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Chapter 11.
"Beauty from within"

Criteria of a healthy beauty

To be yourSelf. To have feeling contact with the body. To be balanced. Radiant appearance. Additionally: healthy face, skin, bodily posture and humoral diagnostic criteria.

What can go wrong

To be identified with the mind, worries and problems. Separated from the body. Deficiencies, overconsumption of animal protein, self-poisoning from the bowel, acidification, environmental toxins.

Our body, in particular our face, mirrors our state of health. Oppositely, through flow system therapy, we are able to improve and beautify the body’s appearance. Beauty and health are thus two sides of the same coin. In short: true beauty is the result of an optimally functioning flow system. I refer to this as „beauty from within". In flow system therapy, so-called humoral diagnostic characteristics are used to determine the state of health. In the face, the color, the blood circulation, the condition of hair and skin, its glance, pigmentations, wrinkles and elasticity are all significant. Furthermore, the condition of the tongue - tongue diagnosis - of the nails, abdominal diagnosis and bodily posture are equally important. Especially, the abdominal examination gives very valuable information. It is much more extensive than doctors learn at universities. While on the one hand, the physical appearance very much supports flow system diagnostics, the latter may, in its turn, very often helpful in beauty treatment. Because of this, at a time I was both a doctor and beautician. I found it very enjoyable, since it definitely „broadens one’s vision". An important aspect of a well-functioning flow system, is a good all-round tissue-tone. This is visible in tight, round and firm contours of the skin. In case of optimal vitality, the tissue above the cheekbone can hardly be lifted from its base. With the aid of your insights in the flow system, you yourself may now design your own beauty-profile.


The so-called humoral diagnostics includes the following. First we look at the color of the (facial) skin. This could be pink in case of health, pale in case of a first stage of poisoning, blueish in case of lack of oxygen in the blood, grey and brownish as signs of self-poisoning, yellow in case of liver-overburdening and green as a sign of gallbladder disorders, the latter often confirmed by yellowish conjunctivae. Pale ones indicate anaemia. An irritation of the conjunctivae reflects an emergency valve, often seen together with a „tear lane", a brownish line from the eye to the side of the face, indicating dirt coming out. Iridology of course, gives a lot of information too. The tonus of the face ranges from normal to spastic, „swollen" with grooves to an atrophic appearance with wrinkles, the sequence reflecting the development towards chronic disease. Diagnostics of the hair includes normal, greasy, dry and deficiency/degenerating splitting hair. Like the skin, which very often also goes through stages of normality, humid, greasy and then a dry condition. In the beginning toxins are stimulating both the sweat as well as the sebaceous glands, resulting in more secretion. Acid smelling sweat indicates over-acidification or lactose-intolerance, a fecal smell reflects protein-rotting in the bowel with self-poisoning, while ammonia smells are usually related to liver-overburdening or the presence of parasites. However, after ten, twenty or more years these glands become exhausted, the explanation for the almost overnight change into the incapability of sweating and a dry skin. The nails are giving information about bloodcirculation, mineral balance, acidification and problems with the digestion. Paleness indicates vaso-constriction or anaemia, blueish ones reflect oxygen-shortage in the blood, white spots are usually the expression of acid-accumulation or/and calcium shortage, longitudinal lines indicate deficiencies, while diagonal lines reflect a self-poisoning from the colon. All are indicators of the degree of deficiency, self-poisoning and chronic disease. The tongue is an important indicator as well. It offers many diagnostic possibilities, particular in Chinese traditional medicine. The color, the thickness and the location of the film are among the criteria. Like the footsoles the tongue is a reflection-zone in which all digestive organs are projected. White film in the front middle part usually indicates indigestion of the stomach, while brownish film on the behind is related to a dirty colon. Smells coming from the mouth, the skin and the menstruation all add to the overall picture. Last but not least we do the so-called „dermography". By scratching the skin with equal pressure, the skin may react with paleness, redness or deep reddish-blue. Which gives information of the stage a person is in. It is a phenomenon often seen in guasha therapy. The spots which react with deep blue coloring, reflect chronic disturbances in the corresponding reflection-zone. Spontaneous red spots - petechiae - are a sign of liver-overburdening though, while „liver-freckles" are an indication of poor detoxification of the cells.


A 47-year old woman exhibited early old-age symptoms. Her face was fallen-in and quite wrinkled, and she had an atrophic, thin, dry and sensitive skin. The elastic tissue of her breasts, abdomen and the inside of her thighs had partly disappeared. After a year of „inner beauty-treatment", by regulating the flow system, the daily use of a soft cheese curd-linseed oil porridge, total body linseed oil massage and a number of natural cosmetics, she was like reborn, with a lively expression, shining eyes and a much fuller rosy face, less dry and with fewer wrinkles. Her breasts had regained some of their original form and the sagging of her thighs had disappeared.

The normal facial skin, of someone of the white race, is rosy in color, oval in form with a firm, smooth tissue free of wrinkles. In good health this won’t hardly deteriorate. However, when the blood is flooded with toxins, e.g. through smoking, self-poisoning from one’s own bowels or environmental pollution, the capillary wall gets irritated and contracts, together with the elastic fibers of the skin. Look at youths who just started smoking! Through the contraction the face is pale, and takes on a more pinched form. You very often will find this paleness around the mouth. Once this poisoning becomes chronic, especially when acids accumulate, the capillaries can no longer cope with keeping the tension and sooner or later the contraction turns into its opposite, with as a result a permanent paralysis, giving you a reddish complexion (rosacea). Subsequently, the subcutis (connective tissue) starts swelling up - this swelling being called a „gel" - making the tissue looser and weaker. Exterior factors like cold, wind, rain and environmental pollution only add to the problem.

Working with beauty has given me a surplus in work satisfaction. Beauty gives health the extra dimension of playfulness and pleasure. The nicest thing to see, is outer and inner
beauty having a positive feed-back towards
each other

Until this point, no permanent damage has been afflicted. Through timely measures, everything could still be turned around. However, should the poisoning continue over a longer period of time, one reaches - through further accumulation - the stage of chronic disease. This is expressed in the face by loss of elasticity, substance and glance, with as a result a dry, loose, thin, impure, sensitive and wrinkled skin. Pigmentations may start appearing. Crucial is, that these changes are directly related to the condition of the flow system, rather than ascribing it to the „process of ageing". There are still many elderly with a very good looking, which always reflects an optimal vitality. Especially the logic sequence of the condition of the skin: from the optimal, the pale, the swollen and the degenerative one, gives us a very concrete model for making your beauty-profile. Once we gain insight into the causes, we can subsequently proceed along the right path. Of main importance in it all, is the regulating of the flow system. The „beauty from within" may then be supported by the use of biological cosmetics.

During the last decades, great progress has been made in the scientific research of the ageing-process, regeneration and rejuvenation. That there are many sides to it, is certain. What stands out is, that ageing is a very „personal" process. Some people are old and physically weak at age 70, others of the same age are as healthy as their much younger fellow human beings. The latter may rightfully call themselves 70 years young. Surprisingly, the research shows, that the key is found in the cell-metabolism a.o. the balance between build-up and decomposition.

In all of nature, there is a constant balance between decomposition and rejuvenation. Seasons come and go, every moment millions of cells in our body perish, together with an equal number that comes into being. There is a definite balance between the dying off of the old and the emerging of the new. The former is a prerequisite for the latter. Only when the old has sufficiently been torn down and eliminated, can there be room for the forming of the new and for regeneration. Some researchers say, that the dying cells generate a substance - necro-hormone - which sets in motion and stimulates the development of new cells. If the old cell does not completely perish, the hormone is not released and optimal regeneration does not occur. „Rejuvenation" is therefore synonymous with the promoting of sufficient decomposition!

Also the old parts of each cell are constantly replaced by new ones. The decomposition of these is carried out by „small cellular organs", called lysosomes. A lysosome consists of a large number of different enzymes, with a high decomposition capacity. The end-product of this activity is lipofuscine or old-age pigmentation. This toxic waste must constantly and thoroughly be eliminated from the cell, so as to keep the cell from perishing in its own waste (see fig. 10). When our flow system is in balance, all takes place smoothly: the toxic waste is included in the detoxification-process, the transport and the elimination. If these mechanisms are entirely or partly blocked, however - such being the case, as we have seen, to a greater or lesser extent with all of us - then the cell has a waste problem. Lipofuscine accumulates in the cell and threatens to smother vital functions. As we become older, the removal of waste from our cells tends to become even more difficult, because of the diminishing quality of the lysosomes.

(Premature) ageing is suffocating in your own waste

In such a case, all the cell can do, is to take emergency measures. The aid of the hormonal and nerve-regulations is called in. These can see to it, up to a certain extent, that emergency valves are now and again opened, so as to allow the cell to get rid of its toxins in one go. These emergency valves can be of a different nature, depending on the state of our flow system. At times, the detoxification-wave is expressed in a cold, or a flue, a sweating or vaginal discharge, at an older age, the waste, in the absence of sufficient active detoxification-capacity, is dumped in the skin. The fact, that the dumping of old-age pigmentation is often an emergency valve - an acute tidal wave - is witnessed in the emergence of the brown pigmentation spots - old-age or liver-spots - in our skin in the course of one single night. An often-heard observation is, that „this spot wasn't there yet yesterday". The validity of decomposition and the elimination of waste are beyond us and not very popular subjects. We tend to associate regeneration, quality of life and prolonging life merely with „the preservation of life". What we do not realize, however, that it is linked to the continuous breaking down of the old.

Death (of the old) is life. Life is a process of (continuously) dying and being reborn. When we hold on to (the old) life, we die


Regularly putting aside half a day or a day for yourself, relaxing and indulging yourself, may provide a veritable oasis amidst the pressure of everyday life. When we take care of our flow system in such a way, we are guaranteed optimal regeneration of body and mind. Start with once a month and if possible extend this to once a week. Definitely recommended!

Let me tell you how I used to do my own weekly small „home health retreats". In the morning after rising, I first did my oil-chewing, followed by 20 minutes of jogging. I then had my glass of clay-water with half a teaspoon of vitamin C powder. After that I did my meditation, followed by a breakfast, consisting of fruits only. During the morning, I was silent or listen to music, drunk herbal tea and water, read something relaxing and went for a long walk. After lunch, usually consisting of a salad, some soup, rice or noodles with vegetables, I had a one-hour nap in bed together with a liver-pack.

Later in the afternoon I went for 20 minutes of jogging while slightly overdressed, after first having had an enema, two cups of sweating-tea, lime- or elderberry blossom. When I returned home - usually sweating - I quickly rinsed off my body, using a washcloth and some water and subsequently prepared a warm bath, to which I usually added juniper-berry bath-oil which detoxifies and stimulates the blood flow of the kidney. After having spend 20 minutes in the bath, my wife rubbed my kidney-area with a spicy oil, after which I went to bed and applied a sweat-pack consisting of one or two extra blankets and my head wrapped in a flannel cloth for about 1-2 hours. During the day I drunk a lot. In the evening I ate very little, also since I was not very hungry: either some steamed vegetables, a cup of soup and/or rice crackers. At the end of the day I felt cleansed and fit, very rested and clear. I usually retired early.


11.1 Seborrhoea

Since a greasy skin or seborrhoea consists of the production of excess skin fat by the sebaceous glands, we can eliminate a number of irritants by just regulating the flow system. The irritants may be: food-chemicals like colorings, flavorings, preservatives or agricultural pesticides, the wrong kind of fats e.g. hidden fats, frying fat, margarines and animal fats, especially pork fat!, hormones in food like meat, chicken and eggs, coffee and tea, tobacco, sugar, alcohol or/and external factors like soap, shampoo, foams and bath oils. Besides, the irritants from one's own body: self-poisoning from one's own bowels, insufficiently combusted protein decomposition products (acids), insufficient elimination in particular through menstruation with reverse-poisoning, hormonal and psychic disturbances. Depending on the individual, several flow system measures can be taken. Change of nutrition is absolutely central to this. Next come bowel cleansing, a drinking and a sweating treatment. The external treatment then consists in a.o. intensive cleansing of the skin and the removal of fat by emulsions and clay masks and chamomile treatments for disinfection. Leave out any chemical soap, shampoo or cosmetics.

11.2 Cellulite

Cellulite or panniculosis is a well-known problem, which can be very bothersome. It occurs in vital places: thighs, abdomen, hips as well as the upper arms. The symptoms are a thickened skin, a change in consistency - hard, coarse, fattening - of the connective tissue, a lower temperature in these parts, pale, dull or yellowish color and discomfort upon taking hold of the tissue. Regulating the flow system is, once again, the basis of the treatment, especially because the collagen storage from the protein-metabolism plays a major role here. Protein-fasting therefore is often indicated. Cutting out coffee and tea is a must. Greatly increasing the fluid-intake as well. Hot baths with ofuro- or Schlenzbath will often show major improvement. Physical exertion, exercise or sports followed by sweating-cures are indispensable. In addition, local connective tissue-massage - may be done at home using a rolling pin or brush - may be recommended, local heating-up of the area using hot water-bottles and local detoxification through hot linseed compresses. For this purpose cook the linseed, wrap it in a piece of linen and place it as hot as possible - though not so hot, that it draws blisters - on the leg and wrap a towel around it; to be left on for 20 minutes and done twice a week. Additional draining of fluid through lymph-drainage of the groin, and abdominal massage, so as to combat the distention of the intestines, as well as the damming of the venous reflux in the legs.

11.3 Ageing skin

The problem of the ageing skin is, that it is both very vulnerable, thin and sensitive, as well as polluted and dry. Because of the pollution, it should undergo a drastic cure and yet the other factors make this impossible, for it is thin, vulnerable and sensitive. A careful approach is therefore called for. It is best to start by balancing the flow system - the main irregularities which differ from person to person - and see which effect this has on the skin. To change your food-pattern too drastically, e.g. strictly vegetarian right away, to undergo a bowel cleansing-cure, to take hot baths, to use a salt-shirt - for draining poisons - or connective tissue massage are definitely not recommended. Even if your tissue and skin contain an excess amount of collagen - through protein overconsumption - it has to be realized, that to the vulnerable skin it is its main supportive tissue. By decomposing it - which would well benefit your health - your skin may further sag. Note: a sagging skin with wrinkles, also in normal cases, sometimes occurs in the course of a fast or bowel cleansing-cure. In by far most cases, this is due to the loss of fluid, though. After switching to a regular food-pattern, things are soon back to normal.

11.4 Old age or liver freckles

The Personal Health Plan is the base and starting point here. Do all ten recommendations during two months. Additionally alkaline therapy will help. Especially the alkaline ointment, the leach bath with bathing soda and the intake of a long term alkaline powder. See 9.6, 9.8 and 9.12. Logically, the sooner you start the treatment th more promising it will be.

11.5 Overweight

Last but not least: overweight. One of the main emotional problems is, that we do not accept ourselves as we are. We are used to being told, that we are not good enough as we are, and therefore should become „someone else". Profound self-rejection is the result. Many women are projecting this problem in „their figure". Fighting against ourselves becomes "ritualized" in fighting our weight. Once you recognize this as the underlying problem, then „losing weight" is not the right solution. It is better to first start working on loving yourself more. Note: By regulating the flow system, your weight slowly but surely will be normalized. That is to say: overweight people start losing weight and those who are underweight start gaining, because the bowels improve and therefore absorb more. If you want to do some home-work for weight-loss, the following will be certainly beneficial to you. It promises weight-loss by eating „more". You simply compare two lists, one food calorie list and one which indicates the content of fiber or bulk of various nutrients. The „trick" is, that you choose those food with both lowest calorie and highest bulk. The volume of the foods will soon saturate your hunger feeling, while simultaneously keeping your calories-intake as low as possible. Of the chosen food - of course partly raw and possibly organic - you may eat as much as you want. You may then compile your own recipes and share them with others. It is really for people who have fun in finding things out themselves. It works! I have seen people loosing considerable weight in only a couple of weeks. The greatest gain - of flow system therapy - however, is that together with your physical balance, your psychic functions also stabilize. Note: Not too much fat tissue, but excess of protein storage is health-threatening!

11.6 Sun-bathing

Because of the depletion of the ozone-layer and the subsequent higher risk to be exposed to either harmful UV B or A, people nowadays may tend to forget the beneficial effects of being exposed to sunlight. Moderate exposure is undoubtedly beneficial though. It promotes a healthy appearance of the skin, a cleansing of impurities, sweating, improvement of bloodcirculation, reflex-stimulation of internal organs and a balance of the autonomous nervous system. Research has shown, that sunlight promotes production of red and white bloodcells, speeds up the frequency of the pulse, a deepening of breathing and stimulation of metabolism. Moreover, it is stimulating for the nervous system, intensively supports wound-healing, not to speak of the activation of vitamin-D in our body. The indications for medicinal sunbathing are general weakness, asthenia, anemia, depression, rachitis, rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, sciatica, crural ulcer, scrofulosis (tendency towards enlargement of lymphnodes), bronchitis, chronic TBC and women’s diseases.

Now the crucial factor is the dosage. Needless to say that nowadays the risks of a malignant melanoma, wrinkles, sagging and the speeding up of ageing are alarmingly higher, than only 20 or 30 years ago. Therefore the following recommendations. Exposure to sunlight should always be very moderate. One should avoid the hours between 10 am and 3 pm. The effect of the sun radiation is much more strong at high altitudes (less absorbing atmosphere), on the water, at the beach and a sandy area (reflection). You have to get used to more sunlight at a very slow pace, first 10, then 20, 30 to 40 minutes over a period of 2 weeks. Especially people with a red or fair complexion should be over-cautious indeed. Needless to say, that in cases where an increase in moles is observed, one should drop the exposure altogether. Protection through sunblocking creams and milks is a hot issue. Do at least use one containing zinc oxide, but don’t expect to be protected. The same is true for sunglasses. Unless their UV A and B protection is „guaranteed", sunglasses may cause more harm than good. Because of the dark glass, the pupils of the eye tend to become more open, inviting even more UV coming in than without them. Cataract and retinopathy may be the harmful effects in the long run. A sunhat of course would be a good idea. Because UV may release free radicals, the intake of anti-oxidants is recommendable. Of course the better your general condition - e.g. by doing flow system therapy - the more resistant you will be. Last but not least: protect your children well! Note: the depleted ozone-layer has another side-effect. Cosmic radio-active radiation more easily finds its way to the earth. Especially those who fly a lot, like pilots and airhostesses are increasingly endangered.

An „exotic" appendix to this chapter may be the beneficial effects of sunburn. It is not at all recommended, but it shows the logic of flow system therapy in a quite unexpected way. Like local heat-application and guasha, a 1-2 degree of sunburn shows to be an effective „emergency valve" in various chronic conditions. Before our era of ozone-depletion, patients with sciatica, chronic (poly)arthritis, gastritis, scrofulosis, eczema and psoriasis were purposely exposed to sunburn. Especially those who suffered from extreme acidification, showed beneficial reactions to it. The limited sunburn caused local hyperaemia, burning of the skin and blisters filled with (toxic) lymph-fluid. Such treatments were a positive provocation from the chronic stage (impregnation, degeneration phase) of the disease towards the reaction phase. A very logic conclusion indeed! For the sake of completeness the practice with the sunburn glass should be mentioned. Burning of skin-disorders, moles, ulcers, boils, skin parasites and malignancies were successfully treated with the burning glass in remote country-side areas. It is probably not accidental, that these practices were common in various cultures simultaneously, like e.g. in Central-Europe as well as in China.

11.7 Lymph-drainage of the face

The condition of your skin is indicative a.o. for the degree of pollution from within and without. The lymph-system takes proper care of the elimination of toxins from your face. With a facial massage, it is therefore important that the massage takes place, according to the way of natural drainage of the lymph-system. It is the treatment often given by beauticians. When you are about to have such a massage, realize that living on fruit during the morning, an enema (see „Elimination") and oil-chewing - to be begun a week prior to the massage - will greatly enhance the effect.


R/ Biological cosmetics

S. Natural components only, hypo-allergenic, not tested on animals. Better get rid of bad smells through combating the causes and promotion of eliminations. Generally never suppress sweating. Use locally only natural deodorants.

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