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Chapter 8.

Criteria of a healthy assimilation

Optimal nutrition, digestive function and permeability of the capillary wall. The regular taking of supplements. Toxic-free environment.

What can go wrong

Deficiencies, toxic pollution.

According to Prof. Dr. W. Zabel, 25% of the body cells are permanently born and growing, 50% is in a steady state, while another 25 % is degenerating and dying. There is a feedback between the latter and the former. Dying cells secrete a „necrohormone", which initiates the growth of new cells. Proper dying appears to be a pre-condition for new life! Moreover, the dying cells are broken down in such a way, that their material is available for the growth and the maintenance of the rest. The first requirement for optimal vitality, is not to hinder the breaking down processes. Cells clogged by proteins, although not properly functioning anymore, can be prevented from dying for a considerable period of time. They are neither „alive" nor dead. Hence the first principle for an optimal regeneration, is to tidy away the mess. This can be done through e.g. a one month protein-free diet or a fast.

The other source of vital substances comes from nutrients. Needless to say, that the requirement is high. The cell needs high quality material for its maintenance. Vitamins, minerals, trace-elements, enzymes, amino-acids and nucleic acids are among the most in need. As I have emphasized in the previous chapters, optimal nutrition, digestion and the permeability of the capillary wall is an absolute necessity. What is the use after all of e.g. taking supplements, if the passage is not open? The use of supplements nowadays can hardly be avoided though. In our situation, with so many harmful influences from all sides, we need approximately three times the minimum - standard - daily intake of vital substances. However, because of the deficiency of the soil, the industrial processing of our food and bad food habits, we are not even receiving the required minimum. Hence, supplements to be necessary. This does not mean, that we have to take them all the time, though. Most people will do with taking them in special situations only. In times of recovery, fatigue, during winter time, in the transition period towards a better health, during and after pregnancy, in chronic disease etc. After some time - usually a couple of months - you stop for a while. Which supplements you should take, is a hot issue. The „alternative" health industry also has its lobby nowadays. The danger of guessing is, that you bring your system even more out of balance than it was before. Safe is to take an entire daily requirement - as you find them everywhere - rather than isolated substances. The only exceptions to be made here are the anti-oxidants, the B-vitamins and calcium.

Our deficit balance of vital substances: agriculture, industry, commerce, kitchen, diet, eating habits, digestion and capillary wall. What finally reaches the cell may be a fraction from
what we really need. The opening up of the above
mentioned „passage" is the first step to be taken in
order to restore the supply. The supplements
are additional

Assimilation is the intake, synthesis and absorption of building materials by the cell. The energy needed for this, is supplied by the combustion. Building materials from nutritional protein are a.o., amino acids and nucleic acids. The nucleic acid DNA contains the hereditary information on the characteristics intrinsic to an organism, while RNA - aided by this information - rules the synthesis of enzymes and other proteins. In the cell, amino acids are again built up into bodily protein. There is also a constant decomposition and conversion of old, damaged and diseased material. Nearly every reaction also requires enzymes and co-enzymes. Unfortunately lots of harmful factors - toxins, radiation etc. - nowadays are destroying vital substances in the body with as a result the impairment of function. So-called free radicals may be released, which can cause harmful „chain reactions" in the body. A free radical used to be a normal molecule. Through damage, an electron from the outer rim of the molecule can be lost, resulting in a highly irritable behavior. It will aggressively take an electron from the next molecule, which immediately also will loose its stability, turning into another free radical. A destructive cycle may thus have been set in motion. In no time entire groups of cells degenerate.

It will be easily understood, that the „maximum allowance" of a certain toxic substance, such as dioxin, benzpyrene, benzene, asbestos, conservatives, colourings and artificial odours, agricultural pesticides, nitrate, PCB's, household detergents, paint-thinners, carbon monoxide, chlorogenic acid from coffee, the chloride in the water, fluorinated toothpaste, chemo-therapeutics and tens of thousands of other substances, may be considered utter nonsense, yes as - deliberate - deception. Disorders are hardly caused by one factor alone. Note, that of the hundreds of thousands different chemical substances about a mere 1% has been tested as to their possible harmful effects! Rather the combination of harmful substances affects our organism up to a point, that damage will occur. I called it MESS: Multi Etiological Sumtotal Syndrome1.Hence, the necessity to avoid chemicals as much as you can altogether. Again the flow system - through influencing the dynamic equilibrium between input, processing and output - plays a major role. The most prominent harmful factors are: environmental pollution, including the above-mentioned substances, UV radiation, electro-magnetic pollution like high-voltage cables, radar, wireless telephones, satellites, radio, TV, computers and static electricity indoors, radioactivity, medical treatments like pharmaco, radio and nuclear therapy and also foci, which are chronic symptomless inflammations, which in turn cause disease, and stress. All these causes have an amplifying effect on each other. In particular will they affect those parts of the body, which constitute the weakest link, this as a result of e.g. congenital defects or other damage or weaknesses developed throughout - early - life, and therefore are most vulnerable. Now the truth is, that with many of us, one or more of those weakest cells are under constant pressure, because of all these factors. It then often takes very little to deregulate the cell. The drinking of one single cup of coffee for instance, may at the right moment, convert a vulnerable cell into a cancerous one. Enzymes in particular, can be easily damaged. If e.g. breaking-down enzymes are impaired, metabolic functions are blocked and substances are accumulating. Which is a major cause of the alarming increase in e.g. food-intolerance in the world. The only right policy left therefore, is avoiding as much as possible, or reducing to zero all harmful influences from our environment.

One of the most beautiful things I witness as a „flow system consultant", is how infectious it is to anybody who becomes
in touch with it. Especially, when it is accepted by all
members of the same family, the shared happiness
is great. We all are grateful to life, which is giving
both of us - doctor and patient - so
much fulfilment

Fortunately, we have our „little helpers", the anti-oxidants. These are the substances, which are supposed to neutralize the harmful effects of the free radicals. Too rapid oxidation is stopped, function restored and disease prevented. A whole range of anti-oxidants is available nowadays. It is therefore not always easy to distinguish, what is reliable and what is just trendy. As is the case with other medicines, those which could maintain a reputation during a longer period of time, may be your first choice. A basic package then includes vitamin C (2000 mg), E (400 IU) and beta-carotene (15.000 IU), zinc (30 mg), selenium (200 mcg) especially recommended as a cancer preventive (curing?) trace-mineral, n-acetyl cysteine (200 mg), alpha lipoic acid (100 mg), SOD, catalase and glutathion. Vitamin C supposedly stimulates the immune-system and helps the liver to detoxify. It should be taken as powder, because of its abilities to remove fungus from food - by adding it to it - and its stimulating effect on the bowel movement. Because of its harmlessness, vitamin C powder can be added to lots of more things, like rice washed with vitamin C for ten minutes, vegetables, syrup and honey, wine etc. It is an unavoidable part of green clay therapy, since it is preventing possible constipation, caused by the clay. Vitamin E is stabilizing the membranes of the cell, protecting them against free radicals. Furthermore, it protects the lung from oxidative damage from air-pollutants. It prevents tumor-growth, since both free radicals and lipid peroxidation are associated with it. Besides, it maintains the biological integrity of vitamin A. As its precursor, beta-carotene shows a beneficial effect in maintaining a healthy epithelium, which prevents cancer. N-acetyl cysteine has a lot of beneficial effects too. Among others: anti-oxidant, detoxification e.g. of heavy metals, liver-protection and immune-stimulation. Alpha-lipoic acid (100 mg) has a key function, since it not only has an anti-oxidant function of its own, but also regenerates other anti-oxidants like vitamin C, E and glutathione. It is mainly found in red meat (...), hence vegetarians inevitably need supplementation. Especially people over 40 are benefiting from lipoic acid, because the body produces less when it becomes older. The most potent anti-oxidants are the pro-anthocyanidins, derived from both grape-seeds and the French maritime pine bark. Research has indicated, that they are 50 times more effective than vitamin-E and 20 times more than vitamin-C in scavenging free radicals. They are improving permeability of capillaries with regeneration of cells, a positive effect in heart disease, arteriosclerosis and other degenerative processes. Zinc is a co-factor in more than 20 enzymatic reactions, preventing accumulation of metabolic substances and degeneration. It assists in binding nucleoproteins for the stabilization of RNA in protein synthesis. It supports the immune-system and a lot more. Selenium is a trace-element, a co-factor, active in neutralizing free radicals. It protects the cell, the mitochondria and lysosome membranes from peroxidation damage, potentiating similar effects of vitamin E. It is said to prevent from cancer.

Chronic diseases are the result of simultaneous impact of various factors during a longer time plus our immune-response.
Hence THE cause of e.g. asthma, migraine and...
cancer does not exist


By regulating the flow system and above all during an intensive cleansing cure, hidden discrepancies often emerge, e.g. discrepancies which were not there before the cure started. An often heard complaint is, that of „restless legs" or pulling in the behind, particularly while lying down at night. This is often a result of a chronic lack of calcium and/or magnesium. Besides the taking of balanced supplements, it is important to keep an eye on what we eat. Above all a sufficient amount of vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy-products and fish.

Summarizing, what we ultimately take in, far from meets the requirements. And what's more, nutrients have a long way to go through the body, before actually entering the cells. Along the way are many impediments. In the first place, the „common" nutrition increasingly lacks vital substances, due to industrial agriculture, food-processing and our own bad cooking and eating habits. Subsequently, the digestive- and absorption-capacity in most of us is below par. Overeating over the years caused an overburdened and insufficient working digestive system. We therefore absorb only a part of what we eat. Following this, the vital substances enter the bloodstream, at the end of which - in the capillaries - they must pass the bloodvessel-wall in order to be taken into the cell via the soft connective tissue. Two enormous hurdles remain to be overcome here, the first being the capillary-wall, the second the soft connective tissue. As already stated: the bloodvessel-wall has, through the overconsumption of animal proteins, already become less passable or has clogged up, while the connective tissue has acidified and „slagged" by waste products. It will be clear, that a combination of a number of the above-mentioned factors more than suffices, to bring about a chronic state of deficiency of vitamins, minerals, trace-elements and enzymes to such an extent, that the cells are only partly supplied with nutritive elements. What finally reaches the cells, is usually only a fraction of the original intake, which in itself was already insufficient. A decisive factor is thus the presence of vitamins, minerals and trace-elements. These see to it, that the enzyme-reactions can optimally take place. If there is a shortage of these, our cell-metabolism is at a low level, the production of energy and heat is too low and the cell ultimately perishes. All kinds of intermediary- and waste products accumulate in the cell, so that it smothers in its own waste. An optimal supply of these vital elements is therefore all-important., otherwise chronic fatigue, a decline in vitality, lowered resistance, stress-proneness, premature ageing and in the long run degeneration and chronic illness will follow as a result.

"Health"-care invests in illness. With Optimal Vitality Care
you are investing in your health


8.1 Organic high-quality food.

8.2 Sufficient fruit, optimal green vegetables, fruit- and vegetable juices.

8.3 Do not add salt to your food. If sometimes needed, than purified - because of possible residues of gull shit (parasites!) - aluminium-free sea-salt.

8.4 In times of growth (children), recovery, illness, stress, fatigue, undernourishment or old age, additional suppletion with „orthomolecular" substances may be unavoidable. This doesn’t mean, that you accept anything advertisement is trying to sell to you. On the contrary. Flow system therapy after all - through improving all basic functions - provides you with all vital substances. As we have seen, without optimizing basic flow system functions, the intake of supplements will be partly or even entirely useless. After having improved our health, additional vitamins, minerals and trace-elements to which optionally added an optimal dosage of digestive enzymes, amino acids and other nutritional supplements, could be quite useful though. However, as nobody can trace the actual balances in the body, we are not very much in favor of taking isolated substances. The vitamin-mineral-metabolism is a vulnerable balance which may easily shift either way. One may then very quickly fall from one extreme into another. Hence - with a few exceptions though - we recommend a daily intake of all vitamins, minerals and trace-elements needed. The Recommended Dietary Allowance appears to be not sufficient, since - as mentioned in this chapter we need more but become less - hence the dosage to be increased. Companies providing natural supplements usually have indicated this higher dosage on their packages. Supplements should be natural, not containing additives, sugar, yeast, gluten or lactose.

8.5 Vitamin B-complex

As a consequence of combined harmful factors like deficiency of vital substances, stress, electro-magnetic smog and (self)pollution, our brain is increasingly under heavy strain. If anything like stress, irritability, fatigue, depression, sleeplessness, loss of memory, concentration and learning abilities arises, it may be wise to take additional natural vitamin B-complex. Vitamin B-complex, partly as spirulina or kelp, generally supports and protects the function of the brain and the nervous system. Since they do not cause side-effects, the combination with the daily allowance and anti-oxidants may work out quite favorably. Moreover, vitamin B-complex may play an additional role in the pathogenesis of arteriosclerosis. It comes from the U.S.A. and is called the „homocysteine" theory. It says, that vitamin B-complex is needed for breaking down proteins. In case of shortage of the former the breakdown product homocysteine will accumulate, contributing to the formation of a thickened bloodvessel wall. It will be clear, that this theory is at the very most only a part of the overall picture of the Wendt’s „protein-overconsumption syndrome". Hence the solution to be also a holistic one - a total change of lifestyle - rather than just taking some more vitamin B.

Calcium suppletion

8.6 Calcium intake

Shortage of calcium-intake is of increasing concern. The irony is, that both rich and poor peoples suffer from it. The reasons are the calcium-deficiency of the soil, protein-overconsumption, with excess of phosphorus, vegetable/fruit acids like lemon draining calcium, junk food (deficiencies), undernourishment, high sugar intake - one of the major causes of calcium deprivation - poor digestion, impaired passage to the cells and hormonal changes, as is the case with women in the menopause. Aluminium, e.g. from pots and pans and the drinking of black tea! is both blocking the absorption of calcium in the bowel and accumulating in the brain, probably the main cause of Alzheimer’s disease (apart from mercury poisoning from fillings?!). It may be clear, that just supplementing calcium - however needed in many individual cases - is not the only solution for this complicated problem. Calcium can be found a.o. in hazelnuts, (organic) skimmed milk powder, soft cheese curd, cheese, yoghurt, walnuts, figs and spinach. The need for dairy products is a controversial point though. The irony is, that in countries with high dairy intake calcium-shortage is outspoken, while in Asia with its lactose-intolerance no calcium-shortage used to be reported. If taken as a supplement, calcium should be in an easily digestible form, e.g. as calcium/magnesium-citrate or calcium-chloride drink. To enhance absorption, take it with soft cheese curd or tofu preferably. The CaCl2 as a 10% solution is cheap and you take 2-3 tablespoons a day. Although generally vitamin-D may help to put the calcium back into the bone - e.g. in case of osteoporosis - an overdose of vitamin-D can easily promote the accumulation of calcium-deposits in and around the bloodvessels, in the joints, the gall bladder and the kidneys. The compulsory addition of vitamin-D in margarines (like in Holland) may therefore be co-responsible - together with the bad fat of the margarine itself, o irony - for a great deal of arteriosclerosis, arthritis and kidney-stones. Hence, my advice to only acquire vitamin-D in a natural way: by limited sunbaths2! Finally a chondroitin (chondroitin sulfate 400 mg plus glucosamine sulphate 500 mg) remedy to improve the quality of cartilage may be added to your calcium-suppletion, preferably not from shark, since they are on the verge of extinction. You see, medicine is not very complicated, once you have understood its - simple - logic.


A 72! year old woman came to me with severe osteoporosis. She complained of pain in the lower back, extreme stiffness in almost all joints, especially in the morning or when getting out of a chair and creaking. She could not walk up the staircase anymore. Some years before she had some spontaneous fractures. Apart from the „osteoporosis itself", the diagnosis poor intake of vital substances, chronic indigestion and arteriosclerosis could be made. By improving the intake by organic food, by optimizing her digestion, by sending her to a chelation therapist for a clean-up of her bloodvessels and by giving her suppletions like calcium/magnesium-citrate, bone- and cartilago powder, spirulina and a daily coverage of all necessary vitamins, minerals and trace- elements, combined with local heat-application and mild underwater-gymnastics, she recovered in four months, to such an extent, that the pain and the stiffness were largely over, being able to walk up the staircase again.

Osteoporosis, a condition often seen in later age, especially among women, is due to a shortage of calcium in the bones, the breakdown of bone and cartilago. Deficient dietary intake of calcium, poor digestion and impairment of passage through the capillary wall tend to cause low calcium levels in the blood. This causes a life-threatening situation, the reason why the body "won’t tolerate it". It quickly gets the calcium from other sources - the bones - to upkeep the blood-calcium level. Moreover, too high intake of meat, through which the calcium-phosphorus ratio is out of balance, also removes calcium from the bone tissue, causes temporarily too high calcium blood-levels, resulting in calcium excretion and subsequent bone-demineralization. Moreover, excessive use of sweets only adds to the problem, since sugar also takes calcium from the bones. Finally, hormonal changes are responsible for deterioration of the calcium-balance in the menopause. To keep the blood-calcium bloodlevel up, calcium is mobilized from the bones to the capillaries. On their way though, they are meeting all kinds of protein-breakdown products, with which they form calcium-protein compounds. These compounds subsequently are deposited in the connective tissue, around the bloodvessels, the joints and the muscles. Part of it is also processed inside the bloodstream by the cells of the artery-wall, being deposited in the intima, the inside of the bloodvessels. Osteoporosis therefore is a disease with a calcium-shortage in the right places - the bones - and a calcium-accumulation in the wrong ones. Therapy therefore has to include both suppletion and a clean-up simultaneously. Once having understood the mechanism, even severe cases as mentioned above, will have a perspective for improvement.


During my years of practice in the country-side, a dog-breeder came to me with an „Irish wolf dog" as we call them in Dutch, a huge grey dog. The dog’s back had sagged, due to osteoporosis. The puppy had been fed with large amounts of meat, assuming that this was the best for the dog’s growth. However, because of overconsumption of phosphorus, calcium had been prevented to become part of the bone, hence the bones were very weak (osteomalacia). The dog’s spinal nerves got stuck in between the vertebrae, which caused tremendous pain. The owner had heard about the natural medicine I did and although I wasn’t a vet, I managed to treat the dog successfully. By changing his food, giving supplements and the treatment of the pain with neural therapy (injections with local anaestetics) the dog recovered within three months.

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