herbs of choice. Chinese medicine also has some very suitable ones, usually a combination of some. Additional flow system therapy is sometimes indicated. Hot packs on the kidney regions and especially guasha are among the most effective.


The skin is sometimes referred to as the „second kidney". A great many substances - acids! - which are insufficiently eliminated via the kidneys, find their way to the skin. Elimination via the skin is so important - through steaming and perspiring - that when the skin is completely covered with an impenetrable substance, the person involved dies within a short time. I have heard of such a case, involving a boy who was covered with a „golden" substance, since he had to enact an „angel". Perspiring may also take on distinct odours. For old and new! physicians this was - and is - an important indication for their diagnosis. Interestingly enough, men's perspiration usually has a more penetrating odour and is more profuse, than that of women. It is because men have one less major way of elimination and yet the same amount of waste products, apart from the hormonal factors involved. Their sweat is simply more concentrated, hence the smell. Therefore: that which in women is eliminated during menstruation, is in men eliminated a.o. via his perspiration!


A 37-year old male suffering from profuse strong-smelling perspiration, somewhat like ammonia (parasites?). His complaint was so serious, that it had led to a problem in his relationship. Upon examination, he proved to be eating approximately 200 grams of animal protein a day and he drank 6 cups of coffee, being a salesman with many clients to visit during the day. He has led a sedentary life - driving - and had a low combustion and detoxification level. On top of that, he suffered from the „unavoidable" constipation with additional hemorrhoids. After switching to a healthy life-style, with nutritious food, the protein-fasting according to Prof. Dr. L. Wendt, bowel cleansing, the avoiding of coffee and tea and a visit to the sauna once a week, his perspiration had become entirely odourless and far less profuse, after only two months of treatment.

Perspiring is an important eliminative function. Both active and passive perspiring exist. The first is set in motion through physical exertion, the second through relaxation and heat from the environment, like sauna. Many people have no problem perspiring during their youth, but start perspiring less as they get older. At times, they are hardly able to perspire at all, or stop sweating altogether. This can be explained a.o. by the fact, that through initial irritation of the sweat-glands by waste products, the perspiring at first is activated. However, if this chronic self-poisoning goes on for many years, the glands become exhausted and dried up at some point in time. The same applies to, and often runs parallel with, the sebaceous glands, in the early years a greasy hair and skin, later on the switch-over to a dry type. Overactivity thus being indicative for the first stages of disease (elimination, reaction phases), while the dry stage reflects the dumping, impregnation and degeneration phases.


The eliminations via the mucous membranes have been mentioned before. In the facial area these are tears and nasal discharge, in the genital area they are the vaginal fluids and the male smegma. The functions are a.o. the keeping humid and warm, the protection and cleansing of the entries of the body. If waste products accumulate, the mucous membranes quite often start acting as emergency valves, like dirt in the eyes, a cold, vaginal discharge and toxic smegma. It is of importance, to take good care of the mucous membranes and to regularly treat the causes: the self-poisoning of the entire body.


Snoring is one of the most disturbing problems. It may even be the cause of the breaking up of a relationship. Although they had been married for only two years, the couple was sleeping in separate bedrooms. Both husband and wife had „little hope for the future". Upon examining him, the husband proved to be overweight with many brown „liver"-spots and small red spots on his skin - called petechia - which are indicative of liver-overburdening. He had an unhealthy life-style: lots of meat, coffee, chips, smoking and alcohol. The snoring was at its worst, when he slept on his back. Insight in the flow system provides a better understanding of many forms of snoring. Patients with indigestion during the night especially, often show self-poisoning from the bowels. The body transports these toxins to the mucous membranes, with the „intention" of getting rid of them there (emergency valve). Through the dumping, the mucous membrane of the nose gets swollen, and the breathing becomes impeded. Regulating the flow system often - as you now will understand - offers a solution. The positive effect on various patients in my practice was striking.

Once somebody asked me as a joke: „What do cystitis and a cold have in common?" To his surprise I gave him the following answer. In both cases, there is accumulation of waste and toxins in the mucosa (the inside). This causes irritation to the capillaries, which are therefore in a permanent contraction. In this stage you don’t feel there is anything wrong. If exposed to cold though, the capillaries will react with more contraction, to such an extent, that they exceed the limit of their possibilities and become acutely paralysed. The vaso-constriction suddenly turns into a vaso-dilatation. The capillaries become wide-open. As a consequence, the accumulated toxins will be mobilized and easily find their way out. In case of a cold this is the nasal catarrh, in case of the bladder the non-bacterial cystitis. The amazement is not, that it works like this - its logic is self-evident - but that hardly any physician could have told you this.

The key to recovery is held in the understanding of interconnectedness. Medical system-theory -
flow system - can lead the way here


The times, that menstruation exclusively fitted the category „hormones" may be over, but a great many women still underestimate the value of sufficiently menstruating. Of course, they are not very much supported by physicians, among whom still quite a few consider menstruation as „useless". It is amazing, that once your „eyes are blurred" by some kind of (male!) prejudice, you even fail to have a proper judgement about a vital function like the period. Isn’t it logic, that every month the female blood is „detoxified" - elimination of old blood with the subsequent stimulation of new blood by the bone-marrow - in order to create an optimal reception for a possible foetus? „Menstruation" means rejuvenation of the female body, it is part of the great cycle of birth and death in nature2. In medical system-theory, menstruation is ranked with the other excretion organs like bowels, kidneys, the skin, mucous membranes and the lungs. In case of chronic self-poisoning and „slagging" of the connective tissue, the blood is at times also polluted, sometimes to a great extent. The mucous membrane in such cases, then functions as the „waste bin", where other eliminations fall short, and is therefore a permanent emergency valve. Note: Such is also the case with male prostate-fluid and with smegma. These, too, often contain high concentrations of toxins.

The emergence of cervical cancer, can thus be better understood. In the presence of too many waste products and toxins in both tissues and blood, coupled with a poor functioning of the combustion, detoxification and eliminative organs, the mucous membranes of the uterus and the vagina become emergency valves. Since the „supply" of toxins is unlimited, the cervix is permanently irritated by high concentrations of all kinds of poisons, a number of which cause cancer, partly from environmental pollution. This emergency valve may or may not first manifest as discharge and „impure" menstruation. Both are usually indicative of a general metabolic disorder. Treating vaginal discharge locally, is an error in thinking. If the cervix is furthermore damaged by other factors, like a coil, abortion, curettage, hormonal changes due to the use of the Pill, intra-vaginal medication or rinses, spermicidal cream, sex or the often toxic semen fluid of the male, the chronic irritation (via Pap 1 and 2) may sooner or later lead to malignant growth. A yearly check-up is of course recommended. Preventive hygiene - for both partners! - by regulating the flow system, is better.


A 43-year old woman had been on the Pill for 12 years. Besides, she was suffering from chronic discharge, which every so often was infected with trichomonas, a smelly, green inconvenience. She had been treated for this with allopathic medicines before. Examination showed chronic constipation and very little fluid-intake, mainly coffee, tea and alcohol. She smoked approximately 10 cigarettes a day and ate a lot of junk-food. Recent examination showed Pap 3 (Papaniculao), which is an indicator for a severe degree of degeneration of the mucous membrane of the cervix. Six months after switching to a healthy life-style and stopping with the Pill, her 'Pap" had normalised.

Upon regulating the menstruation - from too little, too late, irregular - we often come across a contradiction: when we are very keen to make it work, we fail, comparable to „trying hard to fall asleep". The „wanting to" creates so much stress, that the brain-centers become blocked and as a result nothing happens. In the case of insufficient menstruation, it is advisable to do something about it, be it without concern and tension, to relax and go about it in a carefree way. The criteria for insufficient menstruation, are the amount of blood, the composition, the smell, the color, the regularity and the frequency. During the second and third day, the use of five sanitary towels/tampons a day may serve as a guideline. Too much black/brown blood - which is normal during the last day - a strange smell and clotting a.o. are indications that the flow system is overburdened. In such a case, it is recommended to stop taking the Pill, of course after carefully weighing the advantages and disadvantages, to use hot footbaths, to which is added a bit of mustard-flower or ginger-powder, since cold feet block the menstruation via reflexes, hot sitting baths e.g. for 5 -10 minutes twice a week, and the nose-reflex therapy (see 10.41), the latter which is often very effective. You may also take menstruation-promoting remedies: emmenagoga, see Optimal Vitality Care in this chapter (10b).

The bleeding may of course also be too severe. Very often are bleedings the emergency valves for the elimination of excess waste products. The bringing into balance of the flow system, is often all that needs to be done, in order to regulate too much menstruation. Should this, over a longer period of time, not succeed, then consult a physician. It has also been proven, that a decline in menstruation is directly linked to the constitution. By bringing the latter into more balance, success is often attained. This may be done by e.g. losing weight in case of obesity, a tonifying treatment for „asthenic", long, thin types, blood-lettings for plethoric persons, hot - ofuro and Schlenz - baths for people suffering from chills and those who never had a fever, and relaxation-therapy for those who are stressed.


Many patients consider a doctor of biological medicine as a last resort for their problems. In the course of time I started noticing, that quite a few „endometriosis" patients frequented my practice. Endometriosis is a condition, in which tufts of uterine mucous membrane appear to be outside of the uterus, while reacting similar to the hormonal cyclus. Hence, monthly bleeding in the abdomen for instance occurs, which causes quite some discomfort and pain. Since the regular treatment consists of hormones, a number of patients tried an „alternative" solution. Unfortunately, biological medicine neither has a definitive answer to this problem. The reason, why I do mention it here, is that I „discovered", that many of these kind of patients, had been doing intensive sports when they were young. Especially gymnastics, athletics and dancing were particularly striking. Since that time, I have my own little theory about the causes of this disease: damming up by internal tampons with reflux of menstrual blood containing uterine epithelial cells back through the Fallopian tubes, straight into the abdomen, due to excessive training, running and jumping, especially those exercises, in which the body goes upside down (handstand)! Isn’t the Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), which may cause death, also an effect of damming up of toxic menstrual blood, due to internal tampons after all? To what extent is „sex during menstruation" playing a role too? Maybe some research into this important matter, could give women an answer.

The importance of a healthy menstruation is especially apparent during the menopause, also called climacterium. Partly due to hormonal changes and in part to the omission of the monthly menstruational cleansing, all kinds of complaints or diseases may suddenly crop up. In the light of the flow system, this may be explained by the fact, that due to the „reverse poisoning" - because of the stopping of the menstruation - one is easily prone to illness: the occurrence of emergency valves, „hot flashes" as an attempt to burn accumulated waste - a sign of intensified combustion: reaction phase! - and the dumping-phase like old-age spots, arteriosclerosis, stiffness of joints and fibroids3 , they all testify to this. What also stands out and emphasizes the importance of the regular cleansing is, that in the menopause one is directly headed towards chronic illness (cellular phases). Osteoporosis, rheumatism, high blood-pressure, asthma, a coronary, gall- and kidney stones and many others, have more chance to occur. There is hardly anything more rewarding in this case, than regulating the flow system and countless patients will confirm this. For instance balancing the flow system is the best remedy to make the annoying hot flashes superfluous! Women here have (again) a clear advantage over men. While the former automatically become warning signals, with the subsequent chance to re-adjust their life-style, the men on the other hand keep running, until „completely out of a sudden" they will have their high blood pressure, heart attack or stroke.

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