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Chapter 7.

Criteria of a healthy combustion

Constitutional type B (heat surplus) according to Prof. Dr. H. Lampert. Physical exercise. Good heat regulation. Deep breathing. Relaxation. Good environment with regard to oxygen supply. Hot baths. Natural treatment of fever.

What can go wrong

A-type (heat deficit) according to Prof. Dr. H. Lampert. Sedentary life. Central heating in the home/workplace. Stress. Shallow breathing. Suppression of fever and inflammations. Flu vaccinations. Environmental (toxic) environment. Electrical blanket.

Sugars, fats and amino-acids are combusted in the cells. This generates energy for cell-metabolism and heat. Absorption and combustion of nutrients are subject to a number of conditions. In order to be absorbed by the cells, the cell-membrane - through which the substances must find their way - must function well. This membrane consists of combinations of amino acids from proteins and fatty acids from fats. For the optimal functioning of the membrane, the nutrition-proteins and -fats must therefore be of the highest quality. Through the daily intake of organic quality food, e.g. tofu, soft curd cheese and cold-pressed vegetable oils we are meeting our body's needs.

The passage itself is also important. A continuous exchange between a diversity of substances is constantly taking place, and this exchange should not be impeded. There is, for example, a continuous flow of potassium and sodium to and from the cells. The potassium is of vital importance, since it takes care of the potential, the electrical balance of the cell-membrane. Since potassium is above all found in fruits and vegetables, the daily intake of the latter is of major importance. On the other hand, a continuous supersaturation of its opposites sodium and chlorine, will lower the electric charge of the cell, as a result of which it will function less well or even degenerate. It is therefore also advised to limit the use of salt. In practice, this means no longer adding any salt to your food. Food of organic quality contains more than enough salt in itself. In hot weather or climate you should take extra, usually 3 grams a day will be enough. Aluminium-free sea salt provides the best quality, since it contains lots of more minerals, rather than just sodium and chlorine.

The problems soon become complicated when one
loses sight of that which is simple

The main mechanisms involved in combustion are the cell-breathing and the intensity of metabolism. The cell-breathing is linked to so-called mitochondria, the minuscule cell-breathing bodies. The breathing itself, is a complicated process, in which a whole series of conversions takes place with the aid of oxygen. This cycle generates heat, while in the end energy is linked to the so-called ATP, which subsequently makes this available to the bio-chemical processes of the body. The walls of the mitochondria, too, consist of fatty substances (phospholipides) and proteins. Disturbances occur, when the enzymes, which consists of protein, are denatured by toxins, electro-smog or viruses. Inside the mitochondria, the approximately 100 different kinds of combustion-enzymes are then damaged or put out of order, as a result of which oxidation (combustion) can no longer take place. If the cell doesn’t manage to regenerate, it has only two „choices" left: either die or else switch back to its evolutionary older mechanism of fermentation. In case of the latter, however, it has become a cancer-cell. Cancer may therefore be regarded a.o., as the survival-attempt of a single or more cells at the cost of the whole.

An „oxygenation package" is always part of the biological treatment of chronic disease. A shallow breathing, due to chronic indigestion and or stress, adds up to the problem. Hence, the recommendations given in the previous chapters, to also be the foundation of combustion-promoting therapy! In case of severe arteriosclerosis, additional „chelation", the clean up of the bloodvessel wall, through clinical methods might be a good idea. Chelation, like flow system therapy, aims at restoring the permeability of the capillary wall, the passage of nutrients and oxygen. It uses blood-transfusions containing chelation drugs, like EDTA. Usually blue nails, lips and tongue, together with frequent yawning, will be signs of too much CO2 and less oxygen in the blood. Usually, our sedentary life is a major etiologic factor as well. First, you should take care of enough fresh air - if available - during the night. Hence, always having a window open may be a good idea. Secondly daily exercise - 20-30 minutes jogging, swimming or cycling a day - is enough to meet the body’s needs. During the exercise, you always mind breathing through the nose, because then your breathing will be much deeper. Doing special breathing exercises, especially those which can be integrated into one’s daily activities, is a great idea. „Taoist" breathing, simply feeling the breathing-out in its lowest point, is very suitable for the purpose. More active varieties, like the „breath pump" in which you pump CO2 out and oxygen in, by vigorous movements of your arms towards and from the trunk, are also very effective. Especially in the morning after waking up. In our cancer therapy, we often give concentrated red beet, blueberry and blackcurrent juice. They have the ability of binding more oxygen to the blood, hence saturating the cells better. Additionally, a whole series of „orthomolecular" substances has been developed for the purpose. Q10 is one of them. As has been said before, blood-letting is sometimes (often) better for the donor, rather than the receiver. While the patient receives CO2 and toxin-saturated blood - not a reason not to take it -the donor will experience a stimulation of his or her blood-producing tissue in the bonemarrow, through which fresh blood - with high oxygen binding capacity - enters the system, truly a rejuvenation. Last but not least, the clinic (Dr. M. von Ardenne) is also making its contributions through intra-venous oxygen and ozone-therapy.


A patient came to me with chronic hemolytical anemia, which can be described as an accelerated breakdown and hence a shortage of red bloodcells and hence a low oxygenation level in the cells. He suffered from extreme fatigue and had a pale-greyish complexion. He had received countless treatments with iron, in order to restore the oxygen-binding capacity of his blood. However, to no avail. On the contrary, he felt even more miserable with abdominal cramps due to the iron-suppletion. Upon examination I found a very unhealthy lifestyle with junkfood, drinking lots of coffee a day, smoking and a severe self-poisoning from the bowel. Because his eliminations also being very poor1, the diagnosis serious „reverse-poisoning" was made. A condition usually leading to a too high concentration of toxins in the blood: „toxic blood", with as a consequence the breakdown of red bloodcells. The paradox is this: in cases of severe toxic anemia - „shortage of blood" - the therapy is......bloodletting. Like in several other cases the result was remarkable. Within several months, supported by other flow system therapy, the patient had recovered completely.

In combustion, there is also a „turnover", a combustion-level. When one leads a sedentary life, it is usually quite low; when one exercises, it improves. Practising regular physical exertion or sports, is the best thing to do, because it is only then, that our combustion is optimal. It makes all the difference, not only with regard to our energy-production, but above all also for the combustion of protein decomposition (waste) products, like food protein, accumulated protein, diseased protein from damaged cells and bacterial toxins. Should the latter accumulate, e.g. through inadequate combustion, we are slowly poisoned from within. It is probably the combination of (protein)overconsumption and lack of physical exercise, that is responsible for the increase of heart- and vascular disease. The point after all is, that metabolic breakdown products accumulate precisely because of both overeating, taking your main meal in the evening, and a low metabolic turn-over. It has been proven again and again, that physical (hard) work and exercise is burning the nutrients so completely that no accumulation occurs. Especially at night the combustion level is low, hence eating your main meal in the evening considerably contributing to storage of fat and overweight. The mechanism, which may additionally positively aid in the process, is fever. By a raising of the body-temperature, combustion, detoxification and elimination of clogged substances or „slags" are promoted. The exchange of minerals in the tissues is increased, and salt in particular is eliminated. Substances in the connective tissue - antibodies, interferon and white blood cells - which raise the immune-system and promote inflammation, are released. The protein-metabolism is intensified, which can be witnessed through the higher elimination of nitrogen and urea. Proof was also given of the fact, that the specific resistance against all kinds of germs was raised, due to fever. At a temperature of 39-40 ° C in particular, the germicidal effect, plus the detoxification of bacteria-toxins, was the greatest. The latter is also of great value in the subsequent elimination of - the often great masses - bacteria-toxins accumulated in the body, as a result of treatments with fever-lowering remedies (aspirin) and antibiotics. I, too, am concerned about fever, be it in the sense, that it plays a useful part now and then! One of the most striking characteristics of a cancer patient is time and again: „Fever? Haven't had one in 20 (30) years !"

Through working with the flow system my patients and I become allies, friends. While first I used to be the guide and they the patients, this very soon turns into a mature and equal
relationship. Eventually, I only give feed-back to
what people consider as their own personal growth.
Clear insight, optimism, love and laughter are
predominating most of our sessions

Our heat-regulation thus needs training. The common home-car-office pattern and the continuous residing in heated spaces, only undermines it. The combustion is then at a constant low level. A healthy life-style should therefore include the regular „subjecting oneself to cold conditions", whether at home in purposely turning down the thermostat, which also benefits the environment, the taking of a cold rubbing bath (see the chapter on „Digestion") or simply going outdoors. Cold stimulates the production of warmth, provided there is enough heat available to react to the stimulus. Additional measures can be taken through regular hot baths. Very famous in this respect, is the daily hot bath of the Japanese, the sento or ofuro. Three major characteristics make them different from our common bath: its shape, the height of the temperature and the frequency. The shape is vertical, hence your position is. This makes, that while relaxing, your mind becomes increasingly clear, contrasting our experience in the West. Above all, because you are completely soaked into the water, you are not able to sweat (unlike the sauna), hence your body temperature rising. The artificial fever is responsible for daily burning of excess of bodily waste. The difference with our bath is, that after the sento, you feel completely recovered, in such a way, that you could start a new working period. Moreover, the temperature of the Japanese bath usually is much higher than ours. The Japanese benefit from their customs, according to which every Japanese baby - from the very start - is put into the hot bath. Hence, every Japanese being able to „endure" much higher temperature than we do. Additionally, they usually enjoy their bath much longer than us, which explains why a.o. Japanese people used to have a much better health, compared to other industrial nations. The reason: stress-release and the daily artificial fever, through which a complete burning of metabolic residues is achieved2 ! In Western biological medicine we have the so-called Schlenz bath. Although being a different technique, it has exactly the same benefits as the Japanese variety. The indications are acute, chronic disease and cancer. On the other hand, if fever is regularly suppressed by fever-lowering drugs (aspirin), antibiotics and flu-vaccinations, our immune-system will be weakened. Toxic waste will accumulate in the body, with an increased tendency towards chronic disease as a result. Therefore, above mentioned drugs should only be used in cases, in which nothing else can help. Biological medicine though - its power based on different interpretation of the symptoms - has plenty of possibilities in coping with everyday’s health problems. A great deal can be achieved through a healthy lifestyle. Therefore health being in everybody’s own hands.


A 9-year old child had its temperature frequently raised, without developing a real fever. He was an intellectual type and had an asthenic posture. His appetite was not meeting common standards. Upon examination, I found an almost undernourished child with pale complexion. His abdomen was slightly bloated, his tongue coated with a white film, bad odour in the mouth with various swollen lymph nodes in his neck. A typical case of a child which lacks the power of getting a proper fever! I therefore decided to give him a Schlenz-bath, in which the person is totally under water, except for his mouth and nose. The initial temperature being 37 degrees Celsius, which then is slowly raised until 40. In the bath, the temperature of both water and child - the latter through the mouth - is measured a couple of times. The body-temperature being always one degree lower than the water. With 40 ° C water temperature, the child had thus a fever of 39 ° C! Usually 20-30 minutes is enough for a child - adults need one to more hours - in order to have results. As with this child, who, coming out of the bath, was immediately put into bed. It was given two additional blankets, his head covered in sheets and received two cups of hot sweating tea - usually lime-blossom or elder flower - with honey. Within short time, the breakthrough became visible. He started sweating „like an otter" (Dutch expression). After he was kept in the bed for one and a half hours, he then had to run to the toilet for the most awful looking and smelling urine he ever had. All the dirt was coming out. A true sign of a successful approach. Immediately after, he regained a rosy complexion of the face, became much more energetic, got better appetite and his lymph nodes back to normal size.


Our state of health has undergone many changes over the past decades. One factor is the physical work, the bodily exertion. The greater part of our population - with the exception of housewives - is out of touch with this, since life mostly revolves around the office and the car. In rural Drenthe, the province where my former practice was located, there were still many farmers at that time, who did their work manually. Interestingly enough, many of these people swore by their traditional food: a lot of potatoes, animal fat, pork-meat, coffee and alcohol and hardly any vegetables - and overcooked at that - and fruit limited to stewing pears. In spite of this, they were in no worse health than other people. The decisive factor was the high combustion through the strenuous physical work, as a result of which hardly any residues accumulating in the body.

Optimal Vitality Care is not treating any disease. After regulating the flow system, however, the cure comes „by itself"

In this chapter the beneficial effects of local hyperemia should not be overlooked. Active hyperemia arises, if more blood flows through a particular area, while passive hyperemia means the damming up of venous blood. In both cases the bloodcirculation of a certain area will be intensified. The effects and therefore the indications for local heat application are manifold. It ranges from relieving pain, absorption of abscesses to the exterior with killing of staphylococcus, the resorption of oedema’s and exudates, while chronic non-bacterial inflammations and myogeloses are softened and dissolved, connective tissue is stimulated and bone-healing enhanced. The most common indications are: chronic inflammations, especially arthritis, Bechterew (rheumatism of the spine), osteoporosis, hematoma’s in the joints, distortions, stiffness , neuralgia and sciatica. I personally have good results with hot flaxseed or potato packs on boils, hot chest or neck-wraps in the recovery phase of inflammation, e.g. bronchitis or tonsillitis, and a liver-pack for detoxification. Hot mud packs are common practice in many health spa’s around the world, while fango and infra-red radiation are an indispensable part of the physiotherapist’s practice. Moxa - burning herbs - the local heat-application of Chinese traditional medicine, is becoming increasingly popular in the West. It may be applied as a „primitive" method, putting the burning cone just on the spots where the pain, the stiffness or the hardening is, or as part of the sophisticated „meridian therapy". Some „exotic" applications should be mentioned for teaching purposes only! It shows, that in former days people had very logic thinking about how the body works. For example experience showed, that if in case of a chronic disorder, accidentally a wound started festering, the disorder very often improved or even entirely disappeared. Hence, the artificially created „emergency valve" was very popular in the Middle Ages, as it was in Arabic medicine. In case of chronic disease a cauterization - a local wound with the help of a glowing iron stick - a brand was made in the skin, usually on the underleg, which shortly after started festering, very often with the above mentioned result. A practice, which in some places still exists in veterinary medicine.

As an extension of the above, some more applications for local hyperemia have to be mentioned. Their mechanism is different, since they do not come from heating sources, but via irritation of the skin. There appear to be many substances, which all may irritate the skin in such a way, that a beneficial effect is emerging. They include both alkaline and acid substances, comparable to soap and vinegar. Volatile substances, which are causing similar or stronger effects are oil of turpentine, juniperus, rosemary oil, mustard oil or capsicum. Their indications are usually similar to local heat-applications, for instance in case of pain, stiffness, swellings, distortions, boils, abscesses and skin rash. The mustard pack is among the most popular. Black coarse-grained mustard is mixed with water until thick cream emerges. A gauze with two to three millimeters thick cream is then put on the skin. If after 5-20-40 minutes a strong burning or tickling feeling arises, the gauze is taken away. The skin appears to be red to very red indeed. The rest of the mustard should be washed away, otherwise blisters may be formed. Another application is „mustard paper", charta sinapisata. The paper is soaked in water for 15 seconds and the side with the mustard is then put on the skin. Remove it after 5-10 minutes and wash the skin with water. In case you need a stronger effect, the mustard application may not be sufficient though. The „cantharide-plaster" and the „application with pustulantia", the first causing a blister, the second a detoxifying rash, are only mentioned for the sake of completeness, since these techniques belong in the chapter „Detoxification".

Last but not least. Our psychological, our inner- and emotional life is often on the back burner. Many of us live in a vicious circle. Afraid of life itself, we only live in our head and hence become disconnected from our bodies, emotions and our true Self. This in turn creates more problems. Our life seems to be moving from one problem to the other. Only one thing will do: accepting life in all its aspects and living it to the full. Being truly alive is what generates energy and warmth.


Optimal combustion requires oxygen, stimulation of the metabolic functions (exercise) and fever.


7.1 R/ Lactic-acid fermented red beet juice

Dosage: 2-3 small glasses a day. Chew well. Blackberry and black current-juice also will do. Chlorophyll and chlorella have to be mentioned here. They resemble hemoglobin. All these foods have a high binding-capacity for oxygen and therefore provide the cell with more oxygen.


R/ MgO2 (magnesiumperoxyde 25% + MgO)

S. Twice daily: 1/2 - 1 small teaspoon added to juice. To be taken one hour following a meal for a period of 1-3 weeks. Provides the bowels with oxygen and cleanses them. Reduces the amount of bacteria in case of diarrhoea.

7.3 Extensive stretching and yawning, especially in the morning upon rising, in fresh air, accompanied by the making of a fair amount of noise.

7.4 „Breath washing"

Also referred to as „rebirthing". It involves a process of intensifying the breathing - under the guidance of another person - with an increased exchange of oxygen and the waste product carbon dioxide. This technique - which after a few trial sessions may be continued on one's own - is based on relaxation and (very) subtly and slowly increasing the frequency, as well as the depth of breathing. It should be done in a very natural way and should be totally free of force, also from the side of the therapist! In many instances, blocked emotions are released, which then come to consciousness and can become integrated. A session usually lasts an hour and a half. You may experiment on your own for shorter periods of time, such as beginning with five minutes and slowly increasing.

7.5 Breath pump

To rhythmic music, move your elbows from shoulder-height intensively up and down, „pumping", with the fists turned inward at the same height in front of the nipples, known as „dynamic meditation". The elbows thereby forcefully hit the waists (sides of the chest), while the old air is forced out, accompanied by noise if you so choose. With each pumping-movement you either bend the knees or jump up. Trained persons succeed in doing the breath pump for ten minutes in a row, others pause now and then or keep it up for a shorter period of time. The effect is a fresh wave throughout your body. The oxygen-supply of the cells, which is mostly at a low level because of a sedentary life, is thereby activated.


7.6 Physical exertion, exercise and sports. See „Digestion".


As we have seen, fever can play an important part in accelerating of the combustion and stimulation of the metabolistic processes. Apart from exceptional cases, in which the fever lasts too long, or is too high, or the person is too vulnerable or ill, we should welcome fever each time it occurs. On the other hand, the combustion is incomplete, when we either never experience fever or else suppress it with fever-lowering remedies (aspirin), antibiotics or flu-vaccinations, the latter therefore only recommended in high risk-cases. All kinds of substances, in particular intermediary products from our protein-metabolism, then remain behind in our body. These are often toxic and settle in the connective tissue, around the bloodvessels, in the organs like the kidneys, causing a.o. fibroids in the uterus and an enlarged prostate. A regular „fever cure" may therefore well be called for. Warm/hot baths may serve a purpose in this respect. No culture is as aware of this as that of Japan and it is there that one is accustomed to taking a daily hot bath from birth onward, namely the „ofuro".

7.7 Ofuro (sento), the Japanese hot bath

A Japanese bathtub is a square basin in which one sits upright. This has many advantages, since you may relax over a longer period of time without becoming sluggish or drowsy. On the contrary: the more stress is released, the clearer you become. This explains why by far most Japanese daily make use of this bath. I personally have seldom experienced anything quite as enjoyable. The water is considered incredibly hot to our standards, I myself managed 42 ° C, which is quite hot indeed. Duration of the bath is 30-50 minutes. It speaks for itself that each time the metabolism receives an enormous boost, so that the body daily sheds any accumulated toxins and waste products. This is one of the reasons why the disease-statistics in Japan are so low, although things are starting to change due to a western life-style. Not many people here have a Japanese bathtub but it is relatively easy to install one, e.g. in a shower-cubicle (See special file).

7.8 The Schlenzbath or overheated bath (see fig. 5)

Developed by Marie Schlenz from Innsbruck, Austria. Currently clinically applied in various therapeutic centres. The entire body is under water except for the nose and mouth. Start with a temperature of 37 degrees ° C, which is lukewarm to the touch and slowly, with the aid of another person, add hot water. The other person regularly checks pulse, breathing and blood-pressure if necessary, over-all well-being, body- temperature - orally taken - and water-temperature. Rule: the body-temperature is about one degree lower than that of the water. The temperature of the latter should therefore never exceed 41 degrees Celsius. Usually the temperature is raised over the course of an hour to 39,5 or 40 degrees. Starting out modestly and then gradually increasing is recommended, such as for instance beginning with 30 minutes and at a later stage for a longer period of time. Notice: the pulse should not exceed 120 beats per minute. Should that happen, lift the patient up and start washing hands, arms, shoulders and head with cool water. Mostly the session has then to be finished. The following should be added. Children may well benefit from this bath, especially those in whom the fever has problems „breaking through". There are children who only have a slightly raised temperature, are lethargic, do not want any food and perhaps have swollen lymph-glands. In these cases the Schlenzbath is appropriate, be it for a shorter period of times, such as 20 minutes. The temperature of the water is then raised from 37 to 39,5 ° C. This usually suffices to bringing about the required „breakthrough and reversal". To be applied at home only, if appropriate guidance is available and the bathtub is big enough.

Always leave a window open for sufficient fresh air and oxygen. If thirsty, a little fruit-juice may be taken. Should the heat go too much to the head, apply a cool cloth to this area. During the bath, the body may be very! gently brushed from the feet and arms upward to the trunk and upward from the pelvis with circular movements, which is stimulating and purifying. Always from the periphery to the heart, in order to avoid a low bloodpressure crisis. To intensify the effect, add a natural bath oil, like rosemary, pine or juniperus. As a prevention of chronic illness, two baths a month are generally sufficient.

Aa has been said while taking the bath, the blood-pressure often drops, which is all right, except for those who already have low blood-pressure. Upon completing the bath, the blood-pressure often has trouble adjusting to a change of posture. Should you then get up, you may get dizzy or even faint. Having a bottle of etheric oil, such as rosemary within reach, is therefore recommended. You should try to help the person out of the bath „horizontally", while crawling or even carrying. Then immediately, while still wet, one should go to bed and drink a cup of hot lime-blossom tea - fairly strongly brewed - to which some honey is added. Cover yourself with a few extra blankets and wrap one around your head, so as to effect an additional sweating-cure. Duration: one to two hours. It is sometimes amazing, how much sweat and often also smelly urine is produced in the after-cure. Afterwards, take a lukewarm shower, change your underwear and continue to sweat for another 30 minutes.

7.9 Regularly taking an ordinary hot bath

This, too, is recommended. The effect, however, is not as striking as the previous two baths. To the bath-water either pine-needle extract for cleansing, rosemary for stimulation or hay flowers for relaxation could be added. You may also give your body a brush-treatment. Starting with the feet and hands, moving up to the trunk with soft rotating movements. Quite a lot of dirt is eliminated by the opening of the pores of the body. Witness the ring in the bath afterwards.

The sauna, by the way, does not fit into this category. In a sauna one usually sweats a lot, as a result of which heat is immediately released and the body-temperature remains more or less constant. The function of the sauna therefore, sooner fits the category of cleansing, together with a number of other positive effects. It is therefore dealt with in the section on „Elimination".

7.10 Electrical blanket.

Regular use of an electrical blanket is not recommended. The disadvantage is the static electromagnetic field, with as a result restlessness or too deep a sleep and in the long run physical disturbances. Besides, the body needs variations in body-temperature during the night for an optimal heat regulation. Instead of an electric blanket, you could put on special angora woollen underwear.

Note: the washing of the breath, the breath-pump and the two hot baths (ofuro and Schlenzbath) are not recommended during pregnancy.

7.11 Natural therapy of common infectious diseases

In all common infectious diseases the body has to deal with accumulated (toxic) waste, the worsened „milieu interne", then becoming a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria and viruses. A condition which - at the certain point - will set the immune-response into motion. The bacteria and viruses thus being our „little helpers", to clean up the accumulated mess. Hence, the body reacting with nasal catarrh, sore throat, coughing, sweating, dark urine, and/or diarrhoea. Since these symptoms are a clear sign, indicating, that the body wants to get rid of something, natural medicine will support the body’s logic. Hence the common denominator of the treatment of all common infectious diseases - like a common cold, flu, measles, tonsillitis, otitis, bronchitis - to be a general clean up, including the following. The sequence is obligatory and always the same. Since the body wants to get rid of something, the first thing we do is to stop eating. To prevent further self poisoning, an intensive bowel cleansing has to be made. Usually a water enema is used for the purpose3 . In most cases - just by taking an enema - fever will be brought down considerably already. During fever, an average of two enemas a day are usually given. In order to promote the flow of fluids in the body, our patient will be given large amount of (chloride free) water, pure herbal teas, fruit and vegetable juices. Since the skin is an important excretion organ as well, the fourth step to be taken, is to try to promote sweating as much as we can. We do this through the administration of hot sweating tea with honey, while simultaneously putting the patient in a warm bed with extra blankets, a wrap for the head and a hot water bottle. After heavy sweating the body has to be quickly rinsed with cool water - provided the patient feels warm - the sheets renewed, after which the patient is put back into bed. In the mean time, the patient has been given immune-stimulating herbs usually a combination of echinacea and camomile. Additional local treatment can be given e.g. a chest wrap in case of bronchitis or a neck wrap in case of sore throat4 . The wraps should be cold in case of fever, while in the recovery phases they should be heated. Usually, through these basic series of measures, all common infectious diseases can be dealt with. If not sufficient, additional biological treatment - or in rare cases regular treatment - is needed. Particularly sad is the big group of undernourished people (children) in the world. While in fact the undernourishment is the real cause for their immune-deficiency, anti-biotics - and vaccinations - often have to be given, as to prevent worse. That this is putting this group in a downward spiral of weakness - while giving international pharmaceutical companies unjustifyable profits - may be clear, after having read this chapter. We therefore should do everything to really improve the situation of these people. The World Health Plan (WHP) 5 is such an attempt.

7.12 Vaccinations are still a hot issue

I wrote a leading article about it already in 19746. Nothing has to be changed ever since, hence I will give a summary here. The questions about against which diseases should be vaccinated, depends on the harm they may inflict on the patient. Talking about normal healthy beings, measles appear to be the most harmless of all. Measles, like many other infectious diseases, is an attempt of the body in getting rid of accumulated waste. In this special case, it is related to the growth of the child. My hypothesis is, that while entering a new stage, certain kinds of bodily proteins are no longer needed. Hence, they are broken down. These breakdown products are toxic and subsequently have to be eliminated. It is this process, that we have called „measles". It is characterized by all the symptoms familiar to the reaction phase: a soar swollen throat, sweating, fever, diarrhoea sometimes and a specific detox reaction, that of the exanthema. Prof. Dr. H. Mommsen, German pediatric, has looked after some German orphanages after WWll, in which he has been treating the children exclusively with natural medicine. It has proven, that while co-operating with the body - like in flow system therapy - none of the non-vaccinated children had to be treated with anti-biotics. No any complication of measles was observed. The irony is, that the only explanation left for the occurrence of complications - usually unpublished by regular medicine sources - attributed to this harmless disease, is the consequences of the current regular treatment. Suppressing is causing the complications! Therefore both elderly people from different cultures - a.o. Europe and China - remembering „that if only the exanthema in measles comes out, the child will be safe from complications". A very wise insight indeed. As we understand now, if suppressed, the toxic waste has to find other ways of getting out. Because of the suppressing, this may not always be successful though, hence the chance for toxins to damage organs (impregnation phase), the brain for instance. And we are only talking about short term complications here. What about the long term ones though? Those for which only the homotoxicology has the explanation?7. Especially in the case of measles, in which highly toxic protein-like substances have to become detoxified and subsequently eliminated, natural ways of medicine are thus of the greatest importance. Except for children, who are in some way or another disabled, undernourished, vulnerable or already sick, no vaccinations against measles should be undertaken. Pertussis and whooping cough have a similar background. However, because they could have some risks, if treated by lay people only, experienced biological physicians should look after them. If such professionals are at your disposal, you could decide to also skip these vaccinations. You should be critical towards any attempt to extend the „prevention" package of todays vaccinations. Rather than indiscriminately accept a „package", every single vaccination has to be carefully considered. Tetanus and polio are different stories. They are potentially harmful, however e.g. polio seems to have been completely irradicated nowadays. Hence, unlike their regular colleagues, most natural doctors will not recommend vaccinations indiscriminately, but only well targeted. The indications being life-threatening or debilitating dangers only.

Note: Of course, if we go on vaccinating our children on such a large scale indiscriminately - creating a situation in which the immune-system is more and more weakened, together with all other health threatening factors of today - our children may at a certain point become so vulnerable, that the only way to protect them, will be vaccinations. A self-fulfilling prophesy - especially for those who are benefiting from the situation - indeed. The sad fact is, that in the U.S.A. even popular „natural doctors" are joining the pharmaceutical lobby in declaring, that they are in favor of indiscriminate vaccinations. It only indicates, that they probably don’t have any experience with treating „children’s diseases" themselves. More reason though to join forces in preventing gloomy future perspectives.


R/ Echinacea drops (different brands)

S. Aimed at stimulating fever and reinforcing the resistance. In case of fever - including the above-mentioned baths - start with 50 drops in water before the meal (if you take any), then three times daily 20-30 drops. In acute cases, 10 drops every hour. To be taken for a minimum of five days. If accompanied by an inflammation (no matter where):


R/ Flor. Chamomillae (Central European variety)

S. Four cups strong tea a day.

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