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Chapter 14.

Criteria of a healthy environment

A balanced humankind: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, culturally, socially and economically, in harmony with its natural environment.

What is going wrong

Humankind as cancergrowth: unlimited growth and accumulation on all levels with destruction of the earth as we know it.

There isn’t any „environmental problem", except humankind. What we call „the environment" is nothing but the projection of our own spiritual, emotional, economical, social and cultural crisis. Alienated from „Heaven" and earth, thrown back upon our small self, enslaved by our thoughts, emotions, dreams and desires, „having" and greed as a substitute for „Being", our emotional imbalance, economic expansion and social uprootedness, we have become a cancer-growth, the threat for everything else alive on this earth. Hence the only solution for the „ecological crisis" is a deep self-transformation on all levels. It is everybody’s own responsibility in the first place. The problem a.o. with lifestyle programs though is, that - at least initially - you hardly will find any positive feedback from your surroundings. You have to do it all by yourself. Even in the same family, the difference of opinion and standpoints may be totally controversial. Most people’s reference is what the masses are doing after all. And that is for sure not what you are trying to do. Therefore, I hope to give you some more advice. I very much like the idea of drawing concentric circles. It stems from China. One of the Confucian classics is called „The Great Learning" or Ta Hsüeh. It says, that „if you want to govern the state, you first have to manage your estates well. In order to manage your estates well, you first have to balance your own household. In order to balance your own household, you first have to harmonize with your relationships. In order to harmonize with your relationships, you first have to balance yourself". The power of this concept is, that while drawing concentric circles, every previous one has to support the next. It is like building a house. You cannot built a house, by leaving out the foundations or the first floor. Everything has to be done in a strict sequence. You should construct every step in such a way, that the first will be supporting the second, the second the third etc. This model appears to be very suitable for our idea as well.

A healthy mind in a healthy body in a healthy environment in a healthy society

The success of your efforts is greatly depending on positive feedback from your environment. In order to get positive feedback from your environment, you first have to balance yourself. Some people like to start with balancing their bodies, others prefer to start with the mind. Whatever choice you make, you always have to add the second step to the first. The result will be a „bodymind" aware, integrated, healthy and balanced person. The second circle then, will be your partner and family. The best thing of course, is to do your things in accordance with them. If this isn’t (yet) the case, then things might be a little more difficult. It depends on your mutual understanding, tolerance and love, how much space each member has to develop her or his own things. In my experience, it is the women, who mostly are taking the lead. Since most of them are more body-oriented, intuitive with regard to interrelationships, with openness to self care and also the ones who mostly cook, it is them who „have to develop strategies", to smoothly integrate the other members. That this isn’t always easy, is reflected by quite some divorces, because of this kind of situations. Also the raising of children can be quite a difficult task. First:, never try to impose anything on anybody. Just do your own things - for which you do claim space and time without too much compromise - and hope for the best. When there are (little) openings though, use them optimally. So if your husband says, after half a year „resistance": „Well dear, what about a vegetarian dish today?", then make the nicest, tastiest dish you ever made in your life. Never impose anything on your children either. It is common experience, that in puberty they will almost always reject the pattern, they had „to follow" at home. Make sure, that they will not reject your way! Always compromise, taking the children’s environment - their group, friends etc. - for which they are most sensitive, into account.

The third step is to reorganize your household in such a way, that it reflects the input-processing-output of the previous stages. What after all is the use of bringing yourself to an optimum, if your direct environment is contradicting this all the time? The power of our model is, that aspects of your household - goods, money, information, relationships, education - all correspond to the flow system.

Our cup of tea is (too) full

A searcher for Truth visited a Zen-master. Friendly the Master offered his visitor a cup of tea. The Master poured the tea in and then didn’t stop. The visitor got a shock "Please stop, my cup is full", he shouted. The Master smiled and said: "That’s how your mind is. It is so full, that it can’t contain anything else. Only when you make some space, the Truth may move in".

Nowadays we suffer from a too much. Our lives are dominated by too much money, the expensive house, our car, too much information, too many appointments, the countless choices we have to make all the time, too much advertisement, too much science and technology, electro-stress, the greed for more, too much „learning" for our children, too many telephone calls, too many relationships, our stressful work, too much loneliness, our complicated social life, too many conflicts, too much security (too much fear of insecurity), too much noise, too much unemployment, too high taxes, even to arrange our leisure time takes the energy from us. The sum total makes us unhappy, frustrated, powerless, tired, anxious, irritable, depressed and eventually sick and chronically ill. The promises society still gives us: „happier through more affluence („growth"), information, health care etc". has already proven to be false. In the year 2010 the number of chronically ill people will have risen with 40% (compared to 1992), despite all investments, modernizations etc. of modern medicine. Through too much information, people are already becoming increasingly frustrated, lonely and powerless. Moreover, the more „security", the more crime it seems. Despite all efforts towards a „sustainable" future, the destruction of the environment seems to be unstoppable. Hence the coming world recession should be welcomed as a chance to get the things right. It will be a great opportunity for us all to establish a new, more simple and healthy balance, both in our personal lives as on a larger scale. And remember: while we might „suffer" a set back in spending, the people’s in the Third World are incomparably worse off. Whatever happens, don’t lose your compassion towards those who really suffer.

By becoming Spiritual, you will become the Center, while your mind is the periphery. You become disconnected from the small self, hence you stop clinging, calculating. Therefore, if you want to know about someone’s Spirituality, examine
his attitude towards money

Balancing your household means, looking at input-processing and output. Maybe the easiest way is to start with the goods. You may start a „bookkeeping" of the things coming in, their usage and the way they are thrown. Priority should be given to all products, which may in some way or another be harmful to your health. I distinguish two major categories: toxic products and those which promote electro-smog. Starting with the kitchen, you replace all toxic substances by non-toxic ones. Especially the detergents should be mentioned. If you do the dishes and work with a common product, then small residues of detergents stay as a film on the pots, pans, glasses and cups, forks and knives. These traces will therefore enter the bodies of every your family member. The harmful effect of these substances is, that they dissolve fat and thus damage the cell-membranes. These consist of highly vulnerable protein-fatty substances - lipoprotein - which play a key role in the functioning of the cell. If they become damaged, the cell will sooner or later deteriorate. It is for certain one of the co-factors in the etiology of chronic disease and possibly cancer. Avoid these things like pest. Buy harmless detergents or make them yourself. Borax seems to be a good alternative. Remove subsequently all chemicals, which in some way or another could be harmful to health. Chlorinated and fluorinated water is one of them. They are both halogens, aggressive substances destroying cells. Together with fluoride toothpaste (or also tapwater) they tend to release „free radicals" in the body, causing a „degeneration chain", thus enough reason to also find a definitive solution to this problem. They are causing brain and neurological lesions, cancer, bone pathology and genetic damage. It is a shame governments, pushed by the chemical lobby are forcing their people to consume, what has been proven to be totally harmful. Water filters and non-toxic toothpaste are some of the momentary solutions. Better also avoid plain aluminum pots and pans - except anodized products - since Alzheimer’s disease may be related to deposits of aluminum in the brain. Note: black tea also contains very high concentrations of aluminum. Moreover aluminum inhibits the absorption of calcium in the bowels. Home-medicines should be natural, e.g. phytotherapeutics.

(also for emergencies)

Just an amazing limited amount of natural remedies will amply stock
you with the necessities. For instance:

Calendula disinfectant drops for wounds.
Arnica jelly/ointment for acute distortions, swellings, bruises and injuries.
Symphytum jelly/ointment for chronic swellings and distortions.
Clay and clay bandage for detoxification, wraps, distortions, insect bites etc.
Magnesium sulfate and an enema for bowel cleansing.
Sodium bi-carbonate for de-acidification.
Activated carbon for emergency bowel detox.
Sweating tea for treatment of fever and over-acidification.
Bao yü for guasha treatment: pain relief, detox, immune-stimulation etc.
Warm waterbottle for cold feet.
Thermometer for body and water temperature.
Echinacea drops in case of fever and immune-stimulation.
Chamomile drops in case of infection and inflammation (usually together with echinacea).
Grapefruit Seed Extract as an anti-microbial broad spectrum remedy, sanitizer,
vegetable and fruit washer and many more.
Valeriana drops for nervousness, sleeplessness, irritability etc.
Ornithine 500 mg. capsules for sleeplessness.
A multivitamin, calcium/magnesium and anti-oxidants.
Furthermore the usual things like plasters, bandages, scissors etc.
Think of a special tick pair of tweezers in case you are living in an endemic area.


Grapefruit Seed Extract is a natural, biological and non-toxic remedy with amazing properties. First it has been proven effective against countless pathological micro-organisms, among which staphylococcus, streptococcus, coli, proteus, pseudomonas, aspergillis, giardia, herpes, influenza and candida. It helps in case of parasites, diarrhoea, gingivitis and plaque and is an effective toothbrush sanitizer. Skin problems can be treated by it, from simple skin-cleansing to acne, dandruff, cysts, fungi and warts. Allergies, including hay fever and food-allergies react positively on Grapefruit Seed Extract. It can be used as throat gargle, nasal rinse and ear-treatment. Moreover, its usage in the household as an environmentally friendly detergent is manifold, like vegetable and fruit wash, cutting board sanitizer (salmonella!), dish, utensil and laundry sanitizer and as an all-purpose surface disinfectant, for kitchen, sinks, toilets, bathtub and trash containers alike. It is usually sold as a very concentrated liquid, which has to be diluted always. To be kept out of reach of children. Highly recommendable for your natural home pharmacy.


As you probably will know electro-magnetic fields are an increasing risk to our health. Many „new diseases" like EMF, RSI, ME, fibromyalgia etc. could be partly or even entirely caused by them. An increasing number of people has to leave their homes because of it. Some have to flee to a caravan or another country. The number of „computer stress" (RSI) cases is dramatically on the rise, with symptoms like headache, dizziness, problems with co-ordination, concentration and memory, irritability, inner unrest, sleeplessness and depression, pain in the wrists, neck, shoulders, the back and the abdomen, fatigue and accelerated chronic disease, to mention only a few. One explanation is, that like electricity, our body also consists of electric potentials with all kinds of frequencies. Every organ e.g. has its own frequency. Hence, they are antennas for frequencies from without. Especially our weak points, the damage already done by other causes in the past, will (greatly) suffer because of it. As soon as frequencies - from without and within - start resonating, the deterioration of functions can go dramatically fast. Some sources say, that in such cases damage will be irreparable. Not only heart and vascular disease, but also Alzheimer, cancer and any other chronic disorder may be involved. It is the explanation of the increasing number of „mysterious" deaths happening nowadays to people of all ages. The cases of the current „epidemic" cardiac arrests, of course e.c.i. („of unknown origin"), very well fit in the picture of pathological electro-magnetic radiation. Not only our environment is increasingly becoming an „electro-magnetic soup" though with ionizing radiation, high voltage wires, radio, TV, radar, military ELF radiation, satellites, cellular telephones and radiation from the earth, but our households as well, as they are full of electronic appliances. The more you have of them, the bigger the chance, that they can cause harm.

E.g. research of the university of Tübingen in Germany has convincingly shown, that cellulars cause a brain (EEC) pattern alien to human physiology, not only to the one who is calling, but also if exposed to a cellular within the range of 10-90! meters, depending on the brand of the telephone, a new way of „indirect smoking". It sometimes takes a few days before these patterns have normalized. A great deal of the dramatic increase in nervousness, stress, irritability and aggression could be very well related to this „omni-present electro-magnetic soup", just like the dying of our forests (harmful resonance...). Others sources speak of weakening of the immune-system, disrupting the delicate hormonal feedbacks in the body, promoting degenerative disease and cancer. Thus doing something about it, may not be a bad idea. Start with a „clean-up" in your sleeping room first. This may first include your nightclock with alarm or/and radio. If such a thing is within 30 cm of your head, you will receive as much electro-magnetism, as if you were sleeping under a high voltage wire. Furthermore, your TV should be as far as possible from your bed and turned off during the night, instead of being on stand-by. It is wise to check, if there are any sources of electricity behind or around your head. Maybe there is a washing machine, a fridge or a TV, just at the other side of the wall! For the very sensitive ones, there is a special night switch, with which you can switch off the electricity in your sleeping room during the night. Beds with metal frames could become a problem, just as mattresses with metal springs. Use an electrical blanket only for warming up your bed. Switch it off and remove it altogether, before you go into your bed. Old-fashioned waterbottles are just as effective. All the electronics together, may cause a strong static electricity in your home, sometimes amplified by the kind of construction of the building you live in.

Hence, earth your electronics, your bed, your central heating, your kitchen furniture and even the walls of the home. Once you have the taste of balancing your home, think of buying only environmentally friendly quality products. Get in tune with the space in the home. How wonderful it is not to be obstructed by all kinds of unnecessary rubbish, a room for meditation, a space for play, exercises and dancing, a room for the children, a cozy corner for sitting on a carpet on the floor. You may even ask a (Chinese) fengshui consultant for advice. Fengshui - a two thousand years old wisdom - aims at a „healthy home" in which all elements are balanced1 .It resonates with your own balance in such a way, that energy, positivity and health are optimized. Naturally, recycle as much as you can. Finally, you may even change the basic patterns of your lifestyle. Look at your efforts in a particular area and the benefits that come out of it. For instance, you work whole day „to improve your situation". Is your happiness growing accordingly? If not, the „being-doing-having" scale may be an eye-opener to you. Being brings most happiness in life. It is connected to relaxation, doing nothing, awareness, love and enjoyment. Doing is the action that brings „added value" to it: walking in nature, creativity, sports, leisure, self-improvement, family life, friendship, community work, while „having" at last includes the activities for providing the economic necessities of life. I would call a person healthy, who manages to change his lifestyle according to this scale, to the real priorities in life. Find out how this is working for you!


Disturbance of the EEG (electro-encephalogram)
Calcium metabolism and other brain transmitter disorders
Destabilization of the hormonal and (autonomic) nervous system
Psychological problems
Drainage of energy
Damage of cellular membranes with depolarization
Innercellular damage with degeneration,
mutation (genetic damage) and cancer growth
Increased vulnerability for other harmful influences and substances
(e.g. addition, synergism, facilitation)
Metabolic disorders
General and local acidification
Blockage and damage of enzymatic reactions
Decalcification of the bones
(Serious) blood diseases


Enough for today?

There are (more than) three good reasons for joining the worldwide „voluntary
simplicity movement": spirituality, health and the environment


A 42-year old woman, mother of two children, consulted me in despair, because she was given up by the hospital. She had a malignant brain tumor. Three years ago she had brain-surgery, after she was symptom free until very recently. Unfortunately, the tumor had started growing again, this time with a very gloomy prognosis. Upon examination I found a history of 12 years intensive flying as a air-hostess, the habit of having an electrical clock radio - the plug-in type - in the sleeping room, within 30 cm of her head and no less than 15 big amalgam fillings, most of them being there already for 25 years. This combination: the exposure to ionizing cosmic radiation, the excessive strong electro-magnetic field from her night clock, both amplified by the antenna-effect of her fillings and the likely mercury accumulation in the brain - one of the prominent storage places of mercury - most certainly were largely responsible for her tragic situation. In this stage I also wasn’t able to save her anymore.


In practice, the various steps will have a positive feedback towards each other. Once you have balanced your body, it will be more easy to start balancing your body/mind and vice versa. Inner stability, strength, enthusiasm, confidence and joy all help you to grow further, in such a way, that you will be able to draw larger concentric circles around you. Including your family in the new lifestyle may prove essential, with regard to the steps to follow. Isn’t it „The Great Learning" saying, that „unless you manage to put your relationships into order, further steps will be possible". If you leave out just one step, than this will become an „energy leak", a trap for ongoing set backs, undermining all further initiatives. So, maybe your responsibility is to spend many years just harmonizing your family, while your neighbor will be able to take the next step. It doesn’t matter. Both of you do the things necessary, both do equally fine. After having balanced the material part of your household, you and your family may feel so strong as to go to „the outside" helping others. Your inner strength and „radiation" usually will be enough for others, to also become inspired. You yourself are the teaching after all. As a strategy, it is recommended to first limit yourself to a small area though. In the beginning working in your street or neighborhood will be quite sufficient. Being confronted with others, will be a good test to evaluate your own progress! You may thus start a cooking course, a self help group, a course basic health practitioner, a body/mind & spirit group, a green home-economics group or a ecological garden group. Flow system and The Great Learning together will go hand in hand, in such a way that your initiative will become irresistible. Try it! We will always be there to assist you in whatever way we can.

Miserable through affluence

„Money will not buy you happiness, but it will allow you to be miserable in comfort. And strangely enough, misery has not declined as wealth has increased. On the contrary, you are more likely to meet a happy man in Kinshasa than in Zürich. A new book by a professor of psychology at Nottingham University1), David Smail, examining why our age is so anxious, emphasizes that wealth brings troubles of its own. This seems paradoxical, given that no prosperous man would ever voluntarily return to poverty, and that most of mankind spends its best energies in trying to accumulate greater wealth. It isn’t even as though no one knew that wealth fails to bring happiness: on the contrary, it is a truth universally acknowledged" (Daily Mail, Saturday, Nov. 15, 1997). In the Netherlands Prof. Dr. B. Goudswaard is the leading author on „The Economy of the Enough". He published several books on the issue. Inspired by him is the monthly magazine „Enough". In other European countries (Germany) there may be similar developments.

1) D. Smail, Illusion and Reality: The meaning of Anxiety, Constable £ 9.95.

"Because life’s complicated enough". (Bank’s advertisement on the same page...)

Similar voices can be heard from the U.S.A. where the „voluntary simplicity movement" is a growing trend. E. Furnari, speaker at the first conference says: People there come at it from one of three concerns 1) the environmental degradation from a high consumption-society 2) the personal stress of fighting the work-spend treadmill and 3) the spiritual realization that rampant materialism contradict one’s religious teachings, to which I may add 4) the dramatic increase in „civilization"-related disease. „A lot of people are spending more time on the job, even have two-income households, but don’t feel the richer for it. They are beginning to question the price of materialism" (Ed Begley Jr. in Los Angeles Times, August 27, 1998).

Accumulation is the key-indication of a diseased flow system, be it on the level of our metabolism, the mind or that of society. These phenomena have become so familiar, that we don’t even realize the complete imbalance behind all this. They are part of our belief systems, to such an extent, that we find it difficult to acknowledge them, let alone changing them. We are so familiar to them, that we even don’t know, how a healthy society looks like. Culture and society should follow the law of nature though. Nature is characterized by birth, growth, flowering, continuity, fruition, degeneration, decay and death. As soon as the consequences of a certain paradigm - accumulation - grows out of its meaningful context, it should therefore be dropped. Culture should not allow certain mechanisms to become dominant at the expense of the whole. They should die, in order for the whole to live. Die voluntarily before you die involuntarily, is where it is all about. The coming world recession is the historic chance in which we have to sacrifice minor things, in order for the vital ones to survive. Instead of being obsessed by details only, we should develop an awareness of the relatedness of everything alive, of which we are a part, our twofold roots in „Heaven and earth".

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