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Chapter 12.

Criteria of a healthy chronic disease

Taking one’s own responsibility. Co-operation with self-healing power. Understanding of the dynamics. In full contact with yourSelf, the body and the disorder. Aware of identification with sub-personalities. Willing to turn things upside down (if needed). Accepting the love of the environment.

What can go wrong

Non-acceptance of one’s situation. Narrow-mindedness. Dependence on external help. Symptomatic therapy only.

SUMMARY (Chapter 2)

The relationship between flow system and (chronic) disease can be illustrated further through the so-called homotoxicology theory acc. to Dr. H.H.Reckeweg. When our body is given too much to metabolize, which is the case with most of us, it will initially try to eliminate the surplus waste via the regular ways of elimination, e.g. the normal functions of bowel movement, urine production, gas exchange through the lungs, sweating and menstruation. This is called the elimination phase. If the accumulation is still too high to cope with, then spontaneous diarrhoea, unusually cloudy and/or foamy urine, excessive perspiring or severe menstruation is produced. If even this does not suffice, the body opens its so-called emergency valves: a cold, flow of tears, dirt in the eyes, film on the tongue, sputum, pimples, crural ulcer or vaginal discharge. These symptoms have a clear function. They help the body in getting rid of its waste. It is the same problem we are facing with our environment nowadays. Internal and external ecology appear to be surprisingly similar, based on the same principles. Once we have understood the mechanisms of our bodies’ self-management, grasping the logic of it, we will then start co-operating with its „symptoms" and support our bodies' attempts to detoxify instead of suppressing them. In actual practice this means the major importance of detoxification and elimination such as described in this book.

If the body does not succeed in getting rid of the necessary amount of toxins via the emergency valves, inflammation and fever are called in. It is called the reaction phase. Nearly every inflammation is an attempt of the body to get rid of a surplus of waste and/or toxins and is therefore necessary. The bacteria or viruses are „secondary". They got the chance to grow, only because of a pre-existing breeding ground, a deteriorated „milieu interne". Hence Pasteur already said: „the bacteria is nothing, the bodies’ internal environment is everything". Fever requires more energy than elimination and is therefore only resorted to, when really necessary. It will only appear, when elimination proves not to be sufficient. Fever is burning waste like an oven does, stimulating the immune-system, through which micro-organisms are killed and health is restored. This explains why, apart from exceptional cases, as in very low resistance, severe diabetes and asthma for instance, fever should never (except when too high, too long) be suppressed. Since elimination is the key to every spontaneous cure - „the way of the body" - the best way to assist the body is to promote detoxification and elimination in such a way, that fever is no longer necessary, has become superfluous. In actual practice, this proves to be exactly the case.


I remember a severely ill child with a soaring throat-infection and a fever which ran as high as 40.5 degrees C. By giving it a water-enema alone - which generated the elimination of an enormous amount of feces - the temperature was lowered to 38.2 degrees C. within half an hour.

Unfortunately, fever and inflammation frequently prove not to be sufficient and altogether be able to eliminate toxins. There are plenty of reasons for this. The first is permanent over-eating - of animal protein in particular - and the drinking of coffee and tea - acidification - which have an immediate adverse effect on the clean-up. The input is much too high and the detox and elimination-systems are permanently overburdened. Additionally, the standard medical approach plays a decisive role here. Fever-lowering medication and antibiotics suppress and disrupt the combustion-process and thereby impede the detoxification of the body. Waste-products and a mass of bacterial toxins - „killing fields" - are left behind and accumulate further. The immune-system, supposedly to be supported, turns out to having become weakened. It couldn’t finish its job, because of the lacking of proper „exercise". Like muscles, the immune-system has to be regularly trained. If the immune-system is prevented to finish its job time after time, then it will become insufficient. Of course, in life-threatening situations, antibiotics have to be administered without hesitation. In most cases, however, the common overkill causes more damage than good. The infection often lingers and becomes chronic, with immune-deficiencies and increasing life-threatening conditions world-wide. Infectious diseases, even those who are not particular vicious in itself - as is the case with flu, bronchitis, measles, pneumonia - will get their chance. At a later stage, the immune-deficiency may become the „breeding ground" for chronic disease, such as asthma, coronaries, psoriasis, rheumatism and cancer among others. Still not to speak of the increasing danger of antibiotics resistant superinfections!

Disease is dynamic and progressing. It follows a logic course of events. The flow system, as the dynamic equilibrium between input (nutrients, water, oxygen), processing (metabolism) and output of waste products and toxins, is the base of it. In case these basic functions are not working properly, disease will start. Its six stages are: elimination, reaction, dumping, impregnation, degeneration and neoplasm (cancer) phase. With chronic disease (migraine, asthma, arthritis etc.) you are already at stage four. E.g. with the „early diagnosis" of cancer, you are at the final phase. It is therefore (much) later than you may realise

Stages of (chronic) disease

1. Elimination phase 2. Reaction (inflammation) phase 3. Dumping (storage) phase. In these three phases disorder takes place in the connective tissues. No harm is done (yet) to cells. Therefore, these stages can be completely return to full health. 4. Impregation phase (initial damage to cells) 5. Degeneration phase (irreparable damage to cells) and 6. Neoplasm phase (cells deteriorating into cancer cells). Through therapy only partial health can be achieved.

The body has but one possibility left to prevent the toxins from entering the cells and thereby creating irreparable damage, namely by storing them in the least important tissues, in connective and fat tissue, in tendons and joints, along the bloodvessels and in the skin. These tissues are the dumping-places of an overburdened flow system. Unlike the elimination and reaction phases, this phase shows few symptoms. Telltale signs are deposits in the skin - dry skin and hair, pale, swollen or „damp" face, absence of sweating, liver freckles or old-age spots - stiff and painful joints and muscles, circulatory disturbances like cold hands and feet, fibroids and prostate-enlargement. In the dumping phase, you thus have hardly any symptoms, however, you are one step closer to chronic disease. It is the example of the fact, that the seriousness of disease does not necessarily correspond with the occurrence of symptoms. In the previous stage - reaction phase - with its much more „dramatic" symptoms like fever and inflammation, you are much more close to health, since these processes have a spontaneous tendency towards elimination. In moving from the dumping phase towards the elimination phase, the symptomless condition temporarily can turn into an acute - reaction - phase, which is then a sign of improvement and cure.

Its notorious example being the female breast, the waste bin of the consumers society. Accumulated waste is responsible for the dramatic increase in breast disorders, not to speak of toxic residues - dioxin - in the mother milk. Once boundaries are crossed, however, the toxins enter the cells. They have exceeded the so-called „biological limit". Prior to this, the toxins were still circulating in the body fluids, connective and fat tissue, without effecting cells and organs. These include the elimination, reaction and dumping phases. In these stages, through proper measures total recovery is the norm. However, once the „biological limit" being crossed, cells will be penetrated, causing relative to permanent damage. It is the beginning of cellular chronic disease. It is sub-divided in the impregnation phase in which toxins are damaging the cell, the degeneration phase in which the vital functions of the cell are collapsing and finally the neoplasm phase, in which the cell turns into a cancer cell or tumor. The ongoing rising statistics of breast cancer do not need further comments.

One of the major medical errors of our days:
to see the „healthy norm" as the absence of symptoms

If the body is a system aimed at self-preservation, which we think it is, many symptoms have to be considered as functional, rather than just aberrations from the „healthy norm", which in regular medicine is synonymous with the absence of symptoms! We therefore have to re-think medicine from its very foundations. Against the background of the environmental crisis with its countless new health problems, disorders and tragedies, it seems only logic, that we have to face the challenge. In fact, that’s exactly what we are doing here rightnow. The flow system has already proven its logic, effectiveness and successes. You just may benefit from the work which has already been done before you. You will not be disappointed. The flow system, by the way, is regulated „from above" by the autonomic nervous system, the hormonal system, the brain, our psyche and Consciousness in relationship with our environment.


Health thus spontaneously tends towards elimination, chronic disease towards a condensation of toxins and waste-products. For this insight we are much obliged to Dr. H. H. Reckeweg, who has spend his entire life to develop his system of homotoxicology. Without him much of this book couldn’t have been written. So when too many waste-products have accumulated, the body will always first make an effort at getting rid of them through elimination. If this fails - and it has done its utmost via the emergency valves, fever, inflammation and the dumping of waste-products - then the toxins can no longer be prevented from entering the cell. All the body can then do, is limit the damage as much as possible. It will therefore concentrate the toxins on as small an area as possible: the condensation-principle. It means, that toxins are kept in small areas - in the kidneys, in the liver, in the uterus, in the brain or in the hormonal glands - protecting their neighbors from the same fate. The result is, that in an organ weak spots are emerging, packages of vulnerable, degenerating cells. While in the first stages this emergency measure is often working - preventing an entire organ from disfunctioning or even collapse - with further progression these spots itself become dangerous to the whole. This is the case in the last stage, in which a cell, in order to survive, turns from oxygenation to fermentation, thus becoming a cancer cell.

Even in these chronic stages, however, will the body do everything it can, to still relieve itself via dumping, fever and the emergency-valves. Especially when flow system therapy - or any other biological therapy - has been started. In that case both the immune-system and detoxification are stimulated. With as a result, that the chronic - „sleepy" - stage manages to become an active one again. Thus in the impregnation, degeneration and neoplasm phases these „escape" mechanisms can be observed: the shift to either reaction or elimination phase. Not only sweating in the case of hypertension, boils in the case of diabetes, eczema in the case of asthma, pimples in case of arthritis, but all kinds of acute stages in whatever circumstances can occur. These shifts are called „vicariations". A „positive" vicariation occurs, if an illness moves from acute to chronic - from left to right in the diagram - and a „negative" vicariation makes a shift from chronicity towards elimination, thus from right to left. In the second case the body itself naturally takes this course, all we need to do is follow up on it and support its efforts. Golden rule: always support the reaction phase, promoting the eliminations, only with some rare exceptions excluded. In the case of an already existing chronic disease the suppressing is even more disastrous, since it takes „the last chance away" to heal itself in a natural way. Without insight in the dynamics of illness, these relationships will never be otherwise discovered. Regular medicine being totally unaware of this, of the risks of suppressing e.g. „a simple flu" to worse. So, if sweating is suppressed, a diabetic is treated for his boils with anti-biotics - only rarely necessary indeed - all other kinds of inflammations like e.g. bronchitis are treated with anti-biotics, eczema is treated with cortisone, flu-vaccinations or the Pill are taken, then again a major reverse shift - „positive" vicariation" - from the elimination or reaction phase toward an impregnation, a degeneration or even a neoplasm phase might occur. In the sixties studies already revealed that allopathic medicines were a causal factor in 80% of all chronic disease, while nowadays prescription drugs, even when they are correctly given, are the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S.A.1. On the other hand, if supported in the right direction, the body often shows astonishing regenerative power.

The immune/detox system has five major components. 1. The reticulo-endothelial system, storing toxins, forming anti-bodies 2. The adenohypophysial-suprarenal cortex mechanism, regulating connective tissue e.g. inflammation 3. Neural reflex system (Reilly) , the excitation and irritation syndrome 4. The detoxification of the liver, coupling toxins, acids 5. The detoxification in the connective tissue, with storage of toxins, antigen-antibody reactions, inflammation, formation of leucocytes.
H.H.Reckeweg "Homotoxicology", Aurelia Verlag

The ultimate cynicism: that our immune-system will become so weak - a.o. because of regular medicine - that the only one who can save us... will be the regular medicine

One simple but indispensable way of detecting these connections, is through careful examination of the patient’s case history. Anything „medical" is written down from the family, pregnancy, birth, the first months, childhood, puberty until the actual age. Crucial is the precise sequence of events. It may go like this. No illnesses in the family, except father, he had rheumatism (over-acidification as a congenital factor) and died of a heart attack. Normal pregnancy and birth. Bottle-fed with frequent regurgitations of milk (emergency-valve). As a baby already overweight (dumping phase). Received „normal" vaccinations, with no adverse reactions afterwards. A slight eczema, followed by a bronchitis (reaction phase) occurred with anti-biotic treatments (suppression). At the age of five frequent tonsillitis (reaction phase) started. Always treated with anti-pyretics and anti-biotics (suppression), then tonsillectomy, also suppression, since the tonsils are useful detox and elimination organs. Had once a severe abdominal flu with diarrhea (emergency-valve), without major treatment. His teeth were bad, very soon he had quite some amalgam (poisoning) fillings in his mouth. At school problems with concentration, the beginning of his headaches, which soon were diagnosed as migraine (impregnation phase). Sometimes the occurrence of a slight fever (reaction phase), diagnosed as „nervousness" for which aspirin (suppression) was taken. At the age of 24 the migraine was over. Strangely enough, he then suffered from profuse nightly sweating (emergency valve), which went on for several months and mysteriously disappeared. He married and loved big meals - especially large portions of meat (rotting, dumping phase) - nicely prepared by his wife. At the age of 36 he was diagnosed with essential hypertension (impregnation phase), values between 110 and 170. He was given anti-hypertensiva (suppression), and suffered in the mean time from frequent dizziness. His work as a construction worker became more and more dangerous to him, the reason why he was released from his work. At home he became so stressed, that his pain in the joints (impregnation phase) were first attributed to it. Because they persisted, he had an examination in the hospital, with non-specific arthritis (impregnation phase) as a diagnosis. He received medication, both anti-inflammatory drugs (suppression) and later also cortisone (suppression). His condition did not improve. He became more and more depressed (degeneration phase), with no energy whatsoever. During heavy arguing with his frustrated wife, he suddenly died of a heart attack (degeneration phase) at the age of 46.

Terminal medicine is creating terminal patients...

The story also could have gone the other way round. If above mentioned patient in time would have received proper flow system therapy, then the following might have happened. After three weeks of total nutritional change with an initial bowel cleansing, his arthritis first became worse (from impregnation to reaction phase). This time this wasn’t suppressed, but supported by more intense bowel cleansing, a drinking cure and sweating treatment. To his surprise, not only the pain disappeared, but so did his hypertension (from impregnation to elimination). Both medications were very soon stopped. Thanks to the previous, his mood improved by the day. He wanted to go on with his healthy lifestyle program, despite the fact, that his most acute problems were already solved. For two months he felt terrific, then suddenly he started suffering from headaches. Two times he even had full-blown migraine (former impregnation phase) attacks. By only again adding to his lifestyle some frequent colonic irrigations, the migraine almost entirely disappeared. In the mean time, he had read quite some things about the harm of amalgam fillings (toxic poisoning), hence he decided to replace them by composite. After that his headache disappeared altogether and never came back (elimination phase). The benefits he has had had from his change in lifestyle were so impressive, that he joined a intensive two-weeks fast. Halfway he got fever with coughing and a soar throat (former reaction phases). To support the body in its attempts to still solve the problems he got a long time ago, immune-supporting phyto-therapeutics - echinacea and chamomile - were given, after which his complaints soon were over. After the fast - the best experience in his life - he fully regained health. Note: Like disease jumps from one phase to the other, so the healing process does. The symptoms then go the reverse sequence, like the reverse „life-film" in dying or in meditation. Hence, the doctor is able to determine the extension of the healing process. For instance, this patient at a certain moment was already cured „including his tonsillitis he had when he was five years old". This way of curing is really exciting, both for the patient as well as the doctor!

Most of my chronic patients do not feel severely ill (at all). Once clear insight in their process is obtained, together with the motivation to do something about it, the
positive feed-back with the results (even if they are small), their raised
(self)confidence and maturity, together with their positive feedback
with their own environment, usually makes them
very happy people indeed


Diagram of Homotoxicology





Impregnation phase

Degeneration phase


To improvement

To chronic disease









Running nose

Fluor vaginalis

Ear smear

Tongue fur


Lumpy menstruation

Smear glans penis

Bad body odor

Oily hair/skin


Coating of the tongue

Burning eyes


Suppression of any of these conditions could lead to "positive" vicariations e.g. shift to phase 3, 4, 5 and even 6

All inflamations







Otitis media








Herpes zoster





Suppression of any of these conditions could lead to "positive" vicariations e.g. shift to phase 3, 4, 5 and even 6


Clogging of
capillary wall

Slagging of

A. sclerosis

Liver freckles

Local acidosis

Lumps in the









Swellings (lymphatic glands)


Prostate enlargement


Ovarian cysts


Biological therapy of any of these conditions could lead to "negative" vicariations e.g. shift to phase 2 and eventually 1

Begin of
chronic disease

Organ damage

Stomach ulcers

Ulcus duodeni

Liver damage



Virus infections


Angina pectoris



Pre-tumerous disorders

Immune deficiencies

Addisons disease


Biological therapy of any of these conditions could lead to "negative" vicariations e.g. shift to phase 3, 2 and eventually 1







Liver cirrhosis




Heart attack


Muscular dystrophy


Auto-immune diseases

Multiple sclerosis

Macula degeration



Biological therapy of any of these conditions could lead to "negative" vicariations e.g. shift to phase 3, 2 and eventually 1




All acquired
cancer types.

Colon cancer

Stomach cancer

Breast cancer

Lung cancer

Thyroid cancer

Prostate cancer

Pancreatic cancer

Kidney cancer

Bladder cancer

Cervix cancer

Bone cancer





Biological therapy of any of these conditions could lead to "negative" vicariations e.g. shift to phase3,  2 and eventually 1

Without cell damage
Intact immune-system

Deterioration of cell-metabolism
Weakened immune-system


12.1 Therapy of chronic disease

Through the above mentioned, the inter-related dynamics of chronic disease has become clear. Cancer for instance, is usually the outcome of a long process in which the entire body(mind) is involved. Once the symptoms of the tumor become visible, the body already has gone through five stages of disease. While regular medicine equals „cancer" with the tumor only, biological medicine however, considers cancer as a disease of the entire body, in which at last the tumor got a chance to grow. Only when finally the „right" conditions are being created - a pre-cancerous „milieu interne" - cancer cells will have a chance to turn into a real tumor. Logically then, that both - the tumor and the body -. have to be treated. The basic condition is a toxic inner environment and a deteriorated weak immune-system. Because all chronic disease has a common denominator - the flow system - therapy also is following a basic pattern.

It is really not very difficult to understand the etiology of the different cancers. The predilection places for instance for colon cancer are exactly corresponding with the sections of the colon before the various flexures, the turns in the colon where stool is damming up because of a hypotonic transverse colon and sigmoid. The two other hypotonic places are the bottom of the colon ascendance and the rectum. Not surprisingly, that especially there chronic irritation via fermentation and rotting with eventually deterioration of cellular physiology occurs. Our way of defecating only adds to the problem. We are sitting on too high a toilet, having a wrong bodily posture for defecation, with as a result pressing on our sigmoid rather than the anal area. The „primitive" - „French or Turkish" - hole in the ground corresponds much better with our physiology. Apart from smoking and air-pollution, it will be utterly clear after having read the previous, that chronic indigestion may eventually use the lungs as a last resort for elimination, when all other exits are blocked. In that case the lungs have become an emergency valve. Again, after a long time of chronic irritation these factors - combined with the impact of foci from the head area like chronic tonsillitis and amalgam - may result in cancer growth. The same foci, together with extreme accumulation of poisons from within and without culminate in breast cancer, while a sagged abdomen, a slowed down blood-circulation and pathological deposits may eventually result in cancer of the prostate. Two medical experts from the U.S.A., both fully dedicated to technological medicine, are telling us the following. Dr. Bernard Levin M.D., specialist of the famous University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston U.S.A. states that 65-85% of all cancers may be prevented by lifestyle changes2. He recommends nicotine abstinence, a mainly vegetarian diet with fruits, vegetables, whole grain and reduced fat, regular exercise, reduced sunbathing, less alcohol and knowing your medical (family) background as the main preventive factors. Dr. John Rowe M.D., President of the Mount Sinai-New York University Medical Center in Manhattan, warns us to put too much belief in the common physical exam: „Even after posting numbers, that seem to show you’re perfectly healthy, you may still be at serious risk of illness". He heads a team of 16 leading scientists who for 10 years have sought to understand why some people age better than others. His conclusion: „Lifestyle plays a much greater role in your fate, than previously thought". He believes a low calorie-diet, exercise and „productive activity" all contribute to successful aging3. If these (simple) recommendations already help in preventing serious debilitating old age diseases and even cancer, what about all other chronic diseases - the more „easy ones" - those which are preceding cancer in the homotoxicology diagram!? With all respect to my colleagues of well established medical institutes, but aren’t we offering the people many times more here, not only with regard to real prevention, but also with regard to insight and understanding, self-diagnosis, self and mutual care, treatment and cure of even the most „hopeless cases" ? Indeed, how incomparably more you can do with the help of the flow system!

In the case of chronic disease first all possible foci - chronic symptomless inflammations, causing „secondary" disorders elsewhere - like tonsillitis, sinusitus, prostatitis and many others, scars, amalgam and dental problems, have to be diagnosed and treated. They are mostly the consequence of suppressing acute inflammations at an earlier age, predominantly in childhood. Not every chronic inflammation necessarily has focus-activity. Because they usually are numb - symptomless - we have to use tests to provoke a flare-up, in order to know where they are. With regard to amalgam fillings more and more doctors recommend their total removal, replacing them by neutral plastic fillings. The other foci are usually treated by so-called neural therapy, whereby chronic inflammations and scars are neutralized with injections of a local anaesthetic. Depending on the seriousness of the condition, further dental interventions have to be done, like the removing of dead teeth. Secondly, environmental factors have to be dealt with, the most important among them are harmful influences in the sleeping room, in the house and at the workplace. One has to be sure, that all possible sources of electro-smog are being removed or reduced. All kinds of toxic substances a.o. chlorinated water, detergents, fluoridated toothpaste and formaldehyde have to be eliminated. Before the transition towards a healthy nutrition is made, usually a shorter or longer bowel cleansing cure appears to be necessary. After that, the patient may follow the Personal Health Plan. In most cases this will be quite sufficient already, although some will need professional help. This usually will include all methods and techniques of the extended flow system and subsequently additional non-toxic biological treatment, while only the emergencies have to finally rely on the interference of the regular medicine.


A 63-year old lady came to me with chronic rheumatoid arthritis. She had suffered from it already for 12 years. Her symptoms were mainly in the hands, shoulders and back: rheumatic knobs, pain, stiffness and deformations of the joints. It was mostly bearable though, except for some acute flare-ups now and then. At a time she was very stressful with insufficient sleep. Not surprisingly she then suffered from shingles (over-acidification, emergency valve). To prevent this painful condition she has been given a treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs, while for the rheumatism she got gold-injections. However, the overall process couldn’t be stopped. Upon examination - in collaboration with a dentist - I found many amalgam fillings, three devitalized teeth, one having a granuloma - a chronic inflammation - at its roots, a severe self-poisoning from the bowel, the daily consumption of at least a litre! of coffee, furthermore a very low intake of water or other healthy fluids, a total impairment of perspiration and sweating, and of course her post-menopausal state. My advice included several vital flow system interventions. First of all, I tested her teeth for possible focus-activity. This is usually done by a special test-appliance (Vega-test/EAP and others), with which a focus-activity can be localized. Injections of a local anaestetic at the roots of suspected teeth, could - if rightly targeted - cause a painfree condition within the second - which is an indicator of the relationship between focus and disorder - while the administration of immune-reinforcing remedies (echinacea, spenglersane) provokes a minor flare-up of active foci. Once a particular tooth starts aching, I know that this is an active one. I then have sent her to a - biological - dentist, who took X-rays of her teeth, as to complete the examination. The conclusion was, that all amalgam fillings, all „dead teeth" and the granuloma had to be taken out. After having undergone this, she came back to me, whereas I started to give her the following recommendations. First of all optimal nutrition with a strong emphasis on alkalinity, absolutely no coffee or black tea anymore, then a intensive bowel-cleansing and drinking cure, digestive enzymes, anti-oxidants, pro-biotics with additional training of the skin via brushing, alternating hot and cold showers, total body flax-seed oil massages and active sweating, in order to restore perspiration. After three months her knobs on the hands had diminished to less than half the size, the smoothness of the joints was almost completely restored with subsequent staying away of the pain. In the following years she only suffered from two minor set-backs, which she was able - because of her long and successful experience with the flow system - to handle herself.

A major breakthrough in the etiology and pathogenesis of the heart-attack is the fact (Dr. B. Kern/Dr. M. von Ardenne) that it is NOT a "coronary insufficiency" in the first place. The accumulation of acid in the heart muscle appears to be responsible. First, there is the intake of meat, fish, egg, coffee and tea, all sources of dietary acid. Secondly, because of the thickening of the capillary wall, acid waste products cannot be properly removed by the cell and get stuck in the soft connective tissue ("clogging"). In the long run this tissue turns into a permanent gel (rather than a sol/gel rhythm), which in turn aggravates the permeability, not only for waste products to become eliminated, but also preventing oxygen and nutrients to enter the cell. Oxygen utilization of the cell goes down with even more accumulation of acids, this time also inside of the cell. Poor detoxification of the lymph-system, the skin (sweating) and the kidneys only make the situation to become worse. Additionally electro-magnetic pollution (EMF) seems to be the decisive factor indeed. Through resonance - the heart acting as an antenna for micro-waves - the cellular membranes become damaged to such an extent, that the overall metabolism of the cell (rapidly) deteriorates. Having metal fillings in your teeth (amalgam but also gold), acting as an additional antenna, only worsens this condition. At a certain moment, the lysosymes, responsible for detoxifying and eliminating acid waste products become damaged, so that they fail to do their job. Rapid increase of acids in the myocard is the consequence of it. Once a critical limit has been transgressed an entire area of the myocard degenerates (lysozymatic chain reaction). At the same time capillary erythrocytes get clogged by the acid overdose, which additionally adds to the problem by blocking the bloodstream in the area. The key is: myocard first, capillaries second, arteries irrelevant. The infarction area is rarely positively correlated to the obstructed coronary artery! They appear to be differently located. The anastomosis - the natural bypass mechanism - almost always manage to feed the corresponding coronary area. It is the explanation for the fact, that therapies focusing on "coronary insufficiency", as is the scientific trend until today, like low cholesterol diets, nitroglycerine pills for angina pectoris and bypass operations cannot really prevent or cure the explosive incidence of heart disease. While strophantine, a medicine helping the heart muscle (myocard) de-acidify does. Together with the total de-acidification of the body by re-adjusting the diet, improving the quality of the capillary wall and the oxygen utilization of the cells, by giving sodiumbicarbonate treatment as a support, many cases of angina pectoris, potential heart attack and post heart attack cases can be efficiently helped. A thorough "clean-up" of all possible electro-smog sources in and around the house is a conditio sine qua non. The symptoms of a pre-heart attack condition are: 1) all kinds of sensations and pain (pressing, blocking, burning, stabbing) in the left chest with or without radiation to the left cheek, shoulder or arm, up to angina pectoris 2) cardiac sleeplessness, which means waking up at midnight or second half of the night, sometimes with nightmares, sweating, irregular heart beats or need for fresh air. However, some may not experience these last couple of symptoms. 3) Problems with sleeping on the left side. If sleeping on the left side above mentioned symptoms may occur or worsen, the reason why these patients don't sleep on their left side at all. Crucial for making any conclusion about a possible tendency towards future heart problems is, that all three above mentioned groups of symptoms should be manifest. If you only have one or two of them, then usually there will be nothing wrong with the heart. Note: Left colon flexure blocks are giving very similar symptoms, in such a way, that quite some "angina pectoris" may be wrongly diagnosed!

OVC Optimaal Vitaal

Han M. Stiekema, MD


Your OVC Optimaal Vitaal selfhelp correspondence course consists of two parts: a general and a specific one. The first is more or less the same for everyone, the second is highly individual, and related to your specific health check-up, which you have received from us. The general recommendations are:

1) Remove all unnecessary electric appliances from your home. We especially and strongly advice against the use of a cellular telephone. Put an electric clock/radio at least 2 meters away from your bed or better: buy a non-fluorescing old fashioned one. This you can put on your bedside table. No standing (dim)lamp close to your bed. Behind the wall where you sleep with your head, no electric appliances like washing machine, fridge or TV. The bed should be entirely made of wood (no chemicals) with no metal in the mattress. Electrical blankets for preheating only, to be entirely removed during sleep. At least 4 meters between you and the TV is necessary. Better no TV in the sleeping room. Never have the TV on standby. Limit working on the computer as much as possible. Put a protective shield in front of the screen. Purchase of a new PC according to the Swedish norms. In the computer room natural floor covering only. A metal chain around your ankle that contacts the floor may help in reducing static electricity during computering.

2) Replace all your amalgam by plastic fillings regardless your state of health. Go to a toxic-free dentist, one who understands the problem. In case of illness (EMF, ME, RSI, allergy of worse) it is better to remove all metal (golden fillings or inlays). They very often act as antenna’s (battery) for electro-smog. In case you do not look forward to this - understandable, because of all your effort and investments - do bite twice a day repeatedly on a piece of aluminum foil (a new piece for every side). The possible charge of the metals by electro-smog will flow away. Do not forget!

3) Remove all poisonous substances from your home and working place. Replace your aluminum pots and pans by anodized aluminum or any other safe material (glass). Look e.g. for woodworm pests, formaldehyde, solvents, detergents etc. in the home, (if possible) remove them and replace them all by natural substances. Ecover detergents and borax are okay. Always ventilate the house thoroughly. Window open during the night. In case of central heating moisten the rooms with a water(plant) spray daily. Do walk every day in fresh air with relaxed breathing through the nose. Remove unnecessary regular medicines and rely largely on a natural „home pharmacy". Use a biological toothpaste (In Europe: e.g. parodontax) without fluoride! and natural cosmetics. Use half of your water from the tap (if not too bad), the other half as low-sodium mineral water. Put tap water in a big glass pot (3-4 liter) for one night with 1 dessert spoon green clay. Filter the other day (with unbleached very dense filter, no coffee filter) for your drinking water.

4) Use as much as possible fresh organic food, with a surplus of alkaline (potatoes, vegetables and fruits), little or no meat (chicken), fish, eggs and cheese. Proteins from (bio)soy. Furthermore brown rice, cold-pressed vegetable oils and yes...butter. No industrial fats. One part of the vegetables raw (always to be taken as the first course). Very important: to take the main meal at lunchtime! In the evening eat as early and as little as possible. Always chew well. Drink in between 2 and 3 liters a day (water and herbal teas). In the evening just water. Acidifiers like coffee, tea, softdrinks, „rooibos tea", green tea and grain coffee avoid altogether. A maximum of 2 glasses of organic red wine are allowed, unless forbidden (e.g. alcoholism, candida, ME, allergy, hypoglicemia, liver disorders, mental problems).

5) Join our Wholistic Cancer Healing Group Sessions (spiritually, emotionally, physically). Upon request.

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Note: One of the many flyers I am giving to my patients.

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