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Chapter 9.

Criteria of a healthy detoxification

A healthy nutrition, digestion, transportation, combustion, assimilation and elimination. Proper lymph and liver function, optimal intestinal flora, immune-system.

What can go wrong

Protein-overnourishment. Acidification. Bacteria, viruses and parasites. Bacterial toxins. Self-poisoning from the bowel. Iatrogen (allopathic medicines, antibiotics. Certain vaccinations. External pollution. Amalgam. Electro-magnetic pollution.

All that is processed in the body has to be detoxified and eliminated. The waste products derive from various sources: acid waste products from the regular cell-metabolism, intermediary products resulting from insufficient combustion, from old, damaged, diseased bodily material, the toxic residues of bacteria, toxins from one’s own bowels, like rotting and fermentation products, candida and parasites, and finally toxic substances from the outside world e.g. from food, amalgam fillings and the environment. It will be clear, that cleaning this up is an immense task. A number of organs and functions have a key-position in it all. First, there is the reticulo-endothelial system where anti-bodies are formed and toxins stored. Secondly, the soft connective tissue and the lymph system are taking care of detoxification, with storage, transport and filtering of toxins, antigen-antibody reactions, inflammation and the formation of leukocytical cells. In the liver, storage and neutralizing of acids and toxins takes place. The adenohypophyseal-suprarenal cortex mechanism directs detoxification and inflammation through hormones, while finally the neural reflex system is responsible for the excitation and irritation phases of inflammation respectively.

The liver detoxifies countless waste products and toxins. The poisonous ammonia, one of the breakdown products of the protein-metabolism - and that of parasites in the body, in which case ammonia can be smelled via the skin - is transferred into urea, after which it will be eliminated by the kidneys. Hormones like oestrogens are broken down. Therefore, one sign of liver-overburdening being the tiny red spots in the skin, called petechia. Petechia are the result of accumulation of oestrogens, because of liver-function impairment. One mechanism to neutralize toxins is the coupling of one toxin to the other into a non-poisonous compound. Moreover, all kinds of other substances, like glucuronic acid, can serve as neutralizing factors. One process, running parallel to what we have called the „self-poisoning from the bowels" is the „entero-hepatic circulation". Through the breakdown of old blood bilirubin is formed. Through coupling with albumin it is transported to the liver, where it is again separated. In the liver cell bilirubin is coupled with glucuronic acid, through which it becomes more water-soluble. This substance then is secreted together with the bile in the duodenum and colon. In the colon, with the help of the intestinal flora, bilirubin is transferred into a.o. urobilinogen and stercobilin, the latter which gives the brown color to our stools. Around 15-20 % of the urobilinogen, however, is again absorbed by the portal circulation and transported back to the liver. Part of it is again secreted with the bile, while the other part is excreted through the kidneys. It is the same way through which countless other substances are circulated back from the colon to the liver though! Among them the products of rotting and fermentation, the bacterial, fungal and parasitic toxins, together with the thousands of environmental toxins, which enter our system daily. While the liver is accustomed to detoxifying bodily waste as its natural function, it is much less used to cope with an additional load of alien poisonous substances. The result of which is an „overburdened liver". Toxins will not be properly detoxified anymore, hence passing the liver-barrier unchanged, entering directly into the bloodstream through which they reach all corners of the body. Depending on the situation, especially in case of pre-existing weak spots in the body, these poisons will have their harmful effects there.

Usually only THAT is examined, diagnosed and treated, what fits in pre-fixed definitions. You are there for the diagnosis - food for the doctors - rather than the diagnosis being there for you. In natural medicine there are no such standard syndromes like
„migraine", "asthma" and „rheumatism" though. They
appear to be only words. In practice, everybody has his
or her own unique illness, based on everybody’s
own unique biography

In the cell-metabolism, the combustion of sugars and fatty acids yield water and carbon dioxide. The transportation of these substances usually takes place unhindered. The water passes via the soft connective tissue and the blood to the kidneys, the carbon dioxide travels the same way to the lungs, where it is exhaled. The combustion of protein decomposition products is another matter. Contrary to water and carbon dioxide, the former are not as easily eliminated from the body. This metabolism displays a 24-hour rhythm. During the day, food-substances are absorbed, digested, combusted and assimilated. At three o'clock in the morning, detoxification and elimination starts. A veritable tidal wave of waste products leaves the cells and settles in the soft connective tissue. Protein decomposition products are acid in nature. In order to be eliminated, they must first be neutralized. This can only take place with the aid of so-called alkaline-forming substances. An important part of these substances are derived from food: fruits, vegetables and potatoes. This is the logic of „fit for life": eating fruits only in the morning. Alkalinity sweeps through the tissues, cleaning them up. The neutralized substances then find their way to the kidneys. Since the kidneys are not capable of immediately coping with this stream, the discharge takes place in „bits and pieces", in phases. The connective tissue functions as a temporary storage place. With regard to the neutralizing of the acids, the stomach plays a key role. If a „normal" breakfast is eaten, pepsin and hydrochloric acid - HCl - are secreted in order to pre-digest the incoming proteins. The stomach took this HCl from the blood, which, because of its „acid-donation" in turn becomes alkaline, that means shows an alkaline surplus. This alkaline surplus now flows through the tissues, neutralizing the stored acid waste, making it suitable for transportation to the kidneys. It is the „logic" of an English breakfast with lots of animal protein: egg, sausage and bacon. The more protein, the more HCl will be needed by the stomach, hence the alkaline flow of the blood to be more intense. For some time, you thus may have a quite satisfactory clean-up of your tissues! However, this only works, if two requirements are met. One is a healthy stomach, able to secrete optimal amounts of HCl, the other is the avoidance of protein-overconsumption. In practice these requirements are seldom met, though. Lots of people - including the British - have both an overburdened, insufficient digestive system - with diminished secretion of pepsin and HCl - as well as a permeability impairment of their capillary walls. It is another good example, of how in the course of time situations change, and the corresponding need for great flexibility to cope with new challenges.


(According to Dr. E. Rauch)

When healthy, the body eliminates large quantities of acid waste products every 24 hours. Normally this takes place rhythmically: the acid-alkaline tide of the body. The acid tide is at its peak particularly in the early morning hours . At other times of the day, the alkaline tide predominates. Many things are not yet understood. However, when the body is permanently overburdened with large quantities of acid waste products, the elimination will, rather than showing a rhythm, react acidly all the time. This can be known through checking the pH of your bodily excretions. Available at your chemist or pharmacy is an indicator-sheet on which the acid-base (pH) values are indicated. This acid base test gives you the possibility of witnessing first hand an improvement in your health.

One goes to work as follows. Right from the start - the first time before changing your life-style in any way - once or twice a week, you determine the pH values of saliva, perspiration, tear-water, urine and optionally: semen fluid and once a month the menstrual blood. The test is done in the morning before breakfast, at noon-time before lunch and in the evening at about 6 o'clock before the evening meal. The indicator-strip should be dipped into the bodily fluids to be tested for two to three seconds whereupon the values are displayed on the colour-chart. A low pH (lower than pH 7,4) indicates acid and a higher one alkaline. Saliva should be slightly basic (higher than pH 7), perspiration as well as tear-water are normally 7,4 (neutral). Semen-fluid should have a value of 7,5 to 8 while the menstrual blood should also be alkaline. Urine normally displays day-rhythms with varying acid-concentrations. Continuous very high acid-values indicate a (far too) high acid-load of the entire body.

Ill people often react amazingly well to de-acidification: no more dizziness; dullness and pressure in the head disappear; memory improves and one becomes happier, one's movements suppler and „more youthful", the mind clearer; one's looks improve
and one experiences physical and mental well-being -
the formerly ill person feels „rejuvenated"
so to speak .....

Dr. B. Kern

The storage capability of the soft connective tissue for acid waste thus appears to be physiological. It is one of its normal detoxification functions. If, through protein-overconsumption, the capillary wall is permanently thickened and the connective tissue „slagged", in such a way, that permeability is impaired, then not only the nutrients cannot find their way to the cells, but also the other way around: the metabolic waste from the cells are prevented to find their way from the cell towards the lymph- and capillaries. The cells will on the one hand become more and more vulnerable, due to chronic deficiencies, while simultaneously suffocating in their own toxic waste. This happens, as we have seen, if the flow of acid constantly exceeds the excretion capacity of the kidneys. In that case, it is further accumulating in the connective tissue. This is partly a result of the excessive amount of acids from the food we eat like meat, cheese, beans and coffee, and partly of factors such as environment-pollution - the breathing of acid air, acid rain, chlorinated water, pollution of the soil, chemical fertilizing and the industrial devaluation of food - pharmaco-therapy and stress. Note: Stress, problems, annoyance and frustration are the cause of permanent fixation of sympaticotonus, which prevents elimination and hence additionally causes accumulation of acids and vice versa. Permanent acidification implies difficulty for the lymph-system and the capillaries to remove the waste. Moreover, it means an assault on our alkaline reserves, as a result of which the capacity to neutralize the first-mentioned, is further diminished. Consequently, the body often becomes incapable of sufficiently eliminating the acids, which in turn leads to a further accumulation of these - local acidosis - in the tissue: in the skin, the muscles (the heart muscle), around the joints, the bloodvessels and the nerves. Characteristic expressions of acidification are: inflammations, pain, stiffness in the joints, circulatory problems, cold hands and feet, angina pectoris and „emotional acidification" - "turning sour" - like depression and others. Chronic disorders of the organs, lowered resistance and premature ageing are the long-term consequences.

Additional to the problems of acidification and „slagging", many of us are also loaded with dead bacteria-toxins: highly toxic protein-like substances. Such is the case, if we often have been treated with fever-lowering drugs and/or antibiotics. Most infections and inflammatory diseases are useful biologic reactions of the body - aided by bacteria or viruses - to get rid of accumulated intermediary protein waste products. These products constitute the breeding ground for specific micro-organisms. Together they call forth fever, through which combustion and detoxification are set in motion. In the case of immunization - such as against measles or flu - the suppression of fever through anti-pyretics and/or the administering of antibiotics, this detoxifying reaction is interrupted. The results are two-fold. If this takes place repeatedly, it creates an undermining of the resistance, with as a result an unpractised defence-system, one which in the long run, no longer adequately reacts to impulses. Besides, the millions of highly toxic dead bacteria are the cause of an acute protein poisoning, a poisoning which the body - precisely because of the interruption of its detoxifying reactions - can no longer solve. This is the beginning of a vicious circle, one which lays the foundation for chronic illness later on. The current „fatigue diseases" (ME) may partly be attributed to this.

Acid waste products and bacterial toxins only constitute a part of the detoxification process. The other part comes from external pollution. Because of the extensive review in the previous chapter, the emphasis now can be put on two most urgent „medical" problems, that of amalgam and electro-magnetic pollution. Nowadays more and more people suffer from the consequences. A dramatic example is the following case.


Fifteen years ago, a then 42-year old man came to my practice with complaints like headache, inner unrest, nervousness, abdominal cramps, pain on the left side of the chest, trembling, irritability, difficulty in concentration, forgetfulness and sleeplessness despite chronic fatigue. Because all symptoms belonging to a mercury-poisoning, I recommended him to do a saliva-test. By chewing on a sugarfree chewing-gum, mercury is eroded from the fillings and absorbed by it. If the concentration is more than 5 ul/g, the result is considered to be significant. In his case this was indeed positive. Because of the seriousness of his problems, through which he finally had to resume from work, he decided to have his fillings removed. Most of them were big, hence the dentist putting quite some golden inlays in his teeth. Not too long ago, he came back to me. After a very good time without too many problems, he again started not feeling well. This time his complaints were equally impressive. Extreme fatigue, sleeplessness, in the night a.o. heartbeats, panic and the feeling of becoming unconscious, deep cold inside, cold sweat, painful joints and a bloated belly. Initially, I couldn’t find anything, until he told me, that if sleeping at another place, he didn’t have any problems at all! I then became suspicious of geopathic stress and/or electro-magnetic pollution. A professional was called in, who confirmed, that the house of my patient was severely „contaminated" with geopathic stress, together with radar, radio, wireless telephone and TV. First he tried to improve the situation by removing all possible causes in the house, together with „protecting alu-bars" in the garden. It worked, however, for only a couple of weeks, then it became worse again. The alternative - to move out of his home - was difficult to take, because of family circumstances. His complaints therefore remained. He tried to be out of the house as often as he could. Despite of this, his nightly crises sometimes seemed almost unbearable. Especially, when he slept in one of his business hotels, quite close to a railway station, he suffered from regular quite dramatic pseudo-heartattacks. Also, when working on his computer or watching TV too closely too long a time, he had to suffer the consequences. Until he heard, that „chewing" on a piece of alu-paper could relieve the symptoms. It indeed worked. Almost fifty percent of his complaints disappeared. Metal fillings - gold or amalgam - act as antenna’s for electro-smog, which is then transferred to the body. Alu-paper on the other hand, absorbs the accumulated electrical potential. For six months he was thinking about taking his golden inlays out, since it had cost him a fortune at that time. After one more dramatic night he had his decision made. His dentist took all his twelve! fillings out in just one session. They were replaced by composite, ceramics and plastic materials. And believe it or not: all his symptoms had disappeared ever since.

Acidification, amalgam, electro-magnetic pollution and toxic accumulation are major examples of health threatening factors in the world today. You should know what they are, their impact on your health and what you can do about them. Mercury is released from your fillings. The older the fillings, the more mercury possibly in your body. People with amalgam fillings always have a much too high mercury damp concentration in the mouth. The metal in contact with your mouth creates an electrical potential, through which mercury ionizes, corrodes and disappears into the body. Chewing, acid food, hot drinks, soft drinks, they all may contribute to the problem. Mercury accumulates in the neighbouring bone, in the liver, kidneys and the brain. According to Dr. H. Huggins, toxic-free dentist from Colorado, U.S.A., even tiny amounts of mercury can already cause dramatic damage in the brain. It is subsequently damming up an enzyme called creatine kinase, reducing ATP, a key substance to all energy processes in the body, leading to the collapse of so-called tubulin, which is the micro-structure of the cells. When tubulin collapses, the cell rapidly degenerates into what we call Alzheimer’s. In a study of the University of Tübingen, Germany, the concentration of mercury released from fillings often exceeds the (already too high) „standards" dramatically. The answer to the problem is to remove the amalgam, replacing it by composite, plastics, glasionomeres, cements or porcelain. Electro-magnetic pollution is a hot topic too, due the fact, that nowadays countless studies already convincingly have proved its harm. Cellular telephones e.g. cause aberrations of the electrical currents of the brain (EEG). It does so, even within a range of 90! meters from a phoning person, a new variation of „indirect smoking". Not only the person involved, but you also suffer from it. The worrying thing about this is, that these EEG patterns are completely alien to human physiology. Furthermore other studies suggest, that heart and vascular disease are primarily resonance phenomena. The electro-magnetic waves resonate with cells and vascular walls in such a way, that damage occurs. With the booming of all kinds of communication systems, like satellites, radar, „handy’s", radio and TV, this is not an encouraging development.

Neither is the ongoing increase of breast cancer in the world. First almost exclusively considered to be a „Western" disease, since the introduction of Western junk food, together with environmental pollution dramatically on the rise, Chinese women have become the victim as well. In the early eighties breast cancer was rather rare in China, with only women older than forty involved. Nowadays however, breast cancer among young girls is alarmingly common. However, through avoidance - as much as you can - of the harmful factors, combined with flow system therapy, major improvements in health still can be achieved. The Personal Health Plan has been especially designed for the purpose. It transcends the usual approach of individual treatment in many ways. It is the outcome of 28 years of intense medical practice, the compilation of the best things available, suitable for everybody regardless the individual situation, freely offered on a large scale to anyone who wants to optimize his or her health. Flow system detoxification co-operates with the body through e.g. (protein) fasting, pro-biotics, chlorophyll, chlorella, clay therapy, liver detoxification, oil-chewing, lymph drainage, connective tissue massage, guasha, stimulation of immune system through anti-oxidants, thymus therapy, phytotherapy (echinacea), homeopathy and many more1 .


I saw a 36-year old woman with recently discovered painful lumps in her breasts. Sometimes the pain could also be felt in one of her armpits. Needless to say, that this woman was very much worried about her situation. Upon examination, both painful lumps and some swollen lymph nodes in the left armpit could be found. My suggestion to my patient was either to have a mammography or first trying flow system therapy. She decided to do the latter. She gave herself two months time for real improvement. What I recommended was complete change of food habits, with a short fast as a transition, an intensive bowel cleansing, two hot baths a week, a drinking cure, oil-chewing, the taking of a high dosage of an anti-oxidant combination and last but not least - after first having relief through the other measures - the regular lymph massage of breasts and armpits. This massage - mamma drainage as I call it - I usually promote as a self-help cancer prevention technique. Twice a week you start „opening" your lymph nodes in the armpits by circular movements, followed by opening of the area between armpit and breast. Once the passage is open, you start massaging your breasts, first the parts close the armpits, later also the other ones. Then, when everything is open, from the entire breast to the armpit, you start massaging in the direction of the armpit. The accumulated toxic waste - like mercury from your amalgam fillings, nickel, lead, cadmium, asbestos, PCB’s, dioxin and many more - will then find an open passage to there. The unbelievable happened. After one and a half months the lumps were gone. Still the patient not only practises her now preventive breast massage, but also has promoted it as a cancer preventive measure among many of her friends!

The basic question is this: do we go on in trying to put a bigger thing (our problems) into a smaller framework - the limits of current science - thus always missing the point, or are we going to expand science in order to contain the problems and
find the real answers to it?

To illustrate the possibilities of flow system therapy, „guasha" will be taken as an example. Guasha means „scraping". Originating from prehistoric times and still practised by some Indigenous Peoples, guasha found its way into the mainstream of Chinese Traditional Medicine. In the treatment, a special oil is put on a particular area of the skin, after which the therapist starts „scraping" the area with a „scraper", an instrument specially designed of jade, horn or metal. Very soon the skin becomes red. The amazing thing is, that on places where disorders are hidden, bloody spots appear in the skin - not on the skin - comparable to hemorrhage. Because the scraping is on the oily skin, the patient will hardly feel any pain - neither during nor after the treatment - and the „bloody" areas will fully disappear within 3 to 7 days.

The spectacular results of guasha are achieved, because of its simultaneous effects on the skin, the subcutis, the connective tissue, the bloodvessels, the lymph system, the periosteum, the muscles, the nerves, the meridians, the brain and the immune system and through them on the various functions, systems and organs of the entire body. Via the skin, the subcutis, the nerves and the spinal cord, it stimulates or balances corresponding functions and organs. In the connective tissue, it washes out accumulated waste. Through guasha, blood is forced through the capillary wall into the connective tissue, where it is stimulating the immune-response. Bringing blood in your own tissue - aimed at immune-stimulation - is also known in the West. In Germany they have two techniques, called „Eigenbluttherapie", therapy with your own blood and "petechiale Saugmassage", in which with the help of a vacuum machine blood is sucked from the capillaries into the subcutis. Moreover, guasha supports the lymph-system in transporting and filtering waste-products. Through the periosteum, which is the „inner skin" on the bones, guasha is effectively stimulating reflection zones, while according to Traditional Chinese Medicine the meridians - the energy-channels of the body - become balanced. Guasha therefore includes and thus replaces massage, connective tissue treatment, reflexology, periosteum massage, acupuncture, moxa, lymph drainage, relaxation, oxygen therapy, detoxification and immune stimulation, all in one „simple scraping" treatment! Not surprisingly, the list of disorders and diseases, which can be treated with guasha is quite impressive. From a simple revitalizing treatment to rheumatism, from migraine and Menière to chronic fatigue (ME), allergies, food intolerance, candida, PMS, all pain syndromes, back pain, cervical syndrome, sciatica, digestive system disorders, asthma, metabolic disorders, angina pectoris, hypertension, immune deficiencies and many more...

Any substance, that can cause the formation of antibodies, or immune-active white blood cells, is called antigen. Antigens are mostly substances which are alien to the body, like viruses and bacteria, but could also be of any other material, organic or organic. Especially nowadays, in which chemical substances continuously enter our bodies, the number of possible antigens is almost limitless. Despite of this, our immune system is mostly able to recognize and to deal with many of the antigens with which it is confronted with. Initially our immune response will be always normal, that means, it will react adequately to the alien substance involved. However, if a particular antigen is repeatedly provoking and irritating our immune system, the immune system may respond with an exaggerated reaction. This is called sensibilization. Once an sensibilization has taken place, a renewed contact with the antigen can cause an excessive response of the antibodies or the so-called T-lymphocytes. If that is the case, the person is called allergic. Depending on various factors, more or less dangerous situations may be the consequence of it. The disorders may vary from allergic rhinitis, or asthma, urticaria, or Quincke oedema, to shock, diabetes, blood disorders, or acute kidney disease. A special category is the food allergy. It mostly occurs in the first year after birth, The most common symptoms being indigestion, asthma, an allergic rhinitis and a seborrhoic eczema. After the first years however, when the immune-system has become more mature, food allergies will mostly lose their significance. Any substance, toxic or non-toxic, can be an antigen though. An important criterion is always, that the patient must have been repeatedly exposed to the substance. In the initial stage, an irritable substance will always cause excitation. It corresponds with the over-reaction of the immune system. This can give a feeling of energy! So one of the ways to detect an antigen, is to ask what a person likes most for eating, what his addiction is. If for example a child is particularly fond of peanut butter or cheese, eating large quantities a day, because he feels so good on it, the suspicion may raise, that these are the allergic substances you are looking for. Especially, if the habit already exists a longer time. The excitation stage though, may after sometime turn it into opposite. Instead of feeling excited, the same substance may then cause - severe - listlessness, fatigue, and depression. It is a sign that your immune system does not have any energy anymore and has become exhausted. Flow system therapy - through which input, processing and output are optimised - has proven an excellent instrument in handling with most of the allergic disorders described above.


In my practice I come across many people with (food) allergies in various stages. Roughly the excitation stage can be distinguished in active, hyperactive and manic. These patients may be: tense, argumentative, self-centered, defensive, flushing, sweating, anxious, irritated, aggressive, agitated and panicking. The subsequent depression stage is distinguished in mild and severe. It is characterized by: fatigue, drowsiness, „swollen" face, passivity, complaints, self-pity, being moody, sad, withdrawn, apathetic and unresponsive. The excitation and subsequent depression stages run parallel to similar conditions in the body. Especially the adrenal functions are meant here. Several things like allergy, overstimulation by coffee and sugar for instance and stress, all have the same result: first an „excess" of energy, sooner or later followed by deficiency and exhaustion. Adrenal exhaustion therefore is the outcome of a multi-factorial process. Its main symptom - chronic fatigue - has to be taken seriously. Since it is a symptom of immune-deficiency, it may become the „breeding-ground" for chronic disease, especially cancer. The conclusion here is: before you think of anything „psychological" - however realistic too - think of the possibility of an allergy (and the rest) first.


The pulse-test is often a good indicator of food-intolerance and allergy. It is very simple. Just feel your pulse before, during and after eating, always of one ingredient only. The pulse before eating should be „at rest", e.g. around 54-66 beats per minute. If no change, then you may conclude, that you are not allergic to this particular substance. In case the pulse goes up significantly or/and becomes more full or hard, you may be in the excitation-stage, when slowing down and/or becoming weak you may be in the depression stage. The time between the various tests should be at least one hour as to avoid overlapping. Note: not all allergens cause change of pulse. Note: food intolerance and/or allergies very often cause active emergency valves. Excessive eye and ear smear, smegma on the glans penis!, vaginal discharge, sputum or/and film on the tongue may be indicators of e.g. gluten, dairy and/or lactose intolerance.


Quite a few babies are over-sensitive to cow milk. The treatment always follows a common sequence. The milk is first changed into a sour milk product. Because of its better digestive ability, allergy can become prevented. If the baby still reacts with eczema, asthma etc., cow milk is skipped all together. We then may try goat milk - with additional iron drops - since goat milk does not contain iron itself. If still showing adverse reactions, our last resort will be soy milk. See nutritional scheme for newborns in „Appendix IV" of the book.



„Acidification is a common factor in most chronic disease and (early) ageing"

9.1 Alkaline therapy (a.o. according to Dr.E.Rauch)

Until noon-time taking only fruits, fruit-juices and water is ideal for a good daily de-acidification. No coffee or tea, of course - being highly acidifying - since these render all attempts invalid. For a couple of days, you may have a hard time, because of the withdrawal effects. However, the breakthrough then will be irreversible. Afternoons and evenings regularly drink a combination of vegetable-juice or extract, such as combinations of celery, fennel, potatoes and leeks or a so-called alkaline-soup of potatoes, celery and other vegetables. See the book under „Appendix III"„ Vitality Food Recipes". Famous is the Breuss-kur - usually prescribed as a part of cancer treatment - consisting of fresh, organic!, home-made vegetable juices. Sixty percent should be red beet, twenty carrots, ten celery, five potato and five percent turnip. Some lemon juice or whey have to be added, in order to prevent fermentation. „Chew" very well! In case of a bloated belly at least skip drinking juices in the afternoon and evening. For instance, three glasses during your first month of the Personal Health Plan.



1. Intake of too much meat, fish, eggs, cheese, coffee and tea 2. Protein overconsumption, insufficient breakdown of intermediairy protein substances with accumulation of acids 3. Fermentation/rotting in the bowel with self-poisoning (also candida) 4. Overburdening of stomach with less alkaline production 5. Too little potatoes, vegetables and fruits 6. Shortage of oxygen/low combustion because of insufficient exercise 7. Acid accumulation by too little drinking and sweating 8. Alkaline depriving sugars and soft drinks 9. Overfatigue with acid accumulation 10. Stress (he „turned sour") 11. Old age 12.Toxic damage of enzymes by environmental poisons 13. Electro-magnetic pollution 14. Iatrogenic factors: the effects/side-effects of (regular) medicines.

The chronic surplus of acids is dumped in the tissues: latent acidosis. Manifesting itself in muscular cramp, callous painful spots, stiffness, „soft tissue" rheumatism, fibromyalgia, RSI, ME, hypertension, insufficiency of digestion, cellulitis, circulatory disorders, cold hands and feet, degrading tissue tonus and elasticity, mastopathy, wrinkles, dry coarse skin, early ageing, slow wittedness, forgetfulness, concentration disorders, irritability and depression.

The latent acidosis very often turns into a local acidosis. This is an (extreme) accumulation of acids in a limited area. Examples are gout, angina pectoris, heart attack, thrombosis, ulcus cruris, stroke, eye- and ear problems, Meniere’s disease, dementia, rheumatic arthritis and countless other disorders. Alkaline therapy is therefore often a part of your package of recommendations.

9.2 Consistency in healthy nutrition and lifestyle

9.3 Abundant drinking (2-3 liters per day) consisting of (mineral) water and herbal tea’s

9.4 Minerals rich in alkalines (a multiple, green clay, alkaline powder)

9.5 Exercise, sweating and sauna

9.6 „Leach" bath with bathing soda (once in two weeks 20 min. in a warm bath with 2-3 tablespoonful of bathing soda)

9.7 Alkaline enema (1 teaspoonful SoBiC - sodiumbicarbonate - on ½ - ¾ liters lukewarm water once a week, keeping water in)

9.8 Alkaline ointment for skin irritations and -inflammations, (brown) liver spots, „sour sweating", sunburn, itching, painful joints and neuritis:

R/ Natrium hydrogencarb. 3,0 g
Aquae dest. 22,0 g
Eucerin. anhydr. ad 50,0 g
Oleum rosac. 0,2 g

9.9 Alkaline inhalations with Emser salt for acute and chronic throat-, larynx-, bronchial-, nose- and sinus catarrh e.g. inflammations. (Caution: Strong alkalinic - undiluted pH9!.) hence should be diluted 1:10.

9.10 Alkaline tooth powder acc. to Rauch

R/ Calcium carb. 65 g
White clay ultrafine 20 g
Natrium hydrogencarb. 12 g
Seasalt 3 g

Alkaline powders (to be taken in between the meals!)


R/ Natriumhydrogencarb. (SoBiC)

M.f.p.s. 1 teaspoon. on ¼ liters of water 2x a day during 4 - 5 days („alkali shot")


R/ Magnes. citric.
Kalium hydrogencarb.
Natrium monohydrogenphos. aa 10,0
Kalium citric. 15,0
Calc.carbon. 70,0
Natrium hydrogencarb. 85,0

M.f.p.s. 1 teaspoon. on ¼ liters of water 2x a day. Suitable for long term application (weeks to months).


R/ Natrium monohydrog. phos.
Kalium hydrogen. carb. aa 10,0
Calcium carbon. 100,0
Natrium hydrogen. carb. ad 200,0

MDS. alkaline powder: 1 small teaspoon added to 1/4 liter of water. To be taken once daily for a maximum of a month. De-acidifies (Recipe according to Dr. F. Sander)

9.14 The protein-fasting according to Prof. Dr. L. Wendt, see „Transportation".

9.15 Giving 1/2 liter of blood once every six month. See „Transportation".

9.16 Drinking a lot. More than 2 liters a day. See „Transportation".

9.17 Eat a lemon a day

Alkaline- or acid-forming food is not related to taste. Lemons and pickles for instance, are alkaline-forming. Several lemons a day is a popular ten day cure to get acids out of the body. Lemons, by the way, are always picked while not yet ripe. „Letting them ripe" is therefore advisable, since unripe fruit-acids overtax the stomach lining. Place them in hot water measuring 60 ° C for 20 minutes. Note: lemons are „taking calcium out of the bones", therefore normally one lemon a day to be the maximum. Note: Not recommended in the menopause or in case of osteoporosis/osteomalacia.


9.18 Amalgam

Amalgam a.o. contains mercury. The difference in voltage between the metal and the mucous membrane of the mouth sets off electrical currents (mA) which put the mercury into solution. Especially old - because they are there already for a longer time - and large fillings therefore, to a greater or a lesser extent, cause mercury-poisoning. Besides, the micro-currents cause over-activation of the brain - „focal stress" - and the nervous system. Since it causes constriction of capillaries, amalgam may be partly responsible for hypertension, heart-attacks and strokes as well. It is therefore advisable for everyone to have all amalgam removed. Your dentist should be acquainted with this problem. Otherwise it is better to consult a toxic-free dentist.

9.19 Oil-chewing

Originating from the Ukraine, this is one of the most effective detoxification-therapies for the lymph-system. The technique is very simple. Preferably early in the morning before breakfast - being the time when the lymph is overloaded with toxins from the cell-metabolism - take a spoonful of cold-pressed vegetable oil in the mouth and for fifteen to twenty minutes „chew it, suck it and gargle with it" as best you can. It truly is hard work. The oil thus absorbs large amounts of toxins and thereby slowly turns watery and changes color. None of the „chewed" liquid should be swallowed. When you are through, spit out the „used oil" and flush it down the toilet, followed by rinsing your mouth with warm water - also to be spit out - and then brush your teeth. This treatment may last 14 to 30 days or even several months if so desired. Pain in the armpits and in the groin indicates, that the glands there, too, are undergoing a cleansing. Especially the fat-soluble toxins are removed by the technique. Not only the lymph-system but also the head-area reacts to this treatment. It gives clarity of mind, because of the intensive chewing (bloodcirculation). Realize that living on „fruits only" during the morning, will greatly enhance the effect.

9.20 Mamma-drainage

This too, is a detoxification-therapy for the lymph-system. It is important especially for women, since the armpit-glands serve as drains for the breasts. When the body is polluted, the lymph-nodes in the armpits - filters - often also clog up, as a result of which the toxins from the breast cannot sufficiently drain. They then stagnate in the breast-tissue. Since many of these substances may be toxic - consider in this respect fat-soluble environmental toxins such as DDT and dioxin - stagnation may lead to chronic over-activation of sensitive breast-tissue. All kinds of disorders, such as infections, mastopathy, benign cysts and ultimately cancer may be the result. True prevention therefore consists of the regular draining of the breasts and armpit lymph-glands. Note: Stick to biological deodorants only!

The technique is very simple. Support your elbow in a relaxed way on e.g. the edge of the sofa. Place your fingers - your right hand for the left armpit and viceversa - inside the armpit and go over the hollow and perhaps one or more lymph-glands. Massage the area deeply with soft circular movements, including any lymph-glands you may come across. Should this hurt, it is usually a sign of activity, irritation or inflammation. In either case, it is very important - after consultation with your family doctor - to continue the treatment, be it even more carefully. Continue with the other armpit, spending 2-4 minutes on each. The next step is to massage the area between armpit and breast, also in a circular way. Then the upper and under lateral quarters of the breast. Finally the central parts as well. Now the drains towards your armpit are open, hence, you can start pushing the breast tissue with gentle strokes of thumb and fingers towards it. First the parts closest to the armpit, the rest following. Be sure of the sequence. Avoid damming up of toxins between the breast and the armpits. The frequency of this self-help treatment is once to twice a week. In a similar fashion you may also massage your groin. A enjoyable variation is the partner massage, in which the female sits face to face on the lap of the masseur, with her arms laying relaxed on his or her shoulders. The masseur then proceeds in the same manner as described above, be it not cross-armed. The final pushing is done by the thumbs mainly. Recommended!

9.21 Connective tissue massage

The soft connective tissue is the major transit- and storage-place of the bodily fluid, lymph, nutrition and waste products. Everything that wants to go from the blood to the cells - nutrients - and from the cells back to the blood - waste products - must pass through the soft connective tissue. The nervous system and the hormonal system, too, can only reach the cells via the connective tissue, through substances: neuro-transmitters and hormones. The connective tissue thus takes up a central position. When it is easily passable, everything can function optimally. Slagging - acidification - though, may lead to serious problems.

The technique of connective tissue-massage is a simple one. It is also referred to as „rolling". A roll of tissue from the lower back is taken between thumb and fingers. This roll is then moved upward as a wave over its „foundation" - muscles, sinews and bones - without letting go. In this manner the entire back is treated: over the length of the back and sideways across. Only the middle of the vertebrae is left untouched. In order to do it well, one should first witness the technique and do it oneself under supervision. The effects of connective tissue-massage are manifold: reflex-effect, improvement of the circulation and detoxification. The released toxins may temporarily burden the flow system with dizziness, heart palpitations and nausea. Like after guasha therapy you should therefore drink profusely as to better flushing the flow, relax for at least 10 minutes following the treatment and very slowly and carefully rise. The connective tissue massage - as well as the lymph drainage - is most effective when undergone in combination with other detoxifying and eliminative activities.


The liver is the major detoxification-organ. All food, after having been digested, is filtered by the liver. The toxins from the bowels, too, like fermentation, rotting, fungi, barbiturates, medicines and environmental toxins are received by the liver and rendered harmless. No wonder, that in quite a number of people, perhaps most, the liver is overtaxed. When it no longer functions optimally, the body is flooded with toxins, „breaking the dams". The other detoxification- and elimination ways then become overburdened. Usually this ultimately leads to chronic illness. The supporting and regular detoxification of the liver is therefore one of the major preventive and therapeutic measures.

9.22 Liver flush according to Dr. Stone

Once every 3 months, squeeze out two oranges and a lemon (or two), together with one to three crushed fresh cloves of garlic, mix this in a glass to which you add two spoonfuls of cold-pressed olive oil. Preferably to be taken on an empty or near-empty stomach. The rest of the day live on fruits and vegetables only. Stop all unnecessary medication on that day. It cleanses the liver and supports detoxification. Not for people with a history of alcoholism, chronic liver inflammation, pancreatic insufficiency or gastritis. In case of doubt, consult your physician. To be taken either one or several days in a row or two to three days a week during three weeks for instance.

9.23 In case of liver-overburdening, apart from a cleansing cure: no animal fats, meat or anything baked or fried. Recommended are high-quality foods, easily digestible raw vegetables and an optimal amount of vitamins, mineral and trace-elements.

9.24 Liver-pack

To be administered as a 14-21 day cure for instance. At least one hour daily, or longer if the pack stays warm. First place a large well-fitting warm (woollen) towel under your body at the level of the liver, which later can be pinned around your body. Subsequently, wrap the hot-waterbottle in a warm humid towel (single layer) and put it on the skin, the area which is at the right side of the chest, below the breast or nipple. Close the outer wrap around it, in such a way, that no air can come in between. Very enjoyable during an afternoon-nap. The warmth promotes both the metabolism and the circulation of the liver, which in turn aids in the detoxification. It is always part of the intensive bowel cleansing cure.

9.25 Once a month - two or three subsequent days - take a laxative like magnesium sulphate. See „Digestion".

9.26 Once a month use a water-enema for bowel-irrigation. See „Elimination", with sieved extracts of camomile and dandelion.

9.27 Retching and vomiting, except in severe cases. See „Digestion".

9.28 Pressure point massage of the right chest edge.

See „Digestion", but in this case on the right side or both sides simultaneously.


R/ Carduus Marianus (Milk thistle)

S. One of the most effective herbs in the case of insufficiency and overburdening of the liver. Each tablet should contain at least 70 mg of the active substance scillymarin (please check!). Three tablets 3 times daily after meals for at least two months.


R/ Temoe Lawak

(Curcuma javanica)

S. Traditional remedy for liver-detoxification and the stimulating of the bile. Often used in Indonesian traditional medicine (Jamu). May irritate the stomach lining. 1-2 Tablets three times a day after meals for a maximum of three weeks.


R/ Rad. Taraxaci 20,0
Rad. Saponaria 15,0
Hb. Fumariae 15,0
Hb. Card. benedict. 20,0
Sem. Cardui mariae 15,0
Hb. Agrimoniae 20,0
Hb. Millefol. 15,0
Hb. Centaurii 20,0

S/ Herbal mixture for liver- and gallbladder disorders and overburdening. Brew as a tea. 1 Cup, three times daily. Available at your chemist or pharmacy. Similar ready-to-use teas are also on the market.


R/ Peppermint tea

S. Has a very stimulating and decramping effect on liver and gallbladder. Can even give relief in acute biliairy colic (gallstone). One small cup 3 times daily.


R/ Bitter-remedies

S. See „Digestion".


R/ Winter Radish juice

S. Stimulates liver and gallbladder. 1 Cup mornings and evenings for 3-4 weeks (pause every 4-5 days for 2-3 days).


R/ Liu Wei Di Huang Wan

(Six herb pill: Rehmannia glutinosa, Cornusoff., Chinese yam, Fu ling, Alisma plantago aquat. var. orient., bark of peony tree)

S. Stimulates the functions of liver, spleen and kidneys. Consult the label for the correct dosage.

NOTE: Temoe Lawak and winter radish-juice are not recommended during pregnancy.


Most doctors - even alternative ones - try to make you believe, that optimizing your immune-system is a matter of taking the „right" medicines or supplements. If we only eat vitamin C, anti-oxidants, garlic, ginseng or reishi, then.....Unfortunately, these people still believe in the old paradigm, according to which health depends on taking isolated substances. In our view though, the immune-system depends on optimizing all basic functions simultaneously, from nutrition to bowel-cleansing, from fever to exercise, from love to laughter. The flow system appears to be your extended immune-system! The additional possibilities are therefore equally „limitless". To mention only a few: echinacea, spenglersane (made of tuberculine), pro-biotics, auto-urine therapy, guasha, homeopathic dilution of your own tears, stimulation of the thymus, optimal menstruation, enough sleep, feeling-contact with the body, melatonin (...).

9.36 Guasha

One of the best immune-stimulating therapies. See earlier in this chapter.

9.37 Auto-urine therapy

It is remarkable - or maybe not so! - how in these post-modern times real archaic methods of cure suddenly become popular. Like in the last two years, the market was overflowing with books about auto-urine therapy. Not a method of first choice one would say. It is completely contradictory to the sophisticated lifestyle Westerners have adopted in the last fifty years. Are people that desperate or so bored, that they are just looking for a „kick"? Let’s look more close than to the real benefits of a therapy, which is at least among the cheapest: drinking your own urine. What is special about it? First one should remember, that urine is sterile. Except in cases of infections of the urinary tract, it can be drunk safely. Furthermore, it contains nutrients, vitamins, minerals and hormones. Not too bad, but not very special. Not enough for explaining the - considerable - claims made by those who are promoting the therapy. It maybe the countless breakdown products of our metabolism though. This is a hypothesis worth looking at. In biological medicine, auto-urine therapy used to be applied to cases of allergy in particular. Especially Herz and Krebs, two German doctors used it successfully, not only in cases of asthma, urticaria, Quincke oedema, pertussis, seborrhoic eczema, but also sinusitis, migraine and toxicosis of pregnancy. Nowadays, this list has been extended to almost all disorders related to our toxic environment as mentioned in this book. The mechanism being a stimulating of our immune-system and the neutralizing of toxic substances. In any of these cases you thus could try auto-urine therapy. The common way of taking it, is to drink your morning urine, since this contains the highest concentration of waste. Drink at least one glass (200 cc) a day during three weeks. You may prefer adding some lemon juice to it, as to improve the taste. It isn’t that bad though. After a few days you will be accustomed to it. Another way of taking it, is via an enema. In that case, you should first take a waterenema to empty the rectum, the last part of the bowel2 . If this has happened successfully, you then administer 50-70 cc of urine into the bowel with the help of a small rubber balloon. Of course you should then try to keep it in.

9.38 Clapping of the thymus

The function of the thymus gland is to differentiate T-lymphocytes. It is most active from childhood until adolescence. After that the function becomes less. However, it is always good to do some stimulating exercises though. One of them is clapping of the thymus, in which you rhythmically clap the middle of your chest - behind which the thymus is located - with your two hollow hands. To be done for a couple of minutes, especially in times of recovery, weakness, stress and fatigue.


R/ Chlorophyll

Usually available as 1% solution in tonics. Be sure it is natural! Chlorophyll has been mentioned in the chapter on „Combustion" as a substance very close to haemoglobin. It therefore is one of the most powerful oxygen-providers to our cells. Which in many cases could be life-saving, since chronic shortage of oxygen may be initiating cancer-growth. The „additional effects" of chlorophyll also may not be overlooked, like its regenerative effects on cells and tissues, protection from X-rays and electro-magnetic pollution, its purifying effects on the liver, cleansing of bloodvessel wall and its inhibiting effects on the growth of harmful bacteria. Chlorella is similar and an even more powerful remedy.


R/ Melatonin

Especially those who have been exposed to electro-magnetic pollution, amalgam-poisoning or stress, could take melatonin for one or two months. S. two times a day 1 mg., one after lunch and one one hour before going to bed.In serious cases this dosage can be increased.

Melatonin is secreted by the epiphysis, located under our skull and supports the function of the suprarenal gland in producing cortisone, which in its turn is essential for optimal immune-response. Deficiency of melatonin can be part of serious occupational disease, e.g. in dentists. Dentists work under high electro-magnetic stress. First their room is full of electrical wires, neon light, not to speak of regular X-rays. They have to work with a halogen-lamp of at least 8000 nanotesla (ampere), at a close distance from their head all the time. In the long run, this field is causing a melatonin-deficiency. This overall condition is worsened by the close contact the dentist has with the trunk of the patient’s chair. This trunk has a very strong electro-magnetic field as well, since all the cables are concentrated there. Hence, because the lower part of the dentist’s body is closest to this trunk, it is most endangered. Cancer of one of the pelvic organs - bladder, rectum, prostate, ovaries, testis - is soon to become a condition dentists have to deal with - a true occupational disease - since there have already occurred cases of this kind.

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